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Amrita says Pratik he cannot involve kids in their fights. Pratik says if they separate, he wants children to stay with him and says nobody questions him. Servant informs that Kabeer has come. Kabeer comes and asks Pratik if he used his debit card at a hotel. He says yes. Kabeer says he used a same card yesterday which Trisha used next day after getting kidnapped. Pratik asks how can he get Trisha’s card. Kabeer says he saw his bank statement and knows he is not that dumb to use same card, but why did he make such a big mistake. Pratik starts shouting and asks if he thinks he kidnapped Trisha. He starts throwing his cards from his wallet and is shocked to see Trisha’s card in his wallet. He says he does not know how he got it. Kabeer says maybe he is innocent, but someone

who is very closer to him who has access to his wallet has used this card and is the kidnapper.

Kushan prepares breakfast for his family. Lavanya asks him to do what he is best at and says she does not know why Pratik is losing all the talented people for Neha. Kushan says she can teach a lesson to Pratik by resigning from job and make him realize that he is nothing without her.

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Pratik reminisces that Sanya took out his card and gave it to him and he typed pin, that means Trisha is also having same pin number for his cards. Amrita comes and he asks her if she believes Kabeer than him and thinks he kidnapped his own daughter, says right now he has to find out who kept Trisha’s card in his wallet.

Abhay tells Kabeer that Pratik must be kidnapper as he can go to any extent. Another officer comes and says that Ansari whose houses are used by kidnappers to hide out is dead 6 months ago and Dubai police is sending his details. Kabeer asks officer to find out if Ansari has more houses here and if he had contacts with Swaikas.

Amrita starts fighting with Pratik. Pratik asks her to stop fighting and says he wants to know who kept Trisha’s card in his wallet first.

On breakfast table, Bobby and Meghan like Kushan’s prepared breakfast. Kushan asks Lavanya what has she thought about his proposal. Meghan asks what is it. He says he has decided to start a new life with Lavanya, away from Swaika’s. Meghan says it is a good idea. Sonali comes there and informs them about Pratik having Trisha’s debit card. Kushan laughs and says Pratik is getting what he sowed.

Lavanya talks on phone and asks her secretary to get all board of directors in her favor and force Pratik to hire back Kushan. Meghan comes and says dad is right, she has to resign from Swaika group. Lavanya says it is not her job, but a family business and it belongs to her also. Meghan says she lost her children and even her self-respect/dignity because of that and says dad really wants you to come back and she has to think about it. Lavanya thinks Kushan put her in trouble. She gets a call and shockingly takes Pratik’s name.

Trisha hears bhajan and thinks that she does not know till when she will be punished, she got betrayed by the one whom she believed most, she did not know her dear one will betray her and now she does not believe in relationships. She says she has decided to go back to her mom.

Precap: Officer says Kabeer that we have start interrogating Pratik. Kabeer says Pratik will not let it happen easily. Kushan says Amrita that we have to use bad news in market against Pratik in our favor.

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