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Kushan angrily starts drinking alcohol. Lavanya tries to console him and says it is not his mistake, but Pratik’s and says she has many contacts in market and by tomorrow morning, she will get him a new job and asks him to trust her. Kushan says his life’s bigges mistake was to marry her. She asks till when he will insult her for her mistakes. He says till he gets insulted and says news has spread in the whole market that Kushan is thrown out of his brother-in-law’s company in which his wife is vice president. He says for all his problems, she is responsible and throws alcohol on her face. She walks sadly from there and sees Bobby and Meghan hearing their conversation. Meghan comes and hugs her dad.

Amrita calls NGO and says she will come next week to meet NGO

kids as they don’t have parents and her daughter is missing. Lavanya angrily comes there and shouts Pratik’s name. Amrita says he has not come from office yet. Lavanya says he must be enjoying with Neha and says he terminated Kushan from tower project. Amrita is shocked to hear that. Lavanya says you and your husband are responsible for my problems and curses Amrita that she will not get her full family and happiness from hereon and will live alone her whole life like her. Amrita says I never interfered in your and your brother’s fight, then how can she curse her like this. She says whatever she says, soon Trisha will come back to her and says god will always be with true people. Pratik comes there and asks what is happening. Lavanya asks him how can he do this to her and Kushan. He says he does not want to talk about office issues and asks her to talk to him in office and walks into his room. She shouts at him and walks out from there.

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Amrita asks Pratik how can he terminate Kushan without any reason. He asks her not to interfere in his office issues and to take care of her house. She says Kushan handled many projects before, then how can he terminate him without reason. Pratik says it is his problem and asks her not to interfere. Sanya comes there and reminds Pratik about his promise of taking her for icecream party. He asks her to get ready. Sanya asks Amrita to get her bhai dooj dress.

Meghan and Bobby play puzzle game. Vivan comes there and apologizes them for his misbehavior and says after listening to Amrita, he realized how stupid he was. Bobby smiles and hugs him. Meghan says now she cannot enjoy their fight. They both start fighting with her with pillows happily.

Pratik takes Sanya to a restaurant and tries to brainwash her that he took her out even after being busy, but mamma did not come with them and asks if she has to stay with either mamma or pappa, with whom she will stay. She says pappa at first and then says mamma, says she cannot stay without mamma. Pratik gets irked.

Kidnapper’s goon gets food for Trisha and asks her to eat, else she will die. He forgets his mobile and walks a distance. Trisha picks his mobile and SMSes and keeps it back before he sees it. He comes back and picks back his mobile.

Sonali calls Lavanya and shows fake concern, says soon Pratik will target Gaurav and her and says we have to do something before that. Lavanya says she knows what to do with Pratik. Kushan comes there and asks Lavanya to bring food to his room. She asks how did he change his mood suddenly. Kushan says why should he punish himself for not a mistake of his and walks towards his room.

Sanya informs Amrita about Pratika asking her if she will stay with mamma or pappa when they fight and says she said she will stay wit mamma. Amrita thinks Pratik proved her wrong again and tried to separate her daughter from her.

Kabeer gets angry on his officers that they cannot even spy on goons. Another officer comes and says goon’s real name is Rakesh and he used to work for Pratik and then was working as driver for Prem. Kabeer gets a call from someone, asks when and where and takes Pratik’s name.

On breakfast table, Pratik asks Amrita why is she not having breakfast. Amrita asks what did he tell Sanya. Pratik gets angry and says he has a lot of work at office and does not want to talk to her now. She asks why did he ask Sanya if she will stay with pappa or mamma and says he is making his children feel insecure. He says he is securing his children’s life.

Precap: Kabeer informs Pratik that Trisha used debit card to withdraw money after she was kidnapped, which he used at a hotel yesterday.

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