My layered demeanour (Episode 10)


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I was shuffling the pages of my book but those words written there were unable to hold my interest. I was waiting impatiently for my phone to ring. I closed the book and started pacing my room as the time started passing by. A familiar tune hit my ears as I leaped and grabbed the phone into my hands. Without wasting a second, I picked up the call.

‘Hello,’ I had almost screamed in excitement. How I longed to hear a positive news!!!

‘Hello KVB. I knew you were waiting for my call.’

There was a pause for a few seconds which to me appeared to be in hours. I also knew the reason of this pause. I closed my eyes as I finally gathered the courage to say, ‘No improvement, right?’

‘I’m sorry KVB. I’m doing all that I can as a doctor but she is not responding. It has been 9 years since she has been in coma…’

I removed the phone from my ear as I disconnected the call. ‘How long will you make me wait mom? When will you be able to keep your hands on my head?’ I couldn’t utter a word but still only these words were roaming in my head. I was just sitting there helpless… neither being able to help her nor being able to meet her. I just cursed my helplessness sitting there.

(Surbhi’s pov)

I was sitting there in his room waiting for him impatiently. He had gone outside to do some work. I looked at my wrist watch. It was already the time that he had given me. I decided to wait for him for 5 more minutes.

Shauraya is not only by best friend but also my confidant. He definitely knows more about me than my brother does. He can do anything for me. But this time he was driving me nuts. He knew that I don’t like late comers and still he was being late and was making me wait. ‘Don’t know what work is hooking him up?’ I muttered under my breath. It was now 10 minutes past the destined time. I got up from my chair as I muttered, ‘That’s it.’

I saw him coming near to me as he slid to cover up the distance and hugged me. ‘Oh god babes… Stop fuming in anger. I could feel the heat of your anger till the entrance of my house.’ I punched him on his biceps as he kept mocking me.

‘Ok ok Sorry. Tell, who has dared to mess up with you.’

I looked at him with my wide eyes in amazement. He lifted his collar up as he said, ‘Now don’t ask how do I know.’

‘Stop praising yourself,’ I hit it back at him.

‘Stop lying.’

‘Whatever,’ I muttered. I took out a photo as I slammed it on the table in front of us. He picked up the photo as he questioned, ‘Who’s she?’

‘Sanaya,’ I said with hatred filled in my heart. ‘Just make sure that she is out of mine and my brother’s life,’ I sneered.

‘Are you sure?’ He raised his eyebrow questioningly. ‘Why are you doing this when you are not liking it?’

‘Who said that?’

‘Just look at your face and you’ll get to know.’

I accepted all that he was saying but I had no choice left. ‘What can I do? She is so stubborn. I’m trying for this second time and this time I want her out from my life.’ I paused for a while as I continued, ‘Will you do it for me?’

‘Fine. I’ll do and don’t worry everything will just be the way you want.’

I nodded me as I apologised to my brother in my mind.

Hello guys. All the best to everyone who are appearing for their exams.
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Credit to: saya

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  1. Wow wow wow wow wow…. Amazing … And yeah our exams are going good…. Love u loads

    1. Thanks Sunehri. Love you too. By the way, when are your exams getting over?

    2. My exams are getting over on 18th march 🙂

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  3. Nice epi.i like the way u write. It never gets boring.
    Hey sunehri which exam are u talking abt?

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    1. Awww jasmine … sorry dear. I hope you’ll never think of doing this again 🙂 🙂 well this only shows your interest in the story and I’m glad

  5. I hv never heard of a cuter dishyum dishyum jas!!!

  6. Hey saya..I am sorry as I was not be able 2 comment but your epi is great infact all of them were great…hats of 2 u…love u lots bestie

    1. hi Angel. no need to be sorry. thanks and love you too

  7. Hey saya when are u updating your next epi..everyday I check for your epi..and by the way plz pray for me to get better as I just got back from hospital and a operation that’s why I couldn’t comment before…tnx and love u lots

  8. Wowwww saya my dearrryyyy, it’s superbbbbb episode. ..KVB missing his mom who is in coma from 9 years…ahhh that really hurts..n you presented very well…who is sanaya…whysurbhi wants sanaya to go far from her bro’s life….you left me curious…well the dp is very good , KVB with his Stern look….wow…keep it up. Plz give longer updates if possible. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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