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Pratik listens to the kidnapper’s voice and says he knows this man. Kabeer asks who is he. Pratik says he is Vinod Solanki, his company’s ex-finance head. Kabeer says how are the relationship between Vinod and his family. Pratik says Lavanya and Prem know him better as they used to interact with him and says he made a fraud and was put behind bars for 6 years. Kabeer says Vinod has a valid reason to take revenge from you then. Pratik says Vinod went to jail due to his greed, not because of him. Kabeer asks did he contact you after coming from jail. Pratik says no. Kabeer asks when he did not hear Vinod’s voice for 6 years, how could he identify it. Pratik says when Vinod speaks, ha sound misses and says tasme for chasme. Kabeer says they can find Vinod’s address

from his company records, if he is still in that address, then he is innocent, if not, then he may be a kidnapper.

Sanya insists she will eat only after speaking to Trisha. Lavanya calls Amrita and Amrita speaks to her referring as Trisha. Sanya asks her to let her speak to Trisha, but she does not give it and says she is missing her a lot and asks her to come back soon. She says Sanya that Trisha is telling she will come back soon, till then not to trouble mom. She then hugs Sanya and apologizes for telling lie in her mind and says hope the lie gets true and Trisha comes back.

Sonali and Nikhil are having lunch in a hotel. She says Vivan has become a spoilt brat now and it is difficult to handle him. She says he is lucky to be single till now. She asks if he still has feelings for him and says it is obvious for him since he is single and says that was college puppy love and he should move on. Nikhil says he moved on and says does not want a girlfriend. Neha comes meets them. Sonali introduces Neha and Nikhil to each other and they both start talking to each other smilingly while Sonali gets happy seeing them.

Lavanya drags Prem intimately towards her. Prem says if she needs a new drama at home or a new MMS. They see a camera. Pratik sees them together and asks Prem to meet him in his cabin. Once Prem enters his cabin, he informs about police tapping his and Amrita’s phones. Prem gets tensed hearing that and asks if they tapped someone else’s phone. He says dunno.

Kabeer and his junior reach Vinod’s apartment building and ring his apartment’s door bell. A girl opens door. Kabeer says he is searching for Vinod. She says he was old owner and she bought house from him. He asks her to shows her property papers and sees Vinod’s address. Junior says we can catch him on this address. Kabeer says his address is fake. Girl jokingly blows hair dryer on him. He asks her to be careful as Vinod may kill her as his mother used to torture him in childhood with hair dryer and he killed 6 girls till now who tried hair dryer on him. Girl gets worried. Junior says he is lying, Vinod killed only 4 girls. Kabeer comes out of the building and informs his officers that Vinod does not stay her and he gave wrong address to the current owner, but he will find Vinod soon.

Pratik says Prem that Vinod used to work under Lavanya and asks him to find out the details about him. Lavanya comes and asks what he wants to find. Pratik says he was discussing about new project. Lavanya asks Pratik if he does not believe her now after the threatening message from her computer. He says she does not have right to talk to him now.

Amrita sees a program about teenagers misbehaving with their parents, etc. Bobby calls her and asks if Pratik is at home. She says no. He ask what time he will come back. She says she does not know when he will be back. He says he wants to talk to her about Trisha and will meet her tomorrow. Meghan hears Amrita talking to Bobby and getting tensed.

Pratik’s secretary informs him that ACP Kabeer has come to meet him. Pratik asks her to send him in. She sees him tensed and asks him to share his tension. He says no. Kabeer enters and she goes out. Kabeer says court proved Vinod as innocent, but you were against him till the end and asks if there is any revenge angle to it. Pratik says why will he try to prove innocent guilty. Kabeer says this case is very complicated. Pratik says he told him whatever he knew and asks him to leave from there now. Kabeer leaves.

Precap: Bobby informs Amrita and Pratik that Vivan was trying to kiss Trisha. Pratik gets angry and bashes Vivan.

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