My layered demeanour (Episode 16)


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(Surbhi’s pov)

It was a really tiring day yesterday… enjoying so many beautiful places, delicious food and different cuisines to satiate us. We reached late at night and I was so weary that I had directly leaped on the bed to catch a quick sleep. I woke up late today and had reached here in a jiffy. Well, in all this I forgot about my mobile which was switched off till now. I quickly turned it on to catch up on the chats and mails which would have flooded in my inbox. I took out the card from another pocket as I pressed it against this grey colored machine so that it could quickly sense my id and I would get back to my work.

This tiny machine flashed these words in green. On one hand, my phone was beeping continuously and here I was denied an entry. ‘How can Vicky do this?’ I mumbled with gritted teeth as I tried controlling my temper. Yes! I was working in the “Khurana industries”. I barged towards the receptionist on that floor as I slammed my card on the desk in front of her.

‘What the hell is going on? How can I be denied an access? I want to meet…’

‘Ma’am, Sir had asked to do this. You can meet him. He’s in his cabin’.

‘Fine.’ I stomped off from there when I heard the receptionist saying, ‘Ma’am it’s on 15th floor.’

‘What… When did Vicky shifted his cabin?’ I muttered.

I stopped my questions as I didn’t want to jumble up my head. I reached the lift as I punched in the floor number. ‘God!!! I really need to overcome my fear.’ Unless, I’m looking down, it’s perfectly fine and everything is under control. Thankfully. The gate of lift opened as I stepped outside and reached in front of the sole magnificent cabin there. I knocked on the glass door there. I wasn’t able to see a single thing inside the cabin and guessed it to be one way.

‘Come in’, the voice sent shivers down my spine as I froze for a moment. Was it him?

(KVB’s pov)

I heard her footsteps as she entered the cabin. ‘Welcome baby,’ I sneered at her and rotated my revolving chair to face her. She was looking more beautiful now. I mocked my heart as I shouted in my mind to just focus. ‘Can we be friends?’ She was caught off guard by my statement as she kept staring at me.

‘You don’t need to stare at me. I know I’m handsome.’ I again mocked her and her expressions were a treat to watch. She moved her gaze away from me as she said, ‘Where’s Vicky?’

‘Well, you need to answer me first.’

‘I’m not in a mood to be friends with you.’

‘Wow!! Now that’s called a reply.’

‘Now reply me?’

‘Sorry baby, I’m the boss here and not you.’

‘Fine. Let’s be friends.’

‘Now I’m not in the mood.’

What a conversation were we having? First, I wanted to be her friend and she rejected it. Then she wanted to be my friend and I rejected it. But why were we talking like this? Was I losing myself seeing her? No way!!! We were meeting after around a year. I stopped my thoughts as my mind mocked my heart, ‘Where are you heading to? Do you love her?’

There was an awkward silence between us and I decided to break it. ‘So why are you working here?’ I sensed her apprehension as she came up with the lamest answer, ‘For work experience.’

‘And you want me to believe you that instead of choosing either your dad’s or your brother’s business, you are working here just to gain work experience? Oh c’mon.’

She retorted back. ‘And you want me to believe that instead of focusing only on your business of which you are the sole heir, you are working here and helping in your Mama’s business. How generous of you!!’

Her statement bowled me over. How could she know this much? But I pretended to keep a sober face. ‘Forget all this. There is a party today in which everyone who works in this office is coming and you need to join it.’

I saw her muttering under her breath and was saying something about “previous party” but I was unable to get it. ‘I’m not coming.’ She said with her gritted teeth and glaring eyes.

‘The choice is your baby… leave this job or attend the party.’

She glared at me angrily as she turned away to leave the place. ‘Your card will work only when you attend this party,’ I said it to her. She watched me from the corner of her eyes as she stomped out. ‘I know you’ll come for sure.’ I smirked at her helplessness but I also had to find out the reason of her working her.

(Surbhi’s pov)

Actually my guess was so right. His father left a fortune behind him and that company is now legally his but instead of focusing solely on his company and working for it, why is he working in Khurana industries and dividing his attention? I moved towards the elevator with all these thoughts in my mind. I needed to figure out the mystery behind his behaviour. Nevertheless, the bigger picture was today’s party. He and his parties. Argh!!! I stomped my foot as soon as I entered the elevator.

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