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Laut Aao Trisha 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonali, Gaurav and Nikil start a get together party and Sonali says it is a party for Nikhil’s bachlerhood. Neha comes there and join them. Gaurav says Sonali she could have arranged party outside. She says with the party environment at home, they change the seriousness around. Sonali says Neha that Nikhil is very rich but is still bachelor. She take Neha then into kichen. Once they go, Nikhil asks Gaurav what is wrong with Sonali, why is she trying to patch me up with Neha. Gaurav says he does not know. Nikhil asks him to stop smoking. Gauarav nods yes.

Neha gets sad seeing Pratik going into his room and not noticing her. Pratik informs Amrita that kidnapper is Vinod, our ex-finance head. He says he does not believe Kabeer. Amrita asks she does not believe him either as he

came without Trisha.

Neha says Nikhil that she does not want to marry and fall into relationship, but they can enjoy and asks if it is her place or his place. Nikhil says he is not like that. She says even she is not like that, but she changed over time. He says he is not understanding what she means. She says even she is not and says she is joking.

Bobby tries to speak to Amrita, but stops seeing Pratik. Pratik asks what is he doing here. She says he came to say something. Pratik asks Bobby what he wants to say. Bobby says he saw Trisha and Vivan together on the party night kissing and fondling each other. Pratik and Amrita are shocked to hear that.

Kabeer is at home watching CCTV footage of Pratik going into factor when kidnapper called him. Inspector Abhay calls him and says he found Vinod’s hideout.

Amrita slaps Bobby and says how dare he is to allege Trisha. Pratik also shouts at Bobby. Bobby shows them video of Trisha/Vivan kissing. Pratik says if this video is doctored, he will ruin him. Bobby says it is original. Pratik asks if someone else saw this video. Bobby says video is also in the computer which police took.

Pratik comes to Gaurav’s house and searches for Vivan. He sees Vivan talking to Trisha’s pic on his laptop and slaps him for having an affair with his cousin sister.

Kabeer reaches Vinod’s hideout place. Officer says he saw Vinod going into second floor apartment. Kabeer takes his officers into building with guns.

Pratik asks Vivan where is he hiding Trisha. Gaurav says it is not right to accuse Vivan. Pratik says he saw video of him kissing Trisha. Vivan says he does not know where she is. Amrita says bobby took his and Trisha’s video and they saw it. Pratik asks him again to tell the truth, else he will kill him. Gaurav tries to rescue Vivan. Pratik asks him to stop interfering and says he did not bring his children well. Sonali says even they did not bought up Trisha well and says she believes her son and will speak to him. Pratik says her to ask what he knows, he wants his daughter back, else he will ruin Vivan’s life.

Vinod tries to abuse a masked girl in his apartment. Kabeer hears that from outisde and blasts the door. Vinod holds the girl on gunpoint and says he will kill her if they try to capture. him. He takes the girl out from there via stairs while Kabeer and his team follow him. Manoj gets into his car and elopes while Kabeer and Abhay follow him in jeep and other officers in their cars. Kidnapper gets into the building and goes to the top floor.

Precap: Kabeer asks Vinod where is Trisha. He says Pratik ruined his life and he wants to take revenge from him.

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