My layered demeanour (Episode 17)


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(Shaurya’s pov)

‘Why am I here?’ This was probably the millionth time that I was asking her this. She just held my hand and dragged me into this place which seemed to be full of people.

‘Fine. Tell me the reason behind this stupid party.’

‘Hmmm. Well there are two occasions. Success into their previous venture and they have got some sort of project. Something like that stuff.’

‘When you are yourself disinterested then why you came. Forget it!!! Why am I here?’ I glared at her as I repeated myself.

‘Will you stop it.’ She passed the glare back to me as she again dragged me, this time to the bar counter. ‘You are here because you are my friend. Got it.’ She replied, thankfully, with irrigation written all over her face. She ordered shots for herself as we turned back to face the person who had just called out to her.

‘Surbhi’. A man waved his hands towards her as he crossed across this flood of people and reached to us.

‘Hey, Vicky.’ She responded with enthusiasm and they hugged each other as she said, ‘Long time. What’s going on?’

This man… I mean, Vicky, shook hand with me as she formally introduced us to each other. To be frank, I was hell bored here. I was about to get a lead in this murder mystery tonight but she dragged me here. Why doesn’t she listen to me? I guess, this Vicky Khurana had allowed her to bring anyone with herself and all my frustration was now directed towards him.

(Surbhi’s pov)

‘One orange juice.’ I looked at him shocked as he placed this order with the attendant.

‘Are you serious?’ I rolled my eyes as I took a sip from my alcohol shots.

‘Well, it’s only been around a year that I have been left my addiction to drugs and so for some time, maybe years, I am staying away from any such thing.’ He finally ended after explaining his part.

‘Sounds great.’

‘Thank you.’ I looked at him as he thanked me. I stopped him before he could delve into the past.

‘By the way, where’s your BB?’

‘Sorry, I didn’t get it. My BB??’

‘Ohhh. It means your BORING BHAI.’

Unfortunately, he was drinking that juice when I expanded BB for him. Soon, he started coughing. I quickly got up from the stool as I patted his back. As soon as he started feeling better, we both burst into a laughter. It appeared for a second that we had become the centre of attraction as everyone wanted to know the reason behind our crazy bouts of laughter. He pointed to a direction after a minute or so. I traced the path from his finger as I saw him at a corner talking to some people.

‘Don’t you think the waiter should serve him something?’ I asked mere out of curiosity as everyone standing beside him were holding a glass.

‘Did I just forgot to tell you that it was bhai’s idea to have fruit juices in this party. Actually he doesn’t drink either wine or cold drinks.’

‘When was the last time?’

‘Bhai has never touched wine and it has been around a year that he drank any cold drink.’

(Vicky’s pov)

‘But you need to control.’ I warned her as I saw her ordering one more shot.

‘Relax. This is only third and moreover, I’m trying to get a hold on and cut it down.’

She was moving over her fingertips slowly on the rim of the glass as she looked at me with a smirk and said, ‘Karan is so sane. I don’t like such sanity over him.’

‘What do you intend to do?’ I asked her.

Every person behaves differently when get drunk, like I behave crazily. But it requires around one bottle for me to get drunk. Forget this, what if your bhai gets drunk? Let’s witness how he behaves when he is drunk.’ She chirped with enthusiasm.

‘Are you drunk? If bhai gets to know about it, he’ll not spare you and neither me.’

‘I’m ready to die from his hands,’ she added dramatic effects to her statement as she held her hands close to her neck, popped her eyes out and stuck her tongue out.

I smiled at her but eventually tried to reason it out with her. But all my efforts fell flat. ‘Ok. If he ever gets to know about it, then I’ll take all the blame to myself. You’ll remain out. I promise.’

‘If you carry your plan ahead, then I’ll inform bhai that that well-wisher was you?’

‘She made a crying face as she acted to be upset with me. C’mon you need to support your friend.’

Shall I give it a try? I was totally confused at this. Moreover, this ain’t going to harm anyone. But… I was divided into two over this. Shall I be a part of her plan? Looking at her face, I was determined that she would definitely go ahead with my support or without it. But what if I support her and we falter at any step? I was really messed up in my head. I was continuously looking at her and then my bhai… oops my BB. BB… it surely brought a smile on my face amidst this confusion as I chuckled while she stared at me as if I did something out-of-this-world act.

Thanks guys. I hope that the epi was up to expectation. And one more thing guys. You all can read the following too and i’ll be really glad.
This is a one shot by the name “In my heart- one shot” and this is the link:

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Credit to: saya

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  3. Very nice , I am impressed by ur writing skills , if u do not mind can u give a short precap after the episode. Thanks

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  6. Wow very nice and interesting one saya

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  7. Awesome episode, saya my sweeeeeet darling it’s really superb n the next epi will be very interesting to see KVB drunken…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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