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Meghan says sorry to Lavanya and says she sent the message to Trisha through Faceword. Lavanya is left shocked. Meghan says that Trisha always made fun of her and that’s why she did that. Lavanya tells her not to tell anyone else when she says that no one else knows. Meghan asks what about the cops. Lavanya tells her to relax.

The phone rings and Kabir says it could be the kidnapper. He tells Prateek to keep the kidnapper engaged. The kidnapper is angry that Prateek told the police. Prateek says he didn’t call the police and they came themselves. The kidnapper asks for 10 crore now and says that if the police come this time then he’ll never get Trisha in one piece. Before Amrita can say anything the kidnapper hangs up. Abhay says it’s impossible to trace the call in

such little time. Prateek gets angry at Kabir holding his collar. Abhay tries to interfere, but Kabir stops him as Prateek says he’ll complain. Kabir removes Prateek’s hands and says, “Complain ki jiye Mr. Swaika. Call ki jiye aur kahiye ke aap ko kidnapper ka phone aaya aur aapne yeh baat investigating officer se chupake raheki aur woh nalayek khud aapke peeche chale aaye. Please call ki jiye aur dekhiye woh kya kehte hain.” (Cool dialogue # 1) Amrita says to save Trisha and tells him he can never understand how it feels when a child doesn’t return home. Kabir is looking a bit hurt.

Lavanya is resting with Meghan when the doorbell rings. Meghan tries to stop Lavanya but she says don’t worry and goes to check. Prateek and Amrita are the ones there. Prateek demands answers. Lavanya says the kids play games on the computer, but someone else sent the message. Prateek says that our relationship is different and Trisha’s life is different. Bobby says he sent the message because of some personal issues, but that’s all he knows. Prateek leaves in frustration while Amrita looks at him in disbelief before leaving as well. Lavanya asks why. Bobby says he knows Meghan sent it but he didn’t want Meghan to get trapped in it all. Meghan overhears everything at the top of the stairs.

Kabir reaches his flat to find everything in a mess. He draws his gun and goes in. His foot hits a teddy bear and then he suddenly wakes up in bed. He turns on his light and starts crying on seeing his wife and child’s photo. He pulls out some pills from the drawer and settles down. His phone rings and he answers with his usual wittiness. Abhay asks if he was sleeping. He says, “Raat ke dhai baj rahe hain. Padosi ke bachon ko nehla raha tha.” (Cool dialogue # 2) (Eijaz Khan was absolutely rocking in this scene! He nailed the pain, the fear, and then the calming down and becoming ‘normal’ again so well. If nothing else watch this scene! ) Abhay says that they have found something interesting on the CPU from Lavanya’s house.

Meghan asks Bobby why he lied about sending that message. He says she knows. She says thank you and tries to explain again.

Trisha is laughing with her friends about Meghan having a crush on Vicky. Meghan reaches there and Trisha continues saying that you know Vicky is always following me around and asking me to go out on a date. She adds that if Meghan wants she can sacrifice by telling Vicky that she’ll only go on a date if Meghan is with them and then she’ll leave. She can’t promise if he’ll continue the date after that.

Kabir is sitting in front of Vivan who is sitting in bed. Vivan says that he told Kabir everything already and if he has any other questions, ask them, and leave. Kabir suddenly says, “Teetar ke do aage teetar, teetar ke do peeche teetar, bolo kitne teetar?” (Cool dialogue #3) Vivan is confused about what a teetar is and why the question. Kabir says, “Iss waqt jo dimak main aaya woh pooch liya.” (Cool dialogue # 4) (God this guy is on a role today. ) Then Kabir gets serious and says you didn’t answer my questions correctly. He puts his laptop in front of Vivan with a video of him and Trisha getting close. Vivan is left shocked and Kabir says that this came from the computer we confiscated from Bobby’s house. He asks for the truth moving on to the bed. Vivan goes into flashback.

Vivan tries to stop Trisha who says that we’re cousins. Vivan asks why is she saying the story now. Trisha adds that she likes someone else now. She leaves and Vivan gets angry.

Vivan says that he went back into the party and didn’t see Trisha after that.

Prateek is on the phone refusing security. Gaurav and Sonali are there and Prateek says it was the Home Ministry. They look tense. Sonali says that Kabir is back and interrogating Vivan in his room. All 3 go upstairs.

Vivan is begging Kabir not to tell the family about him and Trisha. The 3 reach there and Kabir says he came to ask for Vivan’s friend list, which Vivan confirms from a sideway glance from Kabir. Kabir turns to leave and tells Prateek to come to his office for a while and adds, “I hope aap time nikal paayen.” (Cool dialogue # 5) (That’s it. I’m officially in love with Kabir. Man this guy is too much. He can be serious, but witty. How does he do it? ) Prateek asks why and Kabir says is it not enough that your daughter is missing and then he leaves. Prateek leaves. Sonali and Gaurav look at Vivan in suspicion. Vivan thinks thank god he believed me.

The aaya is trying to feed Sanya. Amrita reaches there and asks why she doesn’t want to eat breakfast. (Amrita is wearing pencil heels at home? ) Sanya says she wants to talk to Trisha before she eats.

At the Crime Branch, Prateek is listening to the kidnapper’s call and says that he doesn’t recognize the voice. Kabir tells him to listen carefully. Prateek listens to it again a lot more carefully. Kabir is watching his reactions carefully. Prateek asks to hear it again as he concentrates. He stands up and asks to hear it once more. He says that he recognizes the voice. Kabir looks happy.

Precap: Prem is getting close to Lavanya. Kabir, Abhay, and his team reach a building with guns drawn. Bobby calls Amrita to talk about Trisha.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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