My layered demeanour (Episode 21)

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(Shauraya’s pov)
I was still there as the gas had started filling the room and entering my nostrils by crossing this barrier of my handkerchief. I heard a few gunshots and soon the door was flung open. Two guards came running in as they helped me in getting out. I was welcomed with a warm embrace as I saw Himanshoo bhai standing there. I coughed up, letting out all that gas as I inhaled fresh air.

‘How are you Shaurya?’

‘I’m fine bhai but…’ I stammered a bit. What would I say to him? I was even unable to take care of Surbhi. I lowered my eyes as he patted on my back and continued his narration.

‘I don’t know but I had an intuition that something was not right so I landed here yesterday night. I had given the job to my detectives to find out about her whereabouts as I wanted her to be right in front of my eyes when I land here.’ There was a long pause as he screamed, ‘Why does she keep a damn phone with her when she doesn’t receive any calls?’

I kept quiet seeing him enraged as he calmed down a bit. ‘They witnessed you being shoved into a van. But they were unsuccessful in keeping a track of the van. That’s when we traced the van number and I landed her.’

I kept a hand on his shoulder as I gestured that we would find her. I quickly called up and activated my circuit of people here that was due to my uncle’s influence… political affiliations, you know. I turned towards bhai as I coaxed him to take rest after giving a lot of assurance that I would bring his sister back.

(KVB’s pov)
‘I’ll pay you double the amount,’ I screamed for the fifth time lest anyone would hear me. I cursed my fate as I wriggled on my chair. Soon, I heard rounds of bullet being fired as two persons entered the room. I noticed bloodstains on their clothes as I smirked and they opened my cuffs. I hastily removed the bomb from my chest as I left it at that place and we all ran outside. 30 seconds and BOOM… the place exploded. I looked at them in amazement as one of them cited that they could do anything for money. They had killed the other four who were guarding the place till his death. They needed money due to their personal reasons… an ailing mother and an unwed sister at home. I smirked as I told them an address from where they could pick up their money. A cold buckle on my temple stopped me.

‘Don’t dare to retract from your words.’

‘I never do and you don’t dare to warn me again.’

I heard a screeching sound behind me as I saw a car stopping there.

‘What???’ I was left boggled as I heard the horrifying account from Shauraya. He told how he had traced that goon whom he had seen the previous night and has reached here. I narrated him my account as my jaw dropped when a thought struck my mind.

‘What were we three doing there at night?’

‘Surbhi is still in their clutches.’ His statement distracted me as my mind focused its attention on saving her. But how will we get to know about her whereabouts? I turned towards the goons who had helped me.

‘Quadruple the amount,’ I said to them. Man, this seemed so easy. Money can buy any one, you should just have it in your hand. One of them passed on a car number to me as without wasting a second we located that car and reached that desolate place. Luckily no guard was there and we barged in. I saw her waist deep in water as we rushed to her and tried freeing her. But that damn lock was not buzzing off. I picked up a rod lying at a corner as I hit the glass chamber with full force. A wave of water gushed out and each one of us got hurt by those tiny glass pieces. We took her out as we carefully started treading.

(Shauraya’s pov)
We had just crossed one door and were left with one more when we found ourselves trapped again.

‘Turn around or we’ll shoot. We had seen you coming here and so decided upon this.’

I turned around and saw two goons standing in front of them but Surbhi stumbled a bit and fell on ground. Karan helped her get up.

‘Turn around you both or else it wouldn’t be nice.’

In a flash, I saw those two goons lying dead as I saw them both. They had gun in their hands with silencer on and had killed each a goon.
They were so made up for each other.
‘But how did they do this?’ I was left in a zapped state. Finally, I got it. Karan had called his guards and that was their gun and he might have passed one to her when she had stumbled. It makes more sense now. Well, there is no need to call police when they have such a dangerous side to their personalities.

We both held surbhi and prevented her from falling as a liquid started oozing out of her mouth.

Precap: Reunion and revealation of murder mystery
Thank you so much guys for reading this.

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