My layered demeanour (Episode 1)

Hello everyone. This is saya here. This story is dedicated to all the fans of Aahil and Sanam but i would like to use their names as KVB and Surbhi, respectively. The nature of the characters are different from what you have seen. By the way my story has only SAHIL from QH. I’ll introduce the rest of the characters as I proceed. Hope you like it and support me. Here we go…

I was pacing this small dingy room as the small blub flickered over my head. My fists were clenched as I waited for the time to pass on quickly. I held the bars of the cell as I looked at those men in front of me dressed up in that khakhi colored uniform. I was at least grateful to them that they had allowed me to contact my father. My eyes lit up as I saw my father entering the police station being accompanied by my mother and the lawyer. I was stealing glances from him as I knew his usual expressions towards me. ‘Shooting glares,’ I muttered as I knew that is what exactly he would be up to. I saw my mother who had come rushing towards me. She had somehow managed to enter her hands inside the cell through those bars as she caressed me. I finally glanced at my father as I saw him talking seriously to the inspector. I was soon released after all the formalities were over. My father grabbed my hand and dragged me out of there. We all sat in the car as it sped off to my home. No one was speaking to each other as everyone was just staring out of the window.

‘This is the second time that you have been in the lock up. If you cannot think about yourself, then blo*dy hell do think about us,’ I heard my father literally scream over the top of his voice. My gaze was lowered as he caught my roving eyes.

‘What the hell are you searching on the floor?’ he again screamed at me.

‘Please dad,’ I uttered as I looked at him.

I felt a tingling sensation on my cheeks as I looked at my mother who had just now slapped me. I lowered my gaze as she held my shoulders and shook me. ‘How dare you, Surbhi? Is this the way you look at your father and will you talk to him in this tone?’

There was an extreme silence in the room as I again heard my mom speaking, ‘Just go to your room.’

I ran to my room as I bolted it and switched on the lights. I looked at my reflection in the mirror as I uttered, ‘I hate you.’ I flicked my hairs back as I again muttered but this time a little louder, ‘No, I don’t hate myself. I love myself.’ I wanted this line to get registered into my head. I switched off the lights as the darkness once again engulfed me.

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  1. I don’t much about this show becoz I started watching from azad and mahira track only pls tell me characters clearly so that I will understand this epi pls yaar
    My friend readed this and said it was nice sot that only I red but I don’t understand?????????

    1. hi. The serial qubool hai started with asad and zoya being the lead characters. However, they died and sanam (Surbhi jyoti) played the lead character again as the daughter of zoya and asad. She was paired opposite aahil ( Karanvir bohra ie KVB). So this story revolves only around sanam and aahil. But I’m using their real name. The characters which you have mentioned played the lead after them but I lost the interest in QH after aahil’s and sanam’s death. Hope you understood.

  2. thanx yr sahil ff… amazing yar plz update it daily egarly waiting 4 ur next epi…

  3. Amazing dear. I hope in the next episode I will understand what is happening and why surbhi went to jail. But then also u wrote it very well. Waiting for the next episode eagerly.

  4. Thanks heena and sahima

  5. Do the next the ones quickly as this sounds good

  6. Hey good epi but I don’t really understand it. I hope the next epi u will tell us how she went to jail.Plz update soon eagerly waiting

  7. Wowwww saya dearrryyy, it’s mind blowing and superbbb. ..very well written and KVB n surbhi just awesome, pair name will be SurVir…keep it up honeyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

  8. hi saya… very well started…. i luv d way u portray the characters…. the non linear story line… mosst of the readers will thnk that it is KVB ……

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