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Laut Aao Trisha 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonali confesses in front of inspector Jagatjeet that she killed Amrita. Gaurav asks her to keep quiet. Sonali says she mixed Vivan’s drug in Amrita’s glass and Vivan does not have any role in it, requests to free Vivan now. Jagat asks constable to put her in lockup and tells Gaurav that he will not prepare chargesheet on Vivan, but till he gets court release orders, he will detain Vivan.

Lavanya comes to meet Sonali. Sonali asks her to get her out of her as Gaurav is incapable. Lavanya says she will, but she will need something from her. Sonali asks what. Lavanya asks her to stop her childish behavior. Sonali promises. Second promise is she and Gaurav should not claim Swaika empire. Sonali sits silently. Lavanya says then she will wait till her punishment, will

handle Gaurav somehow. Sonali says she agrees to not claim Swaika empire. Lavanya gets happy and says she is very dumb, soon she will get her out as promised.

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Gaurav shouts at lawyer how can he betray him and because of him, his wife and son are in jail. Lawyer says he had a preplanned strategy, but because of his foolishness, his wife is in jail. Gaurav warns him to get his family out, else he will show he is Gaurav Swaika. Lavanya asks him to shut up and asks Lawyer Suhsant why did he allege Vivan in Amrita’s murder. He says he is a drug addict and since he is hired to save Trisha, he used his trump card. Lavanya says he cannot trap Trap to save Trisha and asks him to get out Sonali also soon and find another way.

vivan reminices his parents and cries. Constable informs that he will go out of lockup as his mother confessed that she killed Amrita. He thinks how can mom do this. Sonali reminisces her happier moments with her son Vivan and gets emotoinal. Trisha on the other side gets angry hearing Sonali killed her mom and thinks why did her parents leave her alone.

Lavanya is about to walk out of house. Police officer calls her and tells Kabeer has gone out of town and his house is locked, he took his house keys though. Lavanya says she will come right there now.

In court hearing, government lawyer tells judge that it is strange Sonali confessed her mistake and asks Sushant to proceed. Sushant apologizes for alleging Vivan for Amrita’s murder and says he know changes statement that neither Sonali nor Vivan killed Amrita. Judge asks to prove him. He says he will prove it and gives Amrita’s autopsy and drink’s chemical report. He says Armita’s murder did not happen with Vivan’s drug and Sonali is just trying to save Vivan, so he requests to release Vivan and Sonali. Judge says if Vivan and Sonali is innocent, then Trisha has killed Amrita. Sushant asks judge to give him some more time to defend Trisha. Judge announces Sonali and Vivan ask innocent and gives next date for Trisha’s hearing.

Gaurav thanks Lavanya to save his family. Lavanya says it was her duty to save her family. He asks why did not Sushant speak in Trisha’s favor, he will go and check. Vivan thanks her and goes to meet Meghan. Lavanya reminds their deal to Sonali. Sonali says of course, she will not come in her way.

Gaurav asks Sushant why did not he defend Trisha. He says he has lost confidence and will not fight her case. He says he is a good lawyer and cannot lose confidence. He says it is Trisha’s life’s issue and he cannot risk her life. Gaurav informs Lavanya that Sushant left Trisha’s case. Lavanya starts acting.

Sushant comes to meet Lavanya and says because of her, he lost case first time in life. She says he earned a money of his life, so he should not repent. She says she played this game and hired him. Sushant reminisces how Lavanya convinced him to draw case and reminisces how they trapped Sonali and saved her. He says she is princess of Swaika group and got it back. Lavanya says their meeting is last meeting of their life and wishes him all the best for his future. He thanks him and leaves. She thinks she should not get Trisha out and should not get her memory back.

A new young lady enters the show as a lawyer. Lady’s client leaves her case as she could not give her time. She gets sad losing her case. She then sees Trisha’s case in news paper and says they got at new case. Her assistant says it is a clear open and shut case. She says one man will surelly fight Trisha’s case. A man is shown in jeans and shirt and camera is focused on his face like a new hero. He sees beggar children feeling sad not getting food and says he will get them money. They look at his torn slippers and says he himself is poor, then how will he feed them. He says he got a lotter and asks if they want to have food or not. They say yes. He takes them to restaurant and asks them to order whatever they like to have. Kids say they don’t know to read. He orders whole menu, takes out 50 rs and asks them not to worry about money. He sees charity food board for NGO kids and tells that these are those kids. Manager takes pics with them. Kids thank him for feeding wonderful food.

Lady lawyer comes to meet him. He takes money from her purse and gives money to hotel manager. He then travels in lady’s car. Lady asks if he cannot wear proper clothes. She says she will do shopping for him as he will fight Trisha Swaika’s case.

Lavanya gives Sonali legal papers and asks her to sign them. She asks what is in it. Lavanya says it is written that she or Gaurav will not interfere in Swaika group and her decisions. Sonali agrees and is about to sign when Gaurav comes there and says nobody is ready to take Trisha’s case. Lavanya says it is a lost case and nobody wants to take it. Sonali says they don’t have option. Lavanya says they love Trisha a lot , but they are helpless. Gaurav says there are lakhs of lawyers in this city. She says we need miracle and not lawyer.

Male lawyer comes to Swaika house wearing blazer. He meets Gaurav and Lavanya. They ask who is he. He says he is don. Lavanya asks who sent him and calls security. Lawyer starts his baffoonery and says he is advocate VK. Lavanya says he looks like a clone than advocate and asks him to leave. Gaurav says Trisha’s case is in 2 day and they should give him a chance. Lawyer says he has brain and asks if he should give a demo. He then asks Lavanya what she has decided. Lavanya says he can fight Trisha’s case and if he wins, she will make his life. He asks her to wait and watch and asks Gaurav to give him the details of Trisha’s case. He then again goes back to Lavanya and tells she is the motivation for this case and will not let her down. She says he should remember that she is married and this is her parent’s house. Sonali thinks why did Lavanya hired this cartoon.

Precap: Trisha asks VK if he will win her case and in court, alleges Varsha for Amrita’s murder.

Update Credit to: MA

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