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At police station, Kabeer looks at Trisha’s case suspects. Abhay asks what is he thinking. He tells him about the incidents happened till now, suspecting Prem, then Kushan, then kidnap pics found in Pratik’s locker and he being groggy and says he someone from the family is the kidnapper.

Dr. Aditya asks Amrita to go home, he will take care of Trisha. Amrita says in childhood, even if Trisha used to get fever, she was not letting her away from her and now how can she leave her in this condition. Dr. says all moms come from the same group, even if they are in trouble, they can’t see their child in problem. He says if he has to chose between 0.5 inch table and 5.25 feet mom, he would choose mom and says mom’s touch can heal anything. Amrita sees Trisha moving

her eyes and tells him about it. He says it usually happens in coma.

Kabeer meets Pratik and asks who don’t he believe him. He says after all these incidents, he cannot. Kabeer asks whom he shares his personal things, etc. He says Amrita and nobody else after the incident. He gets Neha’s call who asks if he changed his bank account password. He says yes and says he will SMS new password. Kabeer asks when he told he does not share anything when he is sharing passwords with Neha and asks him to think about it.

Kabeer gets a call from officer from Trisha’s hospital and runs there. Officer shows him bullet and says killer well planned everything and he knew Trisha will die if she does not get oxygen. Dr. Aditya comes and officer introduces him to Kabeer. Kabeer asks him to tell what happened in detail. Aditya tells him the whole incident happened.

Pratik reaches his office and says Gaurav he wants to take back is CEO position. Sonali says he cannot take back position. He asks who will stop him. She says she will and shows him rules which says he cannot become CEO until board members agree and all formalities are complete. He says he will ask board members to appoint him back. She shows board members signed order against him becoming CEO and asks Gaurav why did he let it happen. Gaurav says Sonali is telling right. Pratik says he did mistake by believing her. Lavanya asks he cannot talk about belief when he himself breaks trusts repeatedly. He asks her to stay out of it. Sonali says he is worried about his position when Trisha was attacked again yesterday. He gets worried and runs to the hospital.

Amrita looks at Trisha and reminisces Trisha telling she is having fever. Amrita checks and says she does not have fever. Amrtia says let us go to doctor and get blood test. Neha says she will take rest and will be alright. Amrita asks which test she has today. She says she just want to skip college and be with her and says she knows howmuch she is afraid about hospital.

Officer shows Kabeer fingerprint details and its culprits. Kabeer asks him to arrest all 3 and interrogate, if they are found, kidnapper will be found.

Kushan reads a news about Trisha being attacked in hospital, gets panicked, calls travel agent, asks to book Dubai ticket, and packs his bag. Lavanya comes and asks where is he going. He sas he is going out of country as he may get caught. She says he will be easily suspected for Trisha’s kidnap and sent behind bars if he flees. He gets panicked and says he will. She slaps him twice and says he researched that coma patient will not gain consciousness easily and says they will find a way soon. He gets convinced and sleeps in his lap.

Kabeer says Amrita he will find the killer soon and not to worry. Pratik comes storming and asks how can someone try to kill in his tight security. Kabeer says nothing will happen until he is there. Pratik says if anything happens to Trisha, he will sue him. Dr. Aditya comes and asks them to walk out and not disturb hospital’s peace. Pratik shouts at him. Amrita says he is the one who saved Trisha. Pratik thanks him and warns Kabeer that he will speak to prime minister to take him out of case. Once he leaves, Amrita apologizes Kabeer on behalf of Pratik. He says Pratik is Trisha’s father and is worried about her.

Amrita gets back to Trisha’s room and looks at her. Dr. Adity asks her to go home and freshen up, even Trisha wants it. Trisha moves her eyes. He says even Trisha is approving and says if she not rests, she will look like her grandma till she gains consciousness. Bunty, Meghan and Vivan come and say they will take care of her. Amrita leaves. Meghan jokes that Dr. Aditya is very hot. Vivan jokes that if she does not wake up, Meghan will go on a date with him.

