Laut Aao Trisha 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trisha rescues a kid from overspeeding truck and tries to escape from kidnappers, but they catch him.

Kaber reaches home and sees Varsha there. She asks why did not he take out his gun seeing his house open. He silently sits on sofa. She asks how come he did not taunt her and asks him what happened. He says he reached Trisha’s hideout place with great difficulty, but she herself ran from there, else he would have brought her with him. He slams his hand on table angrily. She asks him to calm down and says if not today, tomorrow your luck with help you. she says a criminal has to run all his life from cop, but a cop just needs one day to catch him. He calms down hearing that.

Pratik talks on phone and asks him associate to inform him once his company’s share reaches

400 rs. Amrita comes there. He asks her to come in as it is also her room. She says she came to talk about Gaurav and says he should give him his required designation and she is sure he will prove himself. Pratik gets irked and asks her to stop, says he does not know anyone interfere in his company matters, asks what she has achieved except being his wife and says in his company everyone gets what they deserve and says he is favoring everyone. Amrita says he is not favoring anyone and says if he would have understood what he is doing, she would not have come here. She says it is his insecurity that he did not give gaurav his desired designation and walks out from there. Pratik shouts if she will teach him what to do.

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Lavanya hears Meghan talking on phone and kissing and asks who is it. Meghan says she cannot interfere in her life. Lavanya says she is her mother. Meghan asks why did not she think about it when she was having an affair with Prem and asks her to stop acting. Kushan asks Meghan to go to her room. Lavanya says Meghan is my daughter and my first priority. Kushan says your priority was business before and asks her to get ready for a power project meeting.

Kabeer speaks to his officer on phone and asks if he got a blood sample report. Amrita reaches there and asks him if he got any info about mobile. He says he can just say that he is getting closer to Trisha’s place. Officer comes there and says blood stains samples match Trisha’s DNA. Amrita gets worried hearing that and asks Kabeer what happened to her. Kabeer says he can just say that Trisha is fine and says when we let our children walk for the first time after keeping them in our protection, we don’t believe our eyes. He says he can just say that Trisha is protecting herself well and soon she will get Trisha.

Lavanya asks Neha about Pratik. Neha calls her Lavanya and asks her to come to her cabin if she wants to talk about tower project. Lavanya says she is not worth talking to her and says she got the project because of her extracurricular activities with Pratik and not because of her talent and says as a vice president of the company she can fire her any time.

Neha sees Pratik reaching office and starts crying. Pratik asks why is she crying. Neha brainwashes him and tells him that Lavanya challenged that as a vice president, she can get Kushan’s designs approved easily. Pratik gets irked hearing that.

Kabeer’s officer informs him that the bungalow where Trisha was kept is of Ansari who stays in dubai. Kabeer says even Lonavla bungalow is of Ansari and asks officer to get details about Ansair.

Kushan during board meeting shows his tower project designs. Pratik asks him to stop showing his childish designs. Kushan says he himself approved these designs last time. Kushan asks if he means he should have rejected those designs earlier. Lavanya says as a vice president she can say that only board members can approve designs and not CEO. Pratik says let us as board of directors then. All directors sit silently. Pratik asks Neha to get Kushan’s termination letter and says Lavanya that it took just a minute to show his authority. Lavanya reminisces saying same words to Neha. Pratik gives termination letter to Kushan and says it is personal. Kushan angrily looks at Lavanya.

Trisha cries and remembers Amrita, thinking that Amrita used to take care of her when she used to get injured and cry, now she is not crying as her mom is not there. Goon comes there with rope. She asks him not to tie her and promises she will not elope. He says she got the special treatment she deserved and says if she continues eloping, he will kill her. He then ties her hands very tightly. She writhes in pain and calls mamma. Amrita senses Trisha is calling her and cuts her finger with knife while cutting fruit.

Precap: Kushan alleges Lavanya responsible for all the problems he is facing. Lavanya alleges Amrita for her problem and curses that she will also get lonely like her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Rubbish serial……yaar kabeer ko kuch buddhi do…..

    1. Why kabeer ko buddhi

  2. i jst love kabeer.He is awsw….Thats why i watch the serial,nthng els…. 😀

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