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Laut Aao Trisha 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Someone shoots Trisha and she falls on ground unconscious. Kabeer and his team reaches the venue. Kushan comes back and is gets tensed seeing them going in and thinks if Kabeer gets Trisha, his truth will come out in front of everyone. Kabeer and his team get into the bungalow with guns and searches it thorougly. Kabeer then searches the whole surrounding. Abhai shows him Trisha’s choc box. Kabeer asks officers to check surrounding well. Kushan thinks why did not Kabeer find Trisha, where did she go.

Sonali says Gaurav that he should stop Pratik from getting bail. Pratik comes there and says Gaurav if he listens to his wife, he will be kicked out CEO position and says he will come out clean and will get back his CEO position. He says if he would have been in his shoes, he

would have licked his brother’s feet to let him be CEO. Amrita hears that and asks Pratik how can he tell like this to Gaurav. Pratik says he realized everyone’s true faces and will take revenge from everyone now. Amrita thinks Pratik will realize the truth soon and thinks it is Trisha’s birthday today.

Lavanya calls Kushan and asks him to come home soon.

Kabeer finds Trisha unconscious on floor. He tries to wake her up, picks and runs.

Lavanya waits for Kushan at home. Once he comes home, she asks where was he since morning. He asks her to leave him alone. She says if he thinks she does not know anything, he is wrong, she knows everything and asks if Neha asks more money. He is shocked to hear that and asks if she followed him. She says and as he did not answer her questions, she followed him and saw he met Neha, gave her money and then went somewhere. He says she informed police that Trisha is in that bungalow and says he expected this from her and trapped her. Amrita suprisingly asks if Trisha with him. He asks if she did follow him to that bungalow and did not see him with Trisha. She says she followed him for a long distance and slept in his car. She searched him everywhere but did not see him, she knew something is wrong and panics saying Trisha was with him all this while. He says yes Trisha with him and he kidnapped her.

Amrita looks at Trisha’s pics and imagines her come back and blindfolding her from behind. Trisha asks how does she know always that it is her. Amrita says she can feel her touch. Trisha says it is her birthday today. Amrita says with her birth, a mother was born. She asks what gift she needs. Trisha requests her to save her and dissappears. Amrita starts crying vigorously.

Kabeer takes Trisha to City Hospital. Docs take her to operation theatre. Kabeer reminisces his happier moments with his own daughter. Operation starts. Kabeer thinks how to tell Amrita that he found her daughter in injured state.

Lavanya asks Kushan how can he do this, she is doing som many things to unite her family, but he ruined his own life. He says he did it because of her blo*dy brother Pratik, he wanted to take revenge from him and made this mistake. She says there is no use of crying and says she will plead Trisha not to take your name. He says Trisha was not in bungalow when police came and requests her not to tell kids. She says they will know somehow and says we will do something, asks him to tell from the beginning what happened. He says Trisha knew about Pratik and Neha and she came to our house to tell about this to you, but I was there and she told me about it. I sensed the opportunity to take revenge and planned a fake kidnap with Trisha’s help. He tells her the rest of incidents happened. She asks why did he take such a big risk. He says to destroy Pratik he can do anything and tells her about planning to sell Trisha in a flesh market, but Kabeer ruined his plan. He says he does not want to go to jail and requests her to help him. She consoles him.

Pratik starts drinking alcohol. Amrita says why is he drinking as soon as coming back from hospital. He stops her and says nobody should tell what he has to do and says he cannot tolerate he and came here for his daughters and not her. She asks which daughter she is talking about, he even forgot it is Trisha’s birthday today. He gets emotional and gets up. She tries to hold her. He asks her not to touch him and says she ruined his life and he does not remember even her daughter’s birthday because of her and brainwashed Sanya. He calls Sanya, but she does not come. She says Sanya is not here and she put her in boarding school.

Meghan and Vivan look at Trisha and their pics. Vivan says it is Trisha’s birthday today and she is not with us, he feels like a vacuum. Meghan says she knows and says you and Bobby used to do whatever she used to ask and I used to get jealous. She reminisces last birthday where Trisha shop a lot and gives her a gift, but she scolds her and leaves. Vivan says we should be happy remembering her and says we cannot fill her void but can do something for Amrita, she must be missing Trisha and we should not leave her alone. Meghan asks what we can do. He says he has an idea and tells her about his plan.

Pratik asks Amrita how can she send Sanya to boarding school without his permission. She says after you were considerd Trisha’s kidnapper, her school people were bullying her, so she did not have any other choice. Pratik says you wanted my children to hate me and says his children will be with him.

Meghan and Vivan come there and say Amrita that they have a surprise for her. She says she is happy that they remember Trisha’s birthday. Vivan says we will celebrate it and take her to a room where they have decorated it with balloons. Vivan says we are celebrating Trisha’s birthday to save ourselves as Trisha will get angry if she finds out we did not celebrate it. Amrita sees Trisha’s favorite cake and burns candles. Trisha is seen struggling to breathe during surgery. Amrita feels something is wrong with Trisha and says she is anxious. Kabeer calls her and tells that he found Trisha. She gets happy. He says but she is….. Amrita asks if her Trisha is fine. He asks her to come to hospital immediately. Amrita drops phone and informs Vivan that Trisha is in ICU.

Gaurav calls Lavanya and informs that Trisha is found and is in hospital and asks her to come to hospital soon. Lavanya informs about it to Kushan. He is shocked to hear that and says he did not leave her in hospital and says she must have met with an accident and thinks she must have told everyone about me and I am finished. Lavanya asks him to relax and says she will go to hospital and find out how Trisha is and will handle everything. He asks why is she doing this for him. She says she loves him and wants him back and hopes everything gets settled and Trisha does not come back.

Amrita reaches hospital with Vivan and Saloni and asks Kabeer about Trisha. He says she is in ICU and is shot. Lavanya starts cribbing on Kabeer and asks what was he doing when she was shot, he was doubting Pratik and other family members and troubling them and now telling that she is shot. Amrita starts crying vigorously and Meghan tries to console her. Doc comes and says Amrita that Trisha got a head injury and needs surgery immediately, she has to sign a consent form that if anything happens during surgery, she will not blame hospital. