My layered demeanour (Episode 2)

Hello everyone. i hope everyone’s confusion will get cleared with this epi. A big thanks to everyone. I have replied to you Ranaji in the previous epi, i hope that you have read that. Thanks for SurVir, Roma XXX.

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Recap: Surbhi in a lock up, her father freeing her, her mom slapping her

[Himanshoo’s view]

I leaped out of the cab as it stopped in front of my house. I took out the phone from my pockets as the device indicated the time to be 1am. I was coming from France after a business meeting. I was about to come after two days but I came early in order to surprise everyone. I knew that she would have slept by this time and I cursed the airline for getting delayed. Not only her but I expected that everyone must have slept. I again inserted my hands in the pocket, this time to take out a bunch of keys. I tried every key and finally the back door opened. I didn’t want to enter from the door as in that case I would have to disturb everyone’s sleep. I halted in the middle as I saw light coming from my parent’s room and I decided to surprise them. I stealthily moved towards their room, lest I make any noise. My knuckles were about to knock the door but my hands stopped in the middle as I heard “Surbhi’s” name. Unwantedly, I decided to eavesdrop.

‘Do you know what this girl did?’ I heard my father utter, anger quiet evident from his voice. I just prayed that she has not done something drastic. I could easily hear my breaths as there was a pin drop silence.

I again heard my father speaking, ‘Do you know Mr. Khurana? She was driving car, racing it towards Mr. Khurana’s son as if she wanted to kill him. That guy was literally on his toes, running for his life and she… There was a policeman who witnessed this and arrested her and she not even felt the need to apologise. My relations with Mr. Khurana were already strained and she has deteriorated everything. I don’t know what she would do next… murder….’

I moved away from their room as soon as I heard my dad uttering “murder”. I was not able to hear anything more. I was sure… damn sure that my sister cannot harm anyone and also knew that he didn’t knew the complete story. I started ascending the stairs as I decided to talk to her tomorrow. I reached the door of our room as I saw it flanked by a “Do not disturb” signboard and this signboard indicated that she was upset when she went to sleep. I opened the door as I entered in the room. I reached my bed with the help of flashlight as I switched on my bedside lamp. I threw my jacket on the bed as I headed to the washroom to change into comfortable clothes. I came back in a snap as I looked over to the bed adjacent to mine. I reached to her bed as I sat beside her. My one hand started caressing her head as I leaned on the bed. I extended my other arm as I switched off the bedside lamp. I closed my eyes with my hands still providing my little sister, Surbhi the required comfort. I remembered her possessiveness towards me, the day she had rejected a girl for me, the day when she was angry on me because I was showering more love on someone else, the day when she didn’t talk to me for a day because I had misunderstood her like everyone, the day she had won a trophy and had thanked me in her thank you speech. I smile played on my lips as I demanded the best for her from god.


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  1. U r quite good writer. … keep going 🙂

    1. thanks Sunehri

  2. wlcm back saya…. back wid a bang indeed…. superb writing skills…. luvd it… thanks for d updates…

    1. Hi janvi… was missing you here. Thanks a lot for coming and commenting. Love you dear

  3. Thnx yaar for clearing my confusion

  4. Wow. It’s so nice. U r fabulous dear. Keep going on. I’m excited to see the next episode.

  5. Wowwww saya, lovely episode, so beautiful narration…himanshu is very protective n cares his lovely little sister Surbhi…he knows his sister’s angelic nature n not able to hear his father’s harsh words for her…very nicely narrated…very short update…where is KVB? keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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