My layered demeanour (Episode 24)

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(Surbhi’s pov)

I had somehow dodged bhai’s question and was now lying on the bed in the room. I looked at bhai who was sleeping peacefully beside me. He so wanted me to take a rest and sleep but sleep was lingering nowhere near me. I was wide awake and my mind was continuously at work. ‘What was his name?’ the thought was roaming at every nook and corner of my mind. I was just unable to remember his name.

‘R…Yes!!! Something to do with R. Rajesh, Ramesh… Rakesh!!!’ I was about to squeal but controlled myself lest I would wake up bhai. I tip-toed out of the room with my phone as I began wondering. But a lot of thoughts were making me go crazy.

I jerked away all the thoughts as I took a deep breath. And I began my monologue, ‘Ok. So this works like this. I was his crush in 12th standard. Then our ways parted for bachelors. We again came to the same institute for MBA and I was a victim of his indifferent behaviour. So, let me take a benefit of doubt. Something amiss happened during my bachelor’s degree. There were two students by the name of Rakesh. Got it!!! This Rakesh had definitely had to be the one who proposed me.’ I started jumping on the floor as I felt ecstatic to be proceeding in the right direction.

I sat on a chair as I called my socialite friends and asked them to arrange Rakesh’s number for me…the one who studied in a different branch. I was anxiously waiting for anyone’s message. My nail-biting process stopped as I got his number. I hastily called him up but soon discontinued it after a few rings. ‘Calm down. Relax baby. Just relax,’ I tried to calm myself down. After a minute or so, I called him again. This time he picked it up.

‘Hello,’ I heard his voice as I replied back with a ‘hi’. But now what? I didn’t know what to speak? Damn it!!! I chided myself for not rehearsing everything I wanted to say to him. How should I start?? I had rejected his proposal and now, it was becoming somewhat awkward.

‘Are you there?’

‘Yea. Actually did you say anything about what happened between us that day…the day you proposed me to Karan.’ I ranted.

There was an utter silence which led me to think whether I said anything wrong or not. But he replied, ‘No. Karan and me never talked about it. But why?’ I was left shocked.

‘Because that idiot friend of yours is possibly living under a huge misunderstanding.’ I exploded out in anger as I disconnected the call. God!!! I don’t know what he has been thinking but definitely he has been rearing a misunderstanding in his head for long.

“CALL RAKESH, YOU IDIOT OF THE CENTURY!!!” I wrote in caps. If I had a choice then I would have probably written it in red color with a special font, underlining it and written in italics too. I clicked on the send icon. But I was feeling relieved. Oh God!!! I was his crush and if this misunderstanding gets clear, then what?? How would I face him knowing everything?

(KVB’s povv)

I had to return from the hospital urgently leaving her. It was past noon when I returned home. I saw commissioner sitting there with Vicky. As soon as Vicky saw him, he hugged me.

‘Where were you bhai? I was so worried. Neither you nor Surbhi was picking up calls. The police were able to track your phone but not of Surbhi’s.’

‘Yes Mr. Bohra.’ The commissioner came up to me as he continued. ‘We found your phone in an isolated area. We were unable to trace you thereafter. Was everything fine? Any rival…’

‘Oh!!! No rival. Me any my friend had a small accident. That’s it. Everything is fine now.’ I quickly responded.

‘Are you sure?’

‘No. I’m coming after murdering someone,’ I replied sarcastically to him which was enough to keep him mum and he thankfully went away.

‘Is the matter something else?’ Vicky kept his hand on my shoulder as I rolled my eyes. I know it was out of sheer concern. ‘You ought to know only the things which I told before commissioner. Don’t get too worried. I’m fine.’

‘I’ll ring in dad and mom. They were concerned about you. Would you talk?’

‘No. I need some rest,’ I replied as I was in no mood to talk to anyone. I needed a nap to recoil myself.

I woke up after a good sleep as I stretched my hands. I moved out of the room into the living room as I picked up my phone from the table. Except a few scratches, it was perfectly functioning. ‘This girl,’ I muttered as I saw her name in the list of received messages. Wait!!! What I was doing with them in that area? And from when I have been started suffering from partial amnesia. I’ll definitely not leave her tomorrow but let me check her message now. I opened up the message as I read, ‘CALL RAKESH, YOU IDIOT OF THE CENTURY!!!’

‘How dare she?’ I got up from the sofa as I read her message again. ‘I’ll definitely not leave her tomorrow,’ I muttered. But there was no harm in calling up Rakesh and so I called him up.

