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Lavanya tells Kushan that she has bribed police officer to get her Jahnavi’s pic, hope she is found soon. Meghan comes and says she knows they were not at home yesterday night and mom’s injury is not due to scissors, asks what are they hiding from her. Lavanya says she is happy to know their daughter has grown up now and says they are not hiding anything from her.

Reporters throng inspector Jagat and ask him if Trisha is really Amrita’s murderer and asks when is he submitting her to court. He says they will know soon and gets back to his seat.

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and Vivan come to police station, introduce themselves to Jagat and request to let Meghan meet Trisha. He asks if they think it is so easy to meet a murder convict. Vivan says they just want to console Trisha and tell she is not alone and they are there to support her. Jagat permits them. Meghan mets Trisha. Trisha sees her head injury and asks what happened to her. Meghan says she is fine and says she came to apologize her. Trisha asks what did she do. She says she considered her as her sister, but she was jealous and selfish and snatched her most dear thing from her. Trisha asks what is she talking about. Meghan says she snatched Aditya from her and says Aditya loved her a so much, but she came in between them. Trisha says she has forgiven her and says she feels they both were not made for each other. Meghan says Aditya used to love her a lot and now Aditya and Swara have left city, even now if she is not angry on her. Trisha says she has forgiven everyone except her mom/dad’s killer. Meghan gets tensed hearing that.

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Gaurav calls Vivan and tells him that Nikhil has called him at SK mill compound. He says he will reach there. Meghan asks what happened. Vivan says nothing important and asks her to go home while he finishes his important work.

Meghan at home reminisces Trisha telling she has forgiven everyone. Kushan comes there and asks what happened. Meghan says she is fine and asks if he believes in karma. He asks what does she mean. She says she read in a book that our karma bounces back, she harmed someone, so so she is suffering. She cries that she did not do anything puprosefully, it was just a mistake. He hugs and consoles her.

Vivan reaches SK mill compound with money to meet Nikhil gay. Gay asks how is he feeling becoming a mediator between his father and his gay boyfriend. Vivan asks him to shut up and get out with money. Vivan says he did not call him to take only money and starts hitting him. He takes out gun. Gaurav comes there and warns him not to touch his son. Gay Nikhil says he knew Gaurav would come behind his son and laughs. He says he will kill 3 of them and then will go to New York. Gaurav asks who 3. He says Sonali and asks her to come out. Sonali comes out. Gaurav is shocked to see her. Gay Nikhil says he was best friend, but she kicked him out of her house. Gay starts misbehaving with Gaurav, throws gun in front of Sonali and asks her to kill Gaurav, else he will kill Vivan. Sonali picks gun and shouts to kill Gaurav, holding Vivan at gun point. Vivan pushes gay and he falls down the cliff. They all 3 leave saying before anyone could see them, they should leave.

At home, Sonali yells at Vivan for killing Nikhil gay, taunts that he is his dad’s son. He says he is dad’s son, but it is also her mistake that she let Nikhil in their house. She always insulted dad and just for 1 mistake, she wanted to leave him, but dad tolerated her many mistakes. He says dad loves us and he does not have anyone except us, so she should forgive him. She apologizes Gaurav and thanks Vivan for making her realize her mistake.

Sonali comes to meet Lavanya and tells that she is very happy as her fear of getting arrested for Amrita’s murder and with Trisha’s arrest, she will be whole and sole owner of Swaika empire. She taunts Lavanya that she cannot claim Pratik’s property legally as Vivan is legal heir of Pratik. She came to celebrate with her, asks her to take care of herself and leaves. Once she leaves, Lavanya thinks she thought she would focus on Jahnavi, but Sonali has become another enemy and she can handle both.

Gaurav and Sonali meet Trisha and Sonali shows fake sympathy. Gaurav asks Trisha how is she. She says she is fine and for her mistake, she is being punished. She doubted Kabeer and Amrita’s relationship, so god has not forgiven her. Sonali says it was not her mistake and just situational. Gaurav says he knows he made a mistake by doubting Amrita, but everybody in the world makes mistakes, so she does not have to be punished whole life. Emotional talks continue.

Trisha’s court hearing starts. Public prosecutor lawyer questions party guest who says Trisha warned Amrita that she will not forgive her. Lawyer says judge that Trisha mixed poison and killed Amrita, he has forensic report of glass. Judge asks to Trisha’s defense lawyer to proceed. Lawyer says Amrita died due to drug overdose and when Trisha does not use drugs, how did drugs come there. He asks why did not Trisha use weapon to kill Amrita. Prosecutor says she would have been caught easily then. Trisha’s lawyer says he considered murderer himself. Everyone start laughing. Lawyer says when Kabeer himself was present, then why would she use drugs, and even if she had to kill her mom, she would have used household items like phenyl, etc. He asks Trisha if she takes drugs. She says no. He asks then who takes drugs in her family. She keeps silent. He says he knows she is trying to protect her cousin and says Vivan takes drugs and was missing from the party. Judge asks if he wants to say Vivan killed Amrita with drug overdose. Lawyer says he is not alleging Vivan, but just telling as a possibility, Vivan is a drug addict and possesses drugs. Sonali says what rubbish is this. Gaurav stops her. Lawyer gives reports. Judge orders police to arrest Vivan and interrogate till next hearing.

Gaurav asks lawyer what did he do. Lawyer asks him to understand the situation. Gaurav says he hired her to save Trisha, but he is dragging his son instead. Sonali also asks why is he targeting Trisha. He says it is his strategy to save Trisha and nothing will happen to Vivan. Sonali says they are already tensed regarding gay Nikhil. Gaurav asks her to shut up and asks lawyer to go ahead, but make sure Vivan will not be harmed.

Lavanya asks police officer if he brought Jahnavi’s photo. He says he did not get photo and searched Kabeer’s whole office. He says a lady took photo with her to hand it over to Kabeer, even originals are missing. He says someone from their family took pics. She says it must be Amrita and says if it was a single copy, the Kabeer must be having it. He asks if he should search Kabeer’s house. She asks him to do whatever he wants and get photo. Gaurav calls her and informs about vivan’s arrest warrant.

Sonali asks Vivan to elope and asks Vivan to explain him. Gaurav says Vivan is right and eloping is not a solution. He says he spoke to Lavanya and she will help us. She asks why does he need someone’s help always and asks him to call lawyer. Gaurav says his phone is busy. Doorbell rings. Sonali asks him not to open door as police may have come to arrest Vivan. She stops also Vivan, but Gaurav goes and opens door. Jagat comes with constables to arrest Vivan and gives arrest warrant. Sonali asks him dare not to touch her son. Gaurav says his son is not a killer. Jagat says it is not proved if Vivan did a murder or not, he has an arrest warrant and should arrest him.

Jagat takes vivan to police station and interrogates him with a third degree, he repeatedly asks who asked him to kill Amrita. He says he was not present in party. Jagat continues torturing and beating him. Sonali comes with Gaurav and says she wants to meet Vivan. Jagat asks her not to increase problems and to go back. She says her son is not a killer and will not go without him. He asks her to tell it in court. She says nobody can know Vivan did not kill Amrita. He asks then who killed her. She says she killed Amrita.

Precap: Jagat asks constable to put Sonali in lockup. Gaurav shouts at lawyer that because of him, his son and wife are behind bars. Lavanya tells Sonali if she wants to get out of Amrita’s murder charges, she and Gaurav should stop claiming Swaika empire.

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