Laxmila – the love story (Part 5)

Its morning now everyone is in the dining room for breakfast except Laxman and Urmila.

Sumitra: ram! Sita! Where are Laxman and Urmila?

Sita: they are sleeping. Last night they were describing their day so they didn’t sleep.

A messenger enters. Ram read the letter and smile. He tells everyone about the letter.

Ram: mata sumitra! I think I should first tell Laxman about this letter.

Ram goes to Laxman who was sleeping after selling his horses. Ram try to wake him up.

Ram: Laxman a letter has come for you. Do you want to read?

Laxman: (in half sleep) what is in the letter Bhaiya?

Ram: a letter from Kashi………….

Laxman: then give it to Mata.

Ram: but from Nanda’s house.

Laxman gets shocked, rolled and fall down of the bed.

Sita and Urmila who just enter the room burst into laughter.

Laxman: stop laughing. Bhaiya! What is written? Don’t tell me she is coming.

Ram: (smiling) yes she is coming.

Urmila: (to Sita) who is coming didi?

Sita: you will get to know. Till then just enjoy Laxman’s condition.

Laxman: Bhaiya! Don’t you have any work outside state? Don’t worries I will go anywhere you will ask but please save me from her.

Ram: relax. She will be here tomorrow. Till then wait Laxman.

Sumitra and Kaushlaya enter.

Kaushlaya: (teasing Laxman) look sumitra how much Laxman is happy.

Sumitra: why will he be not happy? His best childhood friend is coming.

Urmila: (in jealousy little) friend?

Sita: Mata! You both also started. Why everyone trouble my poor Laxman?

Laxman: only you understand me bhabhi. You remember what happen when she was here last time?

Urmila: (staring at everyone face) will anyone want to tell me about whom are you talking?

Everyone except Laxmila laugh.

Sumitra: I will tell you Urmila. I have one old friend in Kashi. Her daughter name is Nandini. In childhood when I take Ram and Laxman to Kashi she always play with them. Nanda would become Laxman’s wife which Laxman didn’t want. This used to irritate him and he try to escape from her sight.

Urmila: his childhood wife is coming.

Laxman: don’t say that. She can never be my wife. She just wants to Ayodhya’s daughter-in-law.

Sumitra: (with curiosity) and what type of wife do you want?

Laxman: I want…… (Looked that everyone was seeing him with curiosity) I don’t want to get married.

Everyone sighs.

Sita: what Laxman I also want a devrani.

Laxman: bhabhi I can’t marry someone who will become a barrier between me and Bhaiya.

Urmila stays silent in thoughts. Everyone departs.

Next day

Laxman: she will be here any moment. What should I do?

Urmila: Mata sumitra is calling you.

Laxman: ok I am coming. Just a second did she come?

Urmila: just after some time.

In the hall the ladies and ram and Laxman were sited.

Nanda enters and hugs sumitra and kaushlaya. She then meet ram and Sita. She came infront of Laxman.

Nanda: how are you Laxman? I know how much you are happy to meet me. You know what……

Laxman: (with a fake smile) yes nice to meet you. You are tired na so go and take rest.

Nanda makes face and turns but see Urmila.

Nanda: I didn’t see you before. Who are you?

Sumitra: she is Sita’s younger sister Urmila.

Nanda: (tightly hugs Urmila) Oh I am so happy to meet you.

Urmila: (regaining her breath) me too.

Nanda: hey can we be friends?

Urmila: ya why not?

Nanda: then come with me.

Urmila looks at Sita for permission and she nods in approval.

Nanda takes Urmila with her. And talked with her for next two hours.

Urmila came out from her room. She was going toward her room but sees Laxman roaming. Laxman also sees her.

Laxman: how was your discussion?

Urmila: Nice.

Laxman: you are jealous.

Urmila: jealous!! Me? For what?

Laxman: first time you get somebody who can talk more than you.

Urmila: (making face) oh please I didn’t talk that much.

Laxman: the one who listens can tell you better.

Urmila: don’t waste my time in your talks.

Urmila turns to move.

Urmila: well your childhood wife is good.

Laxman gets angry. Urmila runs.

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  1. Sreevijayan

    Very sweet update my dear…

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      Thank you!! Glad you like it.

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    Nice and funny

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  3. Jayani

    It was cute wid lakshmila scenes nd can’t wait 2 read abt nandini nd lakshman???… Her character reminds me of dd in cn?… Missing her a lot… Anyways loved d epi as usual… Waiting for d next epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Pragyashree

      Thank you so much!! I too loved her a lot. Missing her in ChandraNandini

      1. Jayani

        Dat’s true… Missimg dat cutie pie a lot???

  4. Preethi12345

    hi pragyashreee my name is preethi
    i just read your ff and i loved it a lott !!! it was really good

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