My layered demeanour (Episode 19)


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(Shauraya’s pov)

Out of one mess, I had literally leaped into another mess. Surbhi, Karan and I were walking aimlessly on this road. It was around 11 in the night. Vicky needed to be at the party to head it and so he was not with us. This stupid idea of walking up to the nearest taxi stand was proposed by Surbhi. I guess instead of Karan she was the one who was drunk. I mean, c’mon, who gives such a weird idea. I agree that my bike couldn’t be used for three but still, this was such a bad idea. The area had started to become desolate…

Well, the only saving grace was to see both Surbhi and Karan together. Surbhi was proving herself again to be a chatterbox. Karan was, to be frank, not appearing to be drunk. Yes, he was walking wobbly and all that stuff but he wasn’t behaving weird… I mean the way Surbhi does.

(Surbhi’s pov)

“Acting crazily”… this was not Karan. “Violent streak”… a big no. So, I decided to check whether he came in the category of saying-all-that-is-in-heart.

‘How am I looking?’ I paused in the middle of the road as I posed a bit flashing my dress.

‘Beautiful and hot.’

I felt that my cheeks were turning red as a knot formed in my stomach. Whoa!!! I like this truthfulness. I heard flash of a camera as I looked up to see Shauraya snapping a picture of mine. I leaped forward to snatch the phone from him as he started dodging me and my efforts.

‘Who gets to see you in such a condition?’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked him in between of my efforts.

‘Blushing and all… your never seen before look.’ He whistled as I remembered Karan’s compliment and a smile made its way on my lips. I stopped my efforts as this was not important now. I looked at Karan who was leaning over a tree. Before I could move up to him, Shauraya stopped me back.

‘Now what?’ I said being all the more irritated.

‘Do you even know the roads of Delhi?’

‘No,’ I replied to him without glancing him as I knew he might be fuming from within. ‘I have something more important,’ I blabbered in excitement as I grabbed his hand and moved towards Karan, before he could start shouting.

‘So, where are all those important files? Those which have every secret information about Khurana industries.’ I said all this very quickly as Shauraya looked up to me in amazement.

‘Whoa!!!’ Shaurya smirked as I gestured him to be quiet.

‘Locker,’ Karan replied without a second thought.

‘Which??? Office? House?’ I started throwing all the options at him that I could.

‘Bank,’ came his prompt reply. I stamped my foot as my one hand brushed across my hairs. ‘Damn it.’ Everything is ruined. I was left clueless. I cannot retrieve those data from bank without Mr. Khurana being present there physically. IMPOSSIBLE. I calmed myself down. Ok, it was time to solve another mystery. Why does he hate me?

‘Why do you hate me?’

Maybe, the effect of alcohol was over as he didn’t say a word. He moved towards me. I held him by his arms as he stumbled a bit. He looked at me as he started pouring his feelings, ‘I don’t hate you. It’s just that…’

He probably took a long pause because I was dying to hear his answer. And finally he continued, ‘You know what, I had a crush on you when we were in 12th. I still have that farewell picture.’ He started gesturing all his words through small actions which were speaking volumes. I don’t know why but it felt so nice. If I was his crush, then why did he became indifferent towards me when we met for MBA again in the same college. And I popped up the same question in front of him.

‘You know what, I have another snap of you, just to remind me that how much I hate your behavior.’

‘But why?’

Rakesh …’

‘Wait!!!’ I stopped him as I felt something amiss. ‘Shauraya,’ I uttered as I turned back. He was nowhere to be seen. I started shouting out to him as I searched him frantically. The last thing before my eyes was utter darkness as I felt a stabbing pain on my arm.

I hope you got the mystery behind those 2 pics. Both were of Surbhi.

Precap: The danger has befallen on whom? will they be able to survive or will anything else happen?

Credit to: saya

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  7. Awesome, wowwww saya very interesting episode…the mystery of pictures revealed ….wowwww kv had crush on surbhi…but why he hated her behavior in mba in second picture….you left it at cliff hanger. …who hurt her hand kv? n where did shaurya go?.. very interesting story. …keep it up honeyyyy…eagerly waiting for the next episode…love u loads. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

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