My layered demeanour (Episode 13)


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(Vicky’s pov)

I was now finally, away from that evil thing of my life and I thanked her for helping although in the most bizarre way. I remembered the day when she caught me taking drugs from a peddler in a desolate building. Initially, I was shocked as to how she reached a desolate place like this. I had then tried bringing the situation in my court but she already had her plans in place. She was successfully in catching my weak nerves. But still I have no regrets when I look back from the place I’m standing.

“The place I’m standing”… Damn it!!! I realized where I was and with whom. Me and my brother, no… DAREDEVIL brother were right now in Darwin and that too, in the cage of death. Although we were enclosed in a glass chamber and those scary crocodiles would do no harm yet, the whole scenario was petrifying to me. I crossed my fingers and closed them each in a tight fist as I started chanting prayers remembering each and every god I have known in my entire life. I heard a sudden voice which made me open my eyes in a jerk. One of those creepy reptile had hit the cage with his tail which made it wobble slightly. I could not even duck behind my brother as they had surrounded us from all side as if they were ready to pounce upon us and tear up our flesh. I looked up at bro as he was enjoying this EXHILARATING adventure. Yes, it was damn exhilarating for him. We were supposed to be here for a hell lot of 15 minutes but the time had just stopped moving.

‘Bhai…’ He even didn’t allow me to complete my words.

‘Just shut up, Vicky. See, how interesting this is all. Don’t spoil my mood.’

I frowned at him as I started doing the thing that I was best at, praying. A few minutes more into this torture when I felt the cage to be moving. My heart forgot its pace as it started racing. I opened one of my eye as I saw the cage being pulled out. I hugged bhai in excitement as he kept frowning at the end of his adventure.

‘Finally,’ I screamed as my feet landed on the floor. Our guards soon brought us towels as we started wiping off our bodies.

‘Bhai, your phone,’ I pointed out to him as it rang.

‘Pick it up. The call is for you.’

I received the call as it turned out to be of dad. The call went in for a few minutes before I hung up. ‘But why, bhai? I mean you were about to handle another branch of our company and now!!! Why did you change your decision?’

‘Relax Vicky. Well, It’s just that I’m interested in handling Delhi branch of our company. And of course, it’ll be break for you too. For how long will you manage both your studies and this branch? Just focus on this final year exam and then viola!! You too can work with me. But of course, the final decision regarding everything will be mine.’

I stood there transfixed. ‘What if bhai see her?’ I thought of calling and informing her but only when I’m not with bhai.

‘I’m coming.’ I listened to bhai’s words as he turned towards me and continued. ‘Come on, get ready. The flight is in a few hours. I have to join from tomorrow.’

Why am I destined to get all the information as shocks? ‘But we were supposed to leave tomorrow.’ I had again tried to reason out with him which was definitely in vain. He glared at me as I decided to follow his instruction.

(Surbhi’s pov)

My head was still dizzy as it started to pain as soon as I opened my eyes. I sat up on the bed as I cupped my forehead between my palms. I noticed a pair of lefts walking towards me from between my palms. I looked up as he literally shoved the glass in my face. ‘How did you come here? Leave it.’ I lifted my hand to take the glass from him but he pulled back the glass.

‘What the hell!!! Don’t test my patience, Shauraya.’

‘Serves you right for hiding things from me. Now I want to know everything, RIGHT NOW.’

I heard him stressing on the words “right now” as I looked up to him grumpily. I was definitely not in a mood to fight as this throbbing headache had not even diminished a bit. I moved over to the kitchen as he trailed behind me.

‘What the heck is this!!!’ I shrieked as soon as I opened the fridge door. There was no lemon there. ‘Where did all the lemons go?’ I raised my brow as I slammed the fridge door and questioned him.

‘Forget it and answer me first.’

‘Oh god!!! I’ll answer but first give me the juice.’ I again extended my hand but he just moved back. ‘I promise, idiot.’ I literally shouted at him.

I saw his smile transforming into a smirk as he finally handed over the glass to me. I gulped down the lemon juice down my throat as I realized that there was no way of escaping from his questions. I had promised him and he knew that I never back off… the reason of his smirk.

I kept the glass on the kitchen counter and looked at him so that he would change his resolute. He crossed his arms in front of his chest as he glared at me. He held my hand as we moved over to the bedroom and made ourselves comfortable there.

And I continued, ‘This is what happened…’

A big sorry to everyone who were waiting for the flashback. I took out time to write this with difficulty and i was missing writing about KVB so i wrote about him first and hence couldn’t accommodate the flashback. Sorry guys???
@Roma- Thanks dear. i was really happy reading your response…that you liked it so much. If you don’t mind then can i connect with you on facebook. What’s your fb id? Thanks one again. love you XOXO


Credit to: saya

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  1. hai killer….
    u r killing me with ur flashback suspense….

    superb story skills killer….

    1. Killer 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 not bad
      But on a serious note, I’m sorry as I know you were eagerly waiting for the flashback.

  2. Very nice episode

  3. Amazing~Nusz

    1. Thanks sunehri and Nusz 🙂 😀

  4. Awesome, waiting fr the next one.

    1. Thanks sasha …I hope you’ll like the next episodes too 🙂 😀 😀

  5. hi saya…..
    no words to express my feeling…
    u see i am bad at expressing which ultimately lands me into many problems… ok now i should stop my bak bak….
    bt seriously dear it was superb..
    i m luving d current plot n d way the story is revealing d hidden prts…. eagerly waiting for surbhi answers…. nd fr kvb n surbhis face off…
    keep writing dear….
    luv u lods…

    1. Hi dear. Thanks for loving it. And you are not bad at expressing… trust my words 😀 😀 I hope you’ll love the next 2 epis too as it’ll reveal some more story. Love you too

  6. of course dear… i will luv it….
    nd d main reason is tht it is written by u….
    ur writing skills r superb dear…
    ur words reflect ur passion fr writing…..
    u r surely a grt writer dear…

    1. Thank you so much janvi…your words have always inspired me. ?

  7. i am glad tht they inspired u dear.
    nd angel where r u dear//

  8. ho ho,.. stillu ddnt update….

    what is this?

    how can u make ne wait dear?

    plz give a clue about the relation btwn surbhi n kvb….

    who is his sweetest frnd?

    not surbhi?

    1. Hi dear. I’ll update till this week end. Pls don’t kill me after reading this.
      Relation between them is that both don’t like each other due to some misunderstandings and snap and taunt each other whenever they meet. His sweetest friend is not Surbhi. He’s more close to his brother. That’s it. Can I know in which class do you study?

  9. Yes saya even I want to know the relationship between kvb and surbhi ….. And by the way do u read my ff??? I’m writing a ff on sanam and Aahil

  10. Hi dear. I think now I have only a sorry left to say it to everyone. I haven’t read your ff till yet but I’ll try reading it during my bus journeys. What’s the name of your ff? I cannot guarantee but I’ll try my best. Pls don’t feel bad about it.

    Relation between them is that both don’t like each other due to some misunderstandings and snap and taunt each other whenever they meet.

    1. Hey my friend name is Sanam aur aahil- eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki ….. It’s ok re

  11. Fan fiction *

  12. My darling saya….where were you my darling…
    I missed you sooooo muchhhh…I just loved this episode. ..vicky n surbhi’s pov were very well written…loved tough KVB too….very interesting n awesoooooome. …and yes you can connect to my fb account…my ID is Roma anjum…but i haven’t visit from long time…im very busy lady (not kidding) but for you I’ll visit my fb site coz I also wanted to be friend n talk to you. …n share this friendship bond. ….thx honeyyy. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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