Laut Aao Trisha 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita says Sonali and Gaurav that they have to control Vivan with care and she will talk to him. Sonali says no way, but Gaurav stops Sonali and says Amrita that Vivan has gone out of control and she can try if she wants.

Amrita goes to Vivan’s room and sees him crying. He asks why is he crying. He says he is not. She asks why he wants to control everyone. He says he is not. She says he is and wants to control his family, girls by taking drugs and shouting at them, etc. She says she knows he does not like Gaurav as he did not stood against Pratik, but Gaurav loves you so much. Vivan asks what love. She says when you were ill, he used to take care of you more than Sonali and used to stay awake whole night and has fulfilled every responsibility. She says Gaurav keeps quiet

against Pratik as he does not want to ruin his family. She asks Vivan to understand his father and feel what pain he is going through, says he is a good father and he is lucky to have him.

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Kabeer’s officer gets kidnapper’s associate’s cell phone call details and shows that he has called 2 numbers continuously. Kabeer says that means those numbers are his boss’s and his goon’s and asks officer to tap those 2 numbers. He calls both numbers. One number does nto respond, another responds. Kabeer speaks to him as a telephone company executive and gets him engaged in his talks. Officer informs him that they traced location. Kabeer says they have to raid right now. Abhay asks if he can accompany him. Kabeer asks him to stay here and walks with another officer.

Trisha sees her room door open and tries to walk out of house, but sees goon’s sitting in the corridor and enjoying alcohol. One of them comes, gets in and locks door from inside. He gets nature’s call before he could walk toward’s Trisha’s room. Trisha sees a mesh door and succeeds in getting out of it, but her hands get injured while clearing glass strands. She sees goon out and thinks kidnapper did not fulfill his promise to leave her even after getting money, now she will elope from here. She jumps from window and escapes. Goon comes out of washroom and sees door mesh broken. He calls all his goons and asks to catch Trisha.

Sonali scolds Gaurav for letting Amrita interfere in their personal matter. Gaurav says she just wants to help us and if we get positive results, what is wrong in it. Vivan comes there, apologizes Gaurav, even hugs him and cries emotionally. Gaurav says it is okay and asks he is injured in his fight. He says he is fine. Amrita watches everything standing at a distance. Vivan walks out looking at her. Gaurav thanks Amrita and says she did what we as a parents could not do, you returned my son, he hugged me for the first time. Sonali gets irked hearing this. Amrita thinks Gaurav fulfilled his responsibilities a father. Sonali thinks now Amrita his controlling even her son.

Trisha runs from the kidnapper’s den and goons follow her. Kabeer reaches there and his car stops her. It starts again and he walks into kidnapper’s den with his officers, with guns. They search the whole place and don’t find anyone there. Kabeer sees broken wall and broken mesh. He imagines Trisha came till this mesh and got injured due to glass strands, she eloped from here. He imagines again that she must have injured while goons dragged her. Officer brings Trsiha’s clothes and says that means Trisha was here. Kabeer says maybe she eloped from here and we should get her before kidnappers could. He asks to get the blood stains examined.

Officer informs Kabeer that his officers who were following goons met with an accident and goons escaped. Trisha sees a a truck moving towards a playing kids and runs out from her hiding place to save her. She saves kid, but goons see her and start following her.

Precap: Pratik gives Kushan’s termination letter. Officer informs Kabeer that blood sample was of Trisha.

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