My layered demeanour (Episode 12)


Hello guys. I’m back and have replied to everyone at the end of this epi. and enjoy this long update. Those who have any question regarding Surbhi’s behavior can read my reply to Roma at the end of this ff and hope that everything is clear

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After a year,

(Shauraya’s pov)

‘Take care of her,’ her brother’s words were still echoing in my ears as I made way through the parking area to reach her flat on the first floor. I had prodded Himanshoo to know what had transpired when I was not here… Yes, I was not here. After I had helped Surbhi in getting Sanaya away from her brother’s life, I had to leave to another city to campaign for my uncle and help him in his political career. I had then returned back to my city to help my dad in campaigning. I was relieved a bit only when he became a minister and finally I had the time to visit her.

But now I was totally clueless. What the hell was going on!!! I had never lost contact with her in all these months. But she was way too smart or I was really a dumb head. She never let me get a whiff of the fact that she was tensed, worried and something was definitely wrong. ‘What kind of a best friend are you,’ I cursed myself as I climbed the stairs and reached her flat. Here I was, standing in Delhi, with a lot of questions lingering in my head. Why did she leave her house and came here? What happened in a year? What about her brother, Himanshoo? Why did he call me? Why does he want me to take care of Surbhi?

I took the key out of my pocket which I had secured from the security guard of this place. I heard a clank sound as I pushed open the door and entered it. Now only she could stop all these questions from wrecking a havoc inside my brain. I heaved a sigh as I moved in further. The sight before startled me as I shrieked, ‘Surbhi’.

(Surbhi’s pov)

I was in my room lying on my bed out of my comfort zone, leaving everything besides me. I got up from my resting position as I sat there supporting my body on one hand resting besides me. This was the exact day that had created a havoc in my life… memories of that day started haunting me. This was the day I had asked Shaurya’s help to remove that girl away from our life. I stopped myself as I muttered, ‘Wait!! That was not a mistake. I knew that she would someday separate me and my brother and see, she’s successful in doing so.’

I picked up the alcohol bottle as I gulped down its contents. I had decided to leave this house as every corner of this house brought back feelings and memories of bhai. Mom was not in the house so I was safe that day from her side. I knew she would break down after knowing this but no one there knew the pain that I was enduring. I had come out of my room that day with a suitcase in my hand. I had seen dad going throw the newspaper. I had started remembering the number of times he had scolded and taunted me for my mistake. ‘Wait!!’ I shouted at myself as I uttered, ‘THAT WAS NOT A MISTAKE.’ I had decided to just barge out of the gate but I was stopped by my dad. He had persuaded me and did what all he could to alter my decision. I finally moved away from everyone. Tears had rolled down my eyes as I knew dad would have definitely cried after I had left from there. ‘Dad loves me,’ I uttered me as this statement calmed down me a bit.

I lifted the bottle dangling in my one hand as I placed them on my lips. But no amount of bending my head backwards was able to bring any alcohol to drip down into my throat. I realized that the bottle was empty. I uttered, ‘Bhai’ as I threw the bottle on the floor witnessing it crashing against the floor and breaking into a thousand pieces. I left my body loose as I fell on the bed, my head drooping down. I saw Shauraya standing there as I blinked my eyes a number of times.

(Shauraya’s pov)

I saw her breaking the bottle as she let herself loose. Her arms flailed as she fell on the bed. Her head was drooping down as she saw me and blinked her eyes a number of times. She uttered my name as she stood up and started laughing eccentrically. She moved towards me but her drunken stupor was unable to help her much. I rushed towards her as I held her shoulders and helped her. She was reeking of alcohol. ‘Surbhi,’ I shouted at her as she shrugged off my hands and reached the bed side drawer. ‘I want to sleep now,’ she uttered to me as she opened up the drawer and took out an injection from there. She grabbed it as she started moving somewhere… maybe the place where she had kept the injectable medicine. I grabbed her arm as I said, ‘What the hell are you up to?’ She again tried to move away but this time I wanted an answer from her and hence, made my grip stronger.

‘I have heard that alcohol helps you in forgetting your pain. But see, it is not helping me. Why?’ She looked at me as I could see the pain in her eyes. I wanted to provide her comfort but not before getting an answer to this “injection thing” out here. I raised my eyebrow as I pointed at the injection in her hand.

‘Oh this… this is my friend. Would you like to be friends with him?’ she again looked at me and started laughing. ‘Oh god! Didn’t you understand? It helps me in getting sleep from the past few months. I just inject this sleeping medication and then…’ She joined both her palms as she kept it beside her head and pretended to sleep. ‘That’s how I get sleep. Got your answer. Now move away. I want to sleep’, she ranted. A tear rolled down my cheek. How I was so unaware about everything!!! I stopped her from moving as I looked at her, ‘I’ll help you sleep and don’t take all this.’


I nodded my head as I took her to bed and rested her head on my lap as I caressed her hair. ‘Jokes, then stories, then lullaby… and don’t know what I all did to make her sleep. Phew!!!

@Angel- Don’t worry dear. Everyone’s prayer and wishes are with you always. You’ll be perfectly fine. I wish and pray the best for you and they are always with you. Take care and love you lots.

@Sunehri- No dear i’m not gonna end it.

@Roma- Lemme answer to your questions first. Sanaya and Himanshoo love each other. They are girlfriend and boyfriend and Surbhi doesn’t like this. For Surbhi, i would say this that she is super possessive for her brother and insecurity has engulfed her. Regarding her behaviour, the ff title is based on her behavior. She behaves diffently with different people and that is her nature but she also has a soft heart and helps others under the name of well- wisher but she doesn’t want anyone to know this. I hope everything is clear now. Thanks for liking KVB’s dp and I’m not gonna end this ff. Thanks and love you too.

Credit to: saya

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  1. Saya So far, I’ve been reading your ff, And honestly I love it, Its so different and amazing, I can’t wait till episode 13. And please keep up the great work.
    Btw please do read my ff it’s called Destiny vs love, and please comment some ideas so I can improve writing. But I can’t wait till the next episode. Keep up the great work.!!!

    1. Hi Nusz. Thanks for reading and liking my ff and yes, I’ll definitely try to read your ff

  2. hey saya ur ff is nice yar…

    but i couldnt able to link one epi wth another epi…

    reveal the things in a clear manner dear.,..

    1. Hi jasmine, you’ll definitely understand in the next epi when I’ll introduce flashback and sorry for any confusion.

  3. Nice episode

    1. Thanks sunehri 🙂

  4. hi bestie…..
    sorry fr nt commenting fr so many days…..
    actually i was a bit busy wid my exams… so now i am back….
    nd coming to d episode… it was damn amazing ……
    jusst so perfect in evry way…
    i really missed u all….
    nd i wish u a speedy recovery angel…. may god bless u….
    luv u all…

    1. Hey janvi … glad to see you back. How were your exams? And thanks for liking the epi. Love you

    2. Hey bestie … how r u doing? ?? I’m missing your comments

  5. hey guys… i am doing vry well…
    n my exams went really nicely….
    n i missed u all…

  6. hey sunehri…. how were ur exams dear//

    1. Wonderful bestie. …. currently my 10th starts on April 1st week …. and did u read my episode? ?? I miss u a lot bestie

  7. yup dear…. i read ur update just now…..
    bt forget to comment there…..
    bt it was amazing….
    i lykd ur holi special promo….
    looking forward fr tht prt….
    n my tenth will also strt frm april only….

    1. Thanks bestie

  8. Omg saya my sweeeeeet darling friend.’s an really emotional n heart wrenching episode. ..I just have tears in eyes seeing surbhi in this state…very well narrated n the way shaurya n surbhi’s pov’s described it’s really superbbbb n dialogues very effective. …I just love this story n thx for clarification of surbhi’s behavior. ….I’m totally addicted to Youuuuuuuuu n this story. well written with many different emotions…I just adore you and appreciate your hard work behind this unique amazing awesoooooome story. ..keep it up honeyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh loved the dp of surbhi….take care sweetie

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