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Lawyer VK goes to meet Trisha. Trisha asks if she knows him. He says yes and no, she is his lawyer and came to take her signature on consent letter. She gets emotional and starts crying. He asks her to stop crying. She asks if he thinks he will get her out. He says of course and asks her to sign papers. She says she did not kill her mama. He says of course, he can see in her eyes.

VK then goes to his lady lawyer friend’s office and starts walking nervously. Lady asks what is he doing. He says brisk walk to make his fresh mind. She says she has done all court formalities and will get dates soon. She asks to tell what is he thinking. He says he is thinking what to think. Assistant says sir is right. She gets irked and walks out. He asks assistant to get Swaika’s

party CCTV footage and also get apples. Assistant says okay and leaves.

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Lady asks what is his plan. VK continues sketching. He walks out angrily. Assistant tells there is a man called Anish who has a strong motto to kill Amrita and Pratik. He says case is today, and we should not waste time.

Court hearing starts. VK comes in carrying water. Judge sees his baffoonery and asks who is he. He says he is a defense lawyer. Judge asks why did he bring water then. Public prosectur says he will need water after losing case, so. He says he brought it for him and continues baffoonery. Judge asks why is he forcefeeding water to him. He says feeding water is a charity Defense asks him to drink himself. He drinks and stats acting that lawyer killed him with water. Defense lawyer gets nervous. VK says water glass has defense’s fingerprints, so he was trying to kill him. Defense asks how can he say that. VK asks then why is he alleging Trisha for murdering her mom. He calls evidence Anish and he as unwanted guest in Amrita’s party. Everyone start laughing. VK asks why did he go to party. Anish says he went to meet Amrita. VK asks if he went to kill her. Anish says why will he kill her. VK says Amrita slapped her once. Anish says he wanted to tell her about Neha and Pratik’s relationship, but Neha came to know about it and provoked Amrita against him, so she slapped him. Judge asks if he wants to question Anish further. VK says no and requests to grant Trisha’s bail. Defense lawyer argues that it is not his classroom that he will get anything. Judge denies bail and asks Trisha to be kept under police custody.

Gaurav scolds VK for showing his baffoonery and cracking jokes instead of bailing out Trisha. VK says he fights cases differently. Gaurav asks him to stop his baffoonery and get Trisha out at any cost.

VK’s lady lawyer boss calls him and scolds him for not bailing out Trisha and warns that if he does not get bail next time, she will suspend him from his job. VK continues his baffoonery. He asks assistant what info they have. Assistant says he has CCTV footage, inspector Jagjeet’s report, guest list, etc. VK says they have checked all this and should check waiters who served champagne. Assistant says then he will question agency then. Assistant questions agency manager who says one waiter was not working that day as he had typhoid and sent a replacement.

Court hearing starts. VK calls waiter and informs judge that he got typhoid, so he did not go and instead sent replacement. Waiter says he could not go due to typhoid, but someone came and said he want to go as replacement and gave him 10,000 rs, so he accepted. Defense asks what he wants to prove. VK says replacement judge is Amrita’s murderer and asks why will anybody bribe 10,000 rs to work as waiter, he would have had food in any 5 star hotel. Judge gives him 2 days time for next hearing.

VK checks Kabeer’s report and says Lavanya was missing in party. Assistant says he is right, why will a pretty lady miss from party. VK asks him not to blush more and asks to get Lavanya’s phone records.

Court hearing starts. VK comes late and says he was lost, says his phone records say he was in his Andheri office, but his brain says he was in Bhandup office. Defense lawyer says technology will not lie. Judge asks to start proceedings and asks VK not to waste time. He calls Lavanya into witness box and asks how is she. She says fine. She asks how was she feeling on party’s night. She says she was at home as she was not feeling well. He says she is lying and shows her phone records in which her location is 20 km away from home. Lavanya gets tensed. Defense asks what is the connection between this and Amrita’s murder. VK says there is a connection and asks Lavanya if she knew Amrita would be murdered, so she did not go there and planned murder by her henchmen. She says she did not kill Amrita and says she was in jungle to hide a dead body. VK asks what dead body. She says since some days someone was trying to harm her family and died, so she hid his body. VK asks her to go and sit. Defense says Lavanya and Trisha’s case are different and says instead of getting evidence, he is wasting time. Judge says defense is right, he will give 1 more chance to defend, else he will close the case.

VK reaches photo lab where Jahnavi’s pic was developed and asks tech to get a backup copy for him. He asks assistant to give him a copy. Assistant says he has a backup copy and shows him Varsha’s copy. VK thinks he saw her somewhere.

Varsha comes with face draped with veil to meet Lavanya. Lavanya says she knows she wants to kill her and even killed Pratik. Varsha removes her veil and shows her face to Lavanya. She says she and Pratik ruined her life 20 years ago, so she will kill her and take revenge. She takes out gun is about to shoot her, but police comes and arrests her. VK comes out and asks Jahnavi/Varsha if she is shocked as she was fooling ACP Kabeer till now. He says he got her info when he dug out old reports. He says she is the one who killed Amrita and Pratik, he thought of asking her to confess her crime, but knew she would not accept it, so he took Lavanya’s help to call her here and get her arrested. Police drags Varsha from there.

Court hearing starts, Varsha is brought in court by lady constables. VK says whenever there was trouble in Swaika family, she was present there. Her goon accepted that he kidnapped Meghan on her request and even killed Pratik and Armita. He asks Varsha to tell her story herself. Varsha tells how Pratik and Lavanya ruined her life 20 years ago. She continues that she truly loved Pratik, but he made her pregnant and betrayed her. She says she would have forgiven her trouble, but could not forget her parent’s troubles. VK asks why did she try to kill Trisha and even killed Amrita. She asks what did my parents do, she wants to kill everyone who is related to Pratik, she knew Pratik loves Trisha more than anyone in this world, so she tried to kill Trisha twice, but Aditya saved her. She killed Pratik in hotel room and repents not killing Lavanya. VK rests his case and asks judge to give his judgement. Judge pronounces Varsha as Pratik and Amrita’s murderer and Trisha as innocent.

Swaika’s celebrate Trisha’s release with champagne at their home. Trisha says last few days were her life’s worst days as she was alleged for her mamma’s murder, now that is taken out and she wants to thank everyone everyone and thanks even VK. Gaurav says VK is also a good man. Trisha hugs him. He says he got emotional seeing their love and before he cries, he wants to leave. He thanks everyone and tries to leave. Gaurav gives him cheque. Trisha says she is a law student and if she can join him as his assistant. He agrees. She thanks him.

Precap: Trisha dreams of becoming a big lawyer under VK’s supervision.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What does vk want?Something is fishy.perhaps trisha uske baare mein kuch janti hain

  2. may be swati is right because the case ended & the criminal is arrested but the show is still going on.

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