My layered demeanour (Episode 11)


Hello everyone. A lot to say before i continue with today’s epi. First of all, thanks for reading and liking this ff. I know many are already upset due to my irregularity and i don’t think my sorry would be sufficient. Don’t get more angry and upset reading this- I’ll be able to update the next epi on 21st because i have to attend an interview for which i need to visit another state and i’ll be leaving tomorrow. Hope you understand. Here we go…

(KVB’s pov)

I diverted my bike towards the petrol station as it required a refilling. My eyes, suddenly, fell upon her as I uttered, ‘Today’s day is really unfortunate!!!’ I sighed as I saw her getting her car refilled. A sudden gush of wind blew her hair as it splattered and covered her face. Her hands gathered all her hairs as she confined them in a pony. She was looking pretty yet her words were no less than venom for me. Her beautiful outlook definitely was hiding a really bad side of her nature. I drove my bike till the place she was standing. I saw her moving her gaze from her car towards me.

‘What’s up baby? Instead of concentrating on your studies you are roaming here and there.’ I chuckled looking at her.

‘None of your business. Moreover, I’m not interested in talking to people like you.’

“People like me”. What does she mean by this? I was really boggled by her answer. ‘Excuse me,’ I uttered in extreme disbelief.

‘Excused and now, get lost.’

I clenched my fists as I glared at her angrily. ‘Why are your words so venomous?’ I questioned her keeping my calmness intact. But she was definitely not the one to buzz off. I saw her rolling her eyes as she tried walking past me. I grabbed her arm as I uttered with my gritted teeth, ‘You are so selfish and full of yourself. I don’t know how your family members tolerate you. I just hate to see you and I pity them…’

She cut short my words as she uttered, ‘Fine. I’m selfish. What problem do you have? I’m also not interested to see your face.’ She threw her angry glares at me before ranting, ‘And don’t dare to bring my family between all this. Now just leave me.’

This statement made me more furious. I saw her struggling beneath my grip but I only made my grip firmer. She winced in pain and I suddenly realized the place I was in as I let her go off.


A really short update for you all… hope you liked it. Guys, do you want me to end this ff? I’ll reply to everyone in the next epi.

Credit to: saya

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  1. No no no no no no no no. .. plz don’t end plz … ur episodes are very interesting and plz don’t end

  2. No saya your epi is great plz don’t end its very interesting… And in these 2 days I want 2 read yours and sunehri epi before I go for my operation and I don’t know whether I will be able 2 read it ever again if my operation fails plz don’t end it I am really looking forwars 2 it plz plz plz plz..

    1. Hi angel dearrr, You made me worried. … r u ok? What operation? Please take care honeyyy…my best wishes are always with you. …love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

  3. Hi Saya my sweeeeeet darling, plzzzz no….don’t end this ff…I love it so much….really want to read it….plzzzz continue dear…I loved today’s episode.’s really superbbbb. …survir encounter n the fight…wowww…why she shows that she hates him but in reality she is his “well wisher”….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

  4. Hey roma I am fine I had a operation that I was going for because of internal bleeding but night 2 nights ago I was in my hospital bed and about around 10 at night I had a problem breathing I could not breath so doctors put a mask on me and cut me a little on my arm and seen black blood they called my family and they said I need 2 do some tests so last night I did tests and scans then I had a operation done and while doing it they tried 2 see whether I had internal bleeding or not but I had no bruises or marks so that means I don’t have internal bleeding doctors are waiting for my reports till then I am not sure what’s happening…tnx for good wishes and I love u 2

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