laxmila epitome of sacrifice


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The bright sun rays fell on her face through which she looked like a morning flower in the sunlight. wid a warm smile she woke up from the bed hoping to do her duties well . anybody who sees her smile will surely fall for her as it is mesmerising . when she opened her eyes she could only see a painting of lakshman on the wall it gives energy to her seeing his painting early morning .

After getting ready in sanyasi clothes she looked herself in mirror , she remembers the vow she gave to laxman that her life would be a mirror of his . she went down to the table and saw shutikirthi , shatrugan , kaikeyi , sumithra r haing their breakfast as a ideal daughter-in-law she served her matas . while shutikirthi served shatrugan . there was absolute silence between them as it was not new for them now .from the time ram left for van only sorrow filled the palace. No one was happier , to tell ayodhya lost its charm . later after having their breakfast shatrugan left to rajbhavan . while sumithra and kaikeyi went to their respective room and ponder over the happening in the past 13 years .

Shutikirthi observed a curve on urmila lips which was unusual for her. shutikirthi asked her wat is the reason for her smile. she raised her eyes in hope and said just 1 year more. shutikirthi was elated to hear this but she was also concerned for her sister and asked I used to hear this every year from u . urmila eyes got welled up and she said every sec is hell for me without him that’s y I rejoice every passing day . shutikirthi hugged her to give comfort . later both broke the hug . urmila asked did mata kausalaya had her breakfast . shutikirthi nodded her heads in no .

Urmila came to kausalaya room and saw her sobbing in a corner . she went next her .. kausalaya asked her when my sons and daughter will return . she replied 1 more year .kausalaya buried her face in her palms and started weeping more . urmila need to cheer her up . so she said in a childish manner so u don’t treat me as ur daughter na .urmila words melted kausalaya heart .she said not like that before she could complete urmila stopped her and said I am ur daughter na then I wont eat unless u eat .

Kausalaya exclaimed u didn’t eat. urmila pouted her face. urmila said let me feed u and started feeding kausalaya then urmila went to the rajbhavan

Everybody was present there in rajbhavan mostly were men shatrugan , urmila and bharath in van clothes as he used to come once in a year to discuss abt internal affair .
As soon as urmila entered everybody greeted her she then discussed abt the problems of the praja then she excused her self as her work was over .
She now went to the river and sat on one of the stones and starring at the river with teary eye . nobody knew wat ran in her mind . when she saw the river sometimes she remembered some childhood memories or sometimes her mind was blank . later the solider asked her to go to the palace as the sun was abt to set

Then she went to the palace just roaming in the palace seeing that everything in its place . by night she would go to mata kausalaya room and console her as she knew mata would cry at this time .she would console her saying the years passed or their happy moment which would bring a smile on her lips . later mata would go to sleep
Then urmila would go to her room ,which she exited in the morning she would never dare to peep in her room in the middle of the day as she knew she would breakdown seeing his painting . she went into her room and just sat on the bed starring at his painting talking in her mind wid his painting and crying silently . then she would go to sleep as she feel light hearted after talking to him.

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Credit to: priya

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  2. superb….but where s mandavi????

    1. Actually according to my ff bharath and mandavi r also in van but bharath comes once in a while to see to the internal affairs


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  3. superb epi.Your writing is too good priya.

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  5. Supreetha (Soups)

    Urmila truly is the greatest character anyone can relate to sacrifice. She is an epitome of patience and love 🙂 hats off Priya… are taking us wonderfully to Urmila’s world. Keep writing

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  8. superb, hearttouching, the way he help Laxman in his duty.

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