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Kabeer scolds his officer for delaying in getting info and asks him to hurry up. Amrita comes and asks him how can he doubt Pratik. He says the evidences I got, doubting Pratik is obvious, I am not telling he is guilty though. Amrita says she wants to the truth as she is worried about Trisha and wants to know if Pratik can kidnap Trisha. He says per his experience, Pratik can be, but he is not telling it for sure. He says as a police officer, he has to doubt everything and has to investigate from all angles.

Pratik asks Lavanya if she is serious that she is trying to frighten him. She says she is his younger brother and she can do anything, she is just worried about company’s reputation. She says he is alleged in kidnapping of his own daughter and may even go to jail.

He says he has seen more tough situations than this and she does not have to worry about it. She says she cannot ruin company’s reputation because of him. He asks if she wants him to vacate CEO position, so that she can sit on it. She says he has only 2 options now, one to leave it with full dignity another get humiliated and leave as board members are in her favor now. Pratik agrees to leave CEO position and shakes hand with her. She says that is like her brother and asks him to propose her name in front of board members. He says yes and smirks.

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Vaishali reaches Kabeer’s office, sees him looking pics and asks him why don’t he see her carefully like he is looking at pics. He says she is very stubborn and he is pity that her patients have to bear her. She says he is her friend, so she brought food. She asks what is happening in Trisha’s case. He says Trisha’s debit card is found in Pratik’s wallet, which she used after she was kidnapped. She is shocked to hear that and says hope it is true, Amrita will get back her daughter and she her patient. Kabeer thinks if Pratik is really kidnapper and has used Trisha for his business.

Meghan prepares noodles for Vivan and Bobby and says it is her debut food, which they got an honour to have. Vivan and Bobby happily enjoy noodles. Amrita comes there. Bobby says as she thoght them, they have buried all their differences and have united again now. Vivan asks about Trisha. She says she went personally to Kabeer’s office to check if Pratik is involved in kidnapping, but he has just doubts. Meghan asks if she really thinks Pratik has kidnapped Trisha. Kushan comes and says it is a tough question. Amrita asks even if he thinks Pratik can do this. He says Pratik is a shrewd businessman and to get sympathy from market, he can do anything. Amrita says Pratik cannot do this. Kushan says she thought many things which he cannot, but he did. He says kids that he was passing by, so came to pick them up. He says Amrita that he hopes Pratik is not a kidnapper.

Neha comes to Pratik’s office and sees him drinking. She asks why is he drinking. He says he is tensed thinking who must have kept Trisha’s card in his wallet. Neha says Amrita has done this to take revenge from you. Pratik twists her neck and says Amrita cannot this, though she is angry on him. He says he does not understand who can use his wallet. She says it is Amrita who wants to trap you. He strangulates her neck and says even she can do this as she is as closer as Amrita to him and asks why did she keep card. He warns her not to provoke her against Amrita. Neha asks him to relax and asks how can he think she can betray him. He says he cannot trust anyone now and thinks everyone has worn a mask and wants to know who has kidnapped his daughter. Neha gets tensed and tries to pamper him and says she knows he has not done anything wrong and nothing will happen to him. She asks him to go home and relax as tomorrow there is board meeting and Lavanya has played a nice move to ruin you and you to teach her a lesson. She asks him to go and rest while she looks after Lavanya’s plans. He thanks her for being with him. She thinks she has to be careful now.

Kushan asks Lavanya if she wants him to believe that Pratik wants her to become CEO until his name is cleared from Trisha’s kidnap case. She says yes and says she went with resignation letter, but Pratik asked help, so she could not deny him as Swaika is a family business and she cannot reject her brother’s pleas and even cannot ignore Amrita when she is going through a rough phase. Bobby says Amrita is very tensed now. Kushan gets irked and walks out.

Kabeer’s officer shows him Pratik and Ansari’s pics. Kabeer says they knew each other from before and it is a business deal where Pratik wanted to buy land from Ansari at Lonavla. He thinks Pratik and Ansari are handss in glove. Abhay says we should arrest Pratik now. He says with just this we cannot arrest him and asks him to get search warrant of Pratik’s house and office.

Precap: Pratik announces Gaurav as company’s CEO instead of Lavanya. Amrita says Sonali that she did not expect Pratik would change his mind. Sonali says it is obvious to think like this as she hates Pratik now.

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