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Laut Aao Trisha 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man enters bunglow with camea hiding from watchman. He records filmstar Arvind yelling at heroine Maya that he will kill her. Watchman catches her just then and drags him out. They both hear maya’s last voice and see her murdered.

Court hearing starts. Judge asks reporters to stop drama. VK asks without drama he cannot proceed. Public prosector starts questioning Arvind. He shows Arvind’s pic on the murder spont and Maya on floor. He asks Arvind if he rehearsals before shots. Arvind says yes. PP says while running after murdering Maya, he got injured. VK objects and says Arvind got injured 1 day before murder during shooting and he has 80 evidences. PP calls forensic expert and asks whose fingerprints were on knife. He says Arvind’s. VK says even Maya’s

fingerprints were on knife. Forensic expert says if person stabs himself, force would not that strong and if someone stabs, knife reaches ribcage. VK requests judge to give him some time to gather evidence.

In coffee shop, VK’s team discuss about the case. Trisha says there are news on magazines about Arvind and Maya’s affair and he used to hit her many times, so he must have murdered it. Suhana says even if they lose case, they will get huge publicity. VK asks if pubilicity is more important to her than Arvind’s life.

Next court hearing starts. Reporter comes into witness box and tells how he recorded Arvind threating to kill maya, then watchman catching him, then they hearing maya’s sound and then catching Arvind running. Watchman comes into witness box and tells he saw only Arvind running. VK asks to remember if anyone else were also there. He says Arvind’s secretary and manager were also present. VK asks if they were present already. Watchman says they came after murder and he opened door. PP says VK is trying to create new suspects and asks judge to stop VK from creating new suspects. Judge permits. PP asks Arvind what happened that day. Arvind says he just knows that he loves Maya and would not kill her. PP says he was running behind Maya with knife and her blood stains were found on his dress. He says judge it is clear Arvind has murdered Maya. VK proceeds and asks Arvind to explain from the beginning. He says he was abou to go to perss conference when he got a call from Maya and ran to her house and was shocked to see knife and dead Maya. Maya wakes up and says it she was acting and it is fake. He runs behind Maya telling he will kill her. He sensed someone in hall, went out to check and when he came back he saw knife in maya’s abdomen, so he took it out and before he could do anything, Maya dead. He got afraid and thinking whoever has murdered must have run via wall, before checking Watchman and reporter caught him. PP asks if Arvind has not murdered, then who murdered as there as no one in garden and house. VK asks to give next date to prepare caes. Judge adjourns court till next hearing.

At Suhana’s house, VK hogs snacks. Trisha asks what is he doing. He says he is trying to lessen his sadness with food. Suhana gets irked and asks what to do next. He says he ate pakora and needs to eat tikki next. She says she is asking about case. He starts giving weird answers and asks if she drove in opposite track. She says no. He says Arvind’s life is also going in opposite track. She asks him to get it into right track. Their argument continues and he walks out irking her.

Next court hearing starts. VK calls reporter into witness box and asks why did he go to Arvind’s house. He says to find spoof on Arvind and he went by jumping wall. VK asks what is his height. He says 6 feet. VK asks what will he do if he wants to change his wall clock’s battery. He says he picks and changes it. VK asks if he uses stool. He says yes. VK says he needs stool to climb his house’s 9 feet wall, then how did he jump 14 feet wall and says inspector found ladder outside bungalow and he jumped via it. VK says he is like a circus man. Judge says he is reporter. VK says if he takes 14 feet ladder with him, he is circus man. He asks if ladder was present already. Reporter says yes. VK says there are many evidences present, someone called reporter to record it and kept ladder already. He says Arvind’s manager Tarun khanna called reporter. Tarun comes into witness box tensed. VK asks from howmany years he is working with Arvind. He says 7 years. Then, VK asks then why did he betrayed Arvind. Tarun says he did not kill Maya though and it was Maya’s idea for Arvind’s new film publicity. He says Arvind is also his good friend and he cannot think of harming him. He went with secretary Anjali there and watchman opened door. VK calls Anjali into witness box and asks if Tarun came there before or after. She says he was already present and came from car. VK says Tarun went via ladder and murdered Maya. Tarun says he did not kill Maya as house’s windows and doors open from Maya and Arvind’s fingerprint. VK asks judge to give him next day. Judge agrees.

Trisha reaches with police and Arvind. Trisha tries finger print on door lock and it does not open. Even inspector fails. Arvind tries and it opens. Inspector checks and says door opens from inside. Constable gets door finger print details. Arvind agrees for all details. Trisha says someone must have opened door from inside. Arvind says there is no finger print system from inside. Inspector says nobody can enter from inside and says Tarun has not murdered then. He apologizes Arvind for not getting evidence and asks him to get ready for court hearing.

Next court hearing starts. VK comes wearing horse mask. Judge says it is not race course but his court. VK says this case has deep evidence with horse. He shows horse hair and it is very strong. He asks PP to break his button. He tries, but could not break. VK tries PP’s button with horse hair and it breaks. PP says he found this horse hair in murder spot and asks judge to do a drama to prove his words. Judge agrees. VK says on murder’s day, murderer tied horse hair on lock, then maya called Arvind and he went and got tensed seeing her unconscious on sofa, Arvind gets irked and runs behind her. He jokes that he will kill her, he hears somone sound and goes out to check. Murderer enters and kills maya. Arvind hears murderer’s sound and goes to find him when watchman and reporter caught him. He says whoever went to hourse stable to get hair is the murderer. Judge says his drama is good and asks to come to the point now. VK says he sent his assistant to all horse stables to find who took hair and murderer is caught. He points at Arvind’s secrtary Anjali. Anjali gets tensed and everyone shocked. Anjali comes into witness box and agrees that she killed Maya. She goes into flashback where she ties horse hair on door lock, then enters silently and kills Maya. She says Arvind promised her to launch in films, but he broke his promise. He even promised to marry her, but he betrayed her and got engaged to Maya, leaving her as a secretary, so to take revenge she killed Maya. Judge pronounces Arvind innocent and secretary guilty. After court hearing, Arvind thanks VK. VK asks him to fulfill his promises and jokes with Suhana.

Precap: A rich brat drives car rashly and kills a girl. VK defends his case.

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