My layered demeanour (Episode 14)


Hello everyone. Here is the awaited flashback. Thanks for your patience. The flashback starts after SurVir’s tiff in epi 11. And I have included 2 pov’s so that the picture is more clear. Here we go…

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(Surbhi’s pov)

‘This is what happened…’

I continued as he was looking intently at me.

I had returned home after that small tiff with Karan. Well, I didn’t give a damn about him. Everything was going smoothly until the day you called up.

‘The work is done. She’ll never come in your way again. And I have made sure that she leaves your brother. Everything’s just perfect.’

I was really happy after you had passed on this information to me. But as you had said, it wasn’t that way. Everything was not perfect. I began noticing changes in bhai. I was pretty sure that everything will be good within a few days and he’ll overcome from his break-up with Sanaya. I had then immersed myself in my studies and had started preparing for my final semester exams. I waited for a few months but nothing came back to normal. I would sometimes notice a tear escaping from his eyes. I wanted to believe that he was stressed due to his business work but my heart was not going in the same direction as my mind. I was unable to see bhai in pain any longer and hence, one day, decided to speak to him. He was as usual working on his laptop when I entered the room after having dinner. I sat beside him as I questioned, ‘What’s troubling you, bhai? Why are you stressed out from a few months?’

(Himanshoo’s pov)

This one year had been really tumultuous for me. ‘Why did you do this Sweety? How can you responsible for the death of a 10year child?’ I had muttered this to myself sitting alone in this room away from my house, miles away. The two most important people of my life were away from me.

Sanaya… I don’t know what had happened to her. A few months back, she had stopped receiving my calls. I had even visited her house; inquired her neighbours but was unable to find out anything about her location. I had even hired some detectives. They took a whole lot of 3 months to find out about her and everything had changed the day I met her.

I had knocked on her day and was waiting impatiently for her to open the door. She had tried to shut the door as soon as she saw me but I had blocked her way and had entered her house forcefully.

‘How can you do this Sanaya? How can you escape like this?’

‘ESCAPE!!! Please just stay away from me. Our relationship cannot survive all these hardships and I don’t want my family members to suffer due to all this.’

I was astounded to listen such words from her as I was more stunned by seeing her cousin brother’s photo frame hanging on the wall adorned by a garland. I had started to move towards the wall when she had stopped me from moving by holding my hand.

‘You want to know the truth, right? Then listen. Some local goons had kidnapped all my family members and had threatened to kill them if I had not severed all ties with you. I did what they said to me; changed my house, job and everything but…’

She had left her words incomplete as she fell on her knees and tears started flowing from her eyes. ‘But still they killed him. What was his mistake?’

I took her hands in mine as I made her stand up. I cupped her face as I made her tear filled eyes look into mine. ‘I promise you that I’ll make everything fine.’

She had jerked my hands as she slapped me. ‘Just get out of my house and never contact me. I don’t want to lose any more.’

It pained me. I was hurt looking at her condition but I decided to move away from her. Maybe this was destined but I was never able to forget her. It was around a week later when Sweety had come to me to inquire about me. I knew she was equally upset to see me upset and I had decided to move on for her.

(Surbhi’s pov)

Something had stopped bhai from completing his words, his feelings as he had looked out of the window to compose himself. But a fear was building up within me. What if she knew something about my involvement in this and had uttered everything to bhai? I gulped down a lump down my throat as I looked at bhai who had once again started narrating his ordeal.

‘What??? How dare she slap you?’ I had screamed as bhai finished telling everything.

‘Relax Sweety. That pain is nothing in front of the pain my heart…’

I was unable to listen to his words. My head was hanging low. Did I do something wrong? I was unable to see him in this state and somewhere a layer of guilt was enveloping me. I don’t know how but he had sensed that I was hiding something from him.

‘Are you hiding something? Do you know something about this?’ He shook me up by my shoulders as he began prodding me.

‘Damn it!! Just look into my eyes.’

But I was unable to lift up my gaze. ‘Sorry bhai,’ this was all I could muster up to speak.

‘Were you behind all this?’ He had asked with his stuttering voice. Everything was crystal clear to him after my silence. ‘How can you do this? How can you? You have destroyed everything. Who was with you in this? Shauraya?’

‘No bhai. I did this all alone.’

I could just feel him going away from me; from our room. I ran to him as I dropped down on my knees and folded my hands. ‘Bhai, please don’t leave. Please bhai. Please forgive me.’

But it was an effortless thing as he went away. I even don’t know when I had slept and by the time I woke up, everything was gone. I ran down to my mom and dad. But they had also stopped talking to me. An old servant of our house informed that bhai had left forever. I stayed there for a few months trying to bring everything back to normal but I failed miserably. Everyone were just living in the house not enjoying themselves. I was unable to take it anymore. Every corner of the house brought back memories of bhai and I had decided to leave my house.

That’s the end of flashback. Hoping that it was your expectation. Do leave your comments about what you think about Surbhi’s act. Thank you guys. And all the best to Sunehri, Janvi and to everyone whose new academic session has started.


@Jasmine- i had replied to your queries in the previous epi. Hope that you have read that.

@Roma- Thanks for commenting and sharing your id. But i got really confused as there are 3-4 people with the same id and i was unable to zero down the correct one. If time permits then can you send me link of your profile; otherwise my id is saya yadav. Looking forward for your message.

Credit to: saya

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  1. Ishrath(jasmine)

    hai killer….

    this is jasmine….

    its a clear fb….

    y did shauraya choose wrong path to keep away sanaya frm himanshoo?

    so pity….

    hey u have to update daily else i will do dishyum dishyum wth u….

    1. Thanks jasmine

  2. OMG !!!!! I was shocked re .. himanshoo dead ??? And surbhi behind all this …. episode was mind blowing

    1. Hi dear himanshoo is not dead. He has just left his home and lives in another country. Sanaya’s cousin brother is no more. Hope it’s clear now

  3. Shocking episode.. But you’re very impressive~Nusz

    1. Thank you so much nusz 🙂

  4. Though surbhi did a wrong thing, bt as her act is somewht justified, as a possessive sister. Himanshoo hd startd givng hr less time, n this. Would hv made hr insecure.. bt hes she cud hv sorted out things peacefullly also,

    1. Glad to read your views sasha. Thanks for expressing them 🙂

  5. Awesome, marvellous episode.’s very painful fb…very interesting n unique story…brilliantly narrated…keep it up…I can’t get enough of it…plz dear make long updates n regular…I love to read this unique amazing story….sorry honeyyy you had trouble finding me…thx for your id…I’ll try to connect with you…take care sweetie. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh

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