‘Hi Rakesh.’ I uttered without any idea of how to persuade further.

‘Hi buddy. What’s all this? What’s going on between you and Surbhi. She had called me up and said something about you living under a misunderstanding.’

‘She’s freaking crazy. I just don’t want to talk about what she did with you.’ I was hell irritated due to her when I replied him.

‘Relax!!! This time we need to talk and first of all, even I don’t know what she did to me.’

‘What??’ I was literally shocked hearing this. ‘But she…’

He continued before I could say anything, ‘See man, I proposed her and she rejected it. That’s it. Then I went abroad for higher studies. That’s it. Now tell me what you were thinking all these years.’

After he stopped, I started narrating him my version, ‘Actually, one day you told me on phone that you were about to propose Surbhi.’ I stopped as a lump formed in my throat. That was the most difficult thing for me. My crush and my best friend. ‘However, I had to reply him in a cheerful voice. I continued, ‘It was the day you proposed her and you were sounding quite low. I could guess this from your voice. You informed me that you were going away. I didn’t want to hurt you so I never talked about this topic. The day you called me up from Australia, you were still sounding low. I guessed that it was due to the rejection. And you also became victim of a nearly fatal accident. I mentally put the entire blame on her for your condition.’

‘You are nuts. Though she rejected me yet she was very sorry for hurting me and she had only replied to me in the nicest way. And I was sad because mom was not keeping up with her health. She was suffering from some heart problems. You never asked me the reason and I mentioned it to you as I didn’t want to give tension to you. Moreover, I have moved on and as you know, I have been engaged now. Don’t know from how many years you are carrying this grudge.’

‘Really!!!,’ I said in excitement as I goofily replied, ‘Actually I knew about her brash behaviour to some people and I assumed that she must have definitely replied to you in a harsh tone and hurt you very much. After all, I cannot see my best friend in pain.’ I scratched my head as I grinned. Not to forget, mentally slapping myself for assuming things.

‘Ok bye buddy. I have some work.’

‘Bye Rakesh.’

Finally, something really good in these few days. I would be meeting her tomorrow. Wait!!! How did she get a link about my behaviour and Rakesh? And yes, I remember something. I drank that cold drink in party. After one glass…God!!! That was alcohol and I was drunk. Everything makes so much sense now. Did I reveal that “crush thing” to her? What all did I reveal to her?

Precap: Resignation and SurVir will again face each other but this time with different feelings.
Thanks everyone and i replied to you Nusz in previous epi, in case you haven’t been through it.

@Roma: Thanks for your wonderful comment. i really loved it and the interpretation too. you’ll get to know about it as the story unfolds.

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Your story is mind blowing….seriously it is my favorite FF and I hardly love FFs and this 1 is a unique piece!! Keep writing…Love you ♥♥ ~ Zuha Fatima

    1. Hey Zuha. Thanks for such a lovely comment. Sometimes I get feelings of ending the ff but all of your comments don’t make me end this ?? love you too

  2. Mannat

    Awesum saya
    Seriously ur writing skills are brilliant . I love ur ff . I know i haventt commented on some of ur last episodes plz forgive me . But they were brilliant . Keep it up . Love u and ur ff saya .

    1. Hi mannat. YEA, I’m seeing you after a long time. But no need of sorry… knew you were busy in your exams. Love you too ??

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    sunehri ff is like andhra full meals…..

    i mean all types of tastes…

  6. wow saaya….


    u r writing very nice even u mentioned few characters on single plot…..
    ur ff is like dhum biryani….
    even single taste, its awesome…

    sunehri ff is like andhra full meals…..

    i mean all types of tastes…
    i mean so many couples n cute romance…

    both are wow with ur own skills….

    1. hey jasmine. Such a lovely comment. i really feel honored. thanks for showering such kind words. i’ll always remember your comparison and cute comment

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  9. Sayaaaaaa…so sorry for pretty late comment. only I could read this lovely update. …n I’m so happy to read it …wowwww huge misunderstandings in KV’s mind…phew….these guys sometimes r impossible. …making mountain of a little rock…..uffff…but now looks like it’s cool between survir….precap is very interesting n exciting. …very lovely narration n awesoooooome dialogues. …loved it to the coreeeee. …keep it up honeyyy. …thx for your special thanks from you….your busy buddy is really appreciate your hard work…love you loads my sweeeeeetheart. …muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 😉 😀 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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