My layered demeanour (Episode 18)


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(Vicky’s pov)
I had just agreed to her when she suddenly grabbed my arm and started dragging me. The next second, I found myself on the dance floor. I didn’t even realize when this dance session had begun. I was snapped out of my thoughts when she held my hand and broke into an impromptu dance. For a second, I was in a daze. But soon enough, I broke into a laughter as I got to know the reason behind her weird behaviour. Actually, bhai was heading towards her only… maybe for a dance and she chose this as an escapism.

‘Scared of bro,’ I sneered as I looked at her tensed face.

‘No way.’

‘That’s not the way to dance,’ I snapped at her hotly as her pointed heels hurt me through my shoes.

(KVB’s pov)

I guessed she had messed up with Vicky as he was looking at her angrily.

‘Sorry, sorry,’ I heard her apologizing. I looked at her unbelievingly as her chain of sorry was not ending. I gestured Vicky to remain mum by keeping a finger on my lips when he looked at me. I guess she caught that look on Vicky’s face as she had stopped apologizing. She turned with a jerk as her hair swayed along with her head movement and splattered across her face. I moved a step closer to her as I tucked her hairs behind her ears. I always wanted to… well, this wasn’t the time to think much. I grabbed her arm quickly and stopped her from moving away from the dance floor. With a little effort, I pulled her towards myself as she fell on me. Both her hands were on my chest as I wrapped my hands around her waist and provided her with the balance that she required. I looked at her eyes as I felt myself lost in them. I was snapped into reality when I figured out that she was struggling in my arms. I loosened my grip as I tried to display some chivalry… out of blue.

‘Will you dance with me?’ I questioned her as I extended my palm outright for her. Looking at her, I guessed that she might take forever to answer. She looked at me surprisingly with her raised brow. Finally, she had decided to end this feeling of eternity as she placed her hand in mine.

‘Waltz or Bachata?’ I threw this question at her as she smirked after hearing me utter Bachata. Well, it was really a passionate dance form. I guess I had started taking too much of liberties. Before I could say anything she replied.

‘Bachata,’ she answered back confidently. I was definitely losing myself but what was into her mind. We both certainly knew many dance forms as we had enrolled ourselves into dance classes way back when we both were in high school. Sensing the environment around us, I went in for Waltz.

I held her hands into a waltz hold as we began moving our feet with the rhythm. Not even a minute had passed and I was again lost into the melody that her eyes were singing. I was unable to describe my feelings as the dance finally ended. She took a step back as she went towards a group. I too left that place in a daze.

(Surbhi’s pov)

Vicky and I were standing in front of Karan. It was THE MOMENT. The moment to put our plan into action. I gestured the waiter to serve drinks to Karan.

‘Cold drink.’ I informed him as he was looking at those glasses on the waiter’s tray. I picked up a glass for myself and passed one to Vicky. I gestured Vicky through my eyes as he was supposed to just pretend that he was drinking it. I smiled mentally as I remembered how I had diluted these cold drinks with 50% alcohol.

I took a glass from the tray as I shoved it towards Karan and mocked him, ‘Will you take forever?’

‘I don’t …’

‘For the sake of our friendship,’ I tried emotionally coaxing him.

‘When did we become friends?’ he asked with shock written all over his face.

‘A few seconds ago. Now no more questions.’

Fortunately, his questions had stopped for a moment. I was staring at him as he took one sip. His changed expressions foretold me the events.

‘What’s this?’

‘Cold drink,’ I stated to him as a matter of fact.

‘But it tastes so weird.’

‘Your taste buds have stopped working,’ I again mocked him.

He glared at me angrily as I offered him to have a sip either from my drink or from Vicky’s. He lapped my offer as he took Vicky’s glass and sipped the cold drink.

‘Told you.’

He accepted his defeat as he gulped down the drink. Vicky and I coaxed him, putting in all our efforts. Finally, he was down with the effect. I smirked as I looked at him.

Precap: i guess i would reveal one thing linking SurVir and let’s see how KVB is under the effect of alcohol
i know the precap sounds too damn boring but i hope you’ll like it a bit when you read it on the next mon.

Credit to: saya

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