Amrita comes home and sees Sonali arranging party. She asks what party. Sonali says she is giving party to their japanese clients. She asks how can she give party when Trisha is in coma. Sonali says she is doing it for the company and it is not personal.

Meghan, Vivan, and Bunty joke with Trisha. Dr. Aditya comes and says Trisha she is very interesting and asks her fight for life. He asks nurse to check her BP and pulse.

Amrita looks at god’s idol and prays to protect Trisha in her toughest time. She comes back to hospital with the idol and keeps it next to Trisha, says it will be with her always and pampers her face. She says she believes god will do justice to her and goes to meet doctor. Trisha starts gasping for air. Amrita hears her breathing and runs to call doctor. She informs Meghan and Bobby to call doctor and goes back to attend Trisha. Dr. Aditya comes with nurse and sends Amrita out. He starts treating her. Vivan says he will inform everyone at home. Kabeer says Amrita nothing will happen to Trisha. Meghan also consoles her. Gaurav and other family members come there. Kushan gets panicked seeing Amrita crying. Pratik comes running and asks what happend to Trisha. Amrita says her condition is very critical now. Dr. Adkitya comes out and stands silently. Everyone gets worried. He asks everyone to come in. Lavanya thinks she is dead and says Kushan she told Trisha won’t be saved.

Everyone get into Trisha’s room and see her oxygen mask and drip needle out, think she is dead, but Trisha opens her eyes. Everyone gets happy while Kushan panics. Trisha sees Amrita and calls her mamma and asks Kushan why is he looking worried, asks why is she in hospital and why are these bandages on, how did she get this injury. Amrita asks if she does not remember anything. Trisha says no and asks what happened to me. She then starts writhing in headache. Dr. Aditya introduces himself and asks her to the last incident she remembers. She says papa’s birthday is coming and they are all going to resort. Sonali asks if she does not remember what happened after that. Trisha asks what happened and asks why are they all silent and asks if Pratik’s birthday is over and why she does not remember anything, starts panicking and asks why is she not remembering anything. Dr. Aditya calls nurse and she gives her sedative.

Pratik asks Aditya why is Trisha not remembering anything. Aditya says she got amnesia and is suffering from partial memory loss, they will not remember life’s recent moments. Kabeer asks if she does not remember who kidnapped her. Aditya says yes and says she just remembers it is Pratik’s birthday and says they should be happy that after all this, she just lost 1 month’s memory and we should handle her patiently until she remembers everyone. Amrita asks if she can take her home as she does not like hospital. He says he will speak to his senior and get back to her. Lavanya says we should go home and asks Amrita to call her if she needs help, she leaves with other family members. Meghan and other kids congratulate Amrita and says they will decorate house to welcome her.

While driving, Lavanya says she knew Trisha will not be normal soon. He asks what if he she regains memory. She asks him to relax, she will thinking something.

Meghan, Bobby and Vivan decorate house and talk that their family will be united again. Meghan says they must be coming home soon.

Amrita and Pratik get back to Trisha’s room. Trisha asks why is she feeling she was away from her and wanted to meet her. Amrita says her mamma will be always with her. Trisha asks what happened to her. Amrita says she met with a big accident and had to be admitted. Trisha hopes Amrita still does not know about Pratik and Neha’s relationship and asks her if she is alright. She says yes and Pratik says mamma is fine. Trisha asks where is Sanya. She says she did not want her to come to hospital and is fine. Doc comes and congratulates Amrita for Trisha’s revival and says he is not in favor of discharging Trisha, but looking at her excitement, he will agree and says one doctor has to be with Trisha always. Pratik says she is his daughter and world’s best doctors will take care of her. Doc says Dr. Aditya will take care of her. Kabeer thinks it will be difficult for him to find out the culprit now.

Precap: Kabeer promotes about new time slot of 8:30 to 9:30 from Wednesday to Friday. Amrita thanks Kabeer for getting back her Trisha. Kabeer says Lavanya he wants to see Kushan’s revolver.

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