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Laut Aao Trisha 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik reaches his factory with money and gets in. ACP Kabeer follows him with his junior and asks junior to confirm his officers’ positions. He checks their positions on walky talky. Pratik start searching for the kidnapper with a torch.

Amrita hears Trisha’s voice and happily goes into the room to check and finds Sanya watching Trisha’s video. She reminisces Trisha trying to capture her video and getting angry that she is not allowing her to capture her video and going out saying someday she will not come back.

Kabeer thinks it has been a long time since Pratik went in and goes into the factory to check. Pratik’s torch falls on ground while walking, he sees someone nearby and thinks it is Trisha. Kabeer and his officers search for Pratik and hears Pratika

shouting on the kidnapper to come out. Pratik sees them and gets annoyed. He asks what are they doing here and if they are tapping his phone, alleges that kidnapper escaped seeing them and his daughter’s life is at risk now. Kabeer says his officers are keeping an eye on all exit points, kidnapper did not go out, he must ahve kept a dummy and left before we came in. Pratik asks who gave Kabeer permission to interfere. Kabeer says even he is not happy being with him and is only waiting to find Trisha soon.

Nikhil looks at their new york trip pics and says Gaurav they are awsome. Gaurav says he has a meeting tomorrow morning and has to go and sleep. Nikhil asks him to stay back. Gaurav says he does not want to remember that night. Prem says whatever happening now is because of that night and asks him to chill. Sonali hears their conversation and asks what happened on that night.

Kabeer says Pratik that kidnapper is someone closer to him as he knows his closed factory and knows washroom area does not have CCTV cameras. He asks if he doubts anyone. Pratik says he runs a big company and knows many people, so he cannot doubt anyone and says he is irritating him now. Kabeer says he is trapping all his phones from now and asks him to inform Amrita everything as she deserves to know.

Sonali insists Nikhil and Gaurav to tell what happened in Newyork that night. Nikhil says he took Gaurav to a strip club and they enjoyed whole night. Sonali asks Gaurav he does not come to strip clubs with her friends. Gaurav asks her not to doubt him and says he only loves her. She says why did not he inform her before. Nikhil leaves from thee asking them to take care.

Lavanya gets ready after spending a night with Prem. She checks her mobile and gets tensed seeing many messages from Kushan. Prem asks her not to take stress. Lavanya says Pratik does not hide anything from me and asks Prem to tell what it is. Prem days he cannot ditch Pratik as he is his best buddy. Lavanya says I am tensed about Trisha missing and Kabeer is also behind them, dunno what will happen next.

Pratik informs Amrita about the kidnapper’s ransom call and says he does not want to inform it to anyone. Amrita says she is not anyeone, she is Trisha’s mother. He says he just wanted to bring back his daughter home. Amrita says she does not trust him and Lavanya and says that threatening message on Trisha’s Ipad was from Lavanya’s computer.

Pratik is tensed that threatening message was from Lavanya’s computer. Kabeer says it must be someone from Lavanya’s home and asks Pratik not to disclose any information to Lavanya’s family. Pratik asks who the hell he is to advice him about that. Kabeer is he is chief investaging office with whom he is not cooperating. Phone bell rings and Kabeer says it must be from kidnapper.

Lavanya reaches home and sees Kushan and Bobby nursing Meghan’s slit wrist. She asks Meghan how did she get it. Bobby says she herself slit her wrist. Kushan scolds Lavanya for not taking care of her children and going on business trips instead.

Precap: Pratik holds Kabeer’s collar and angrily says Trisha’s life is at risk because of him. He asks Lavanya who sent threatening message from her computer. Bobby says he sent. Kabeer asks Vivan to tell what happened on the night of kidnapping. Vivan reminisces he and Trisha being intimate and kissing each other.

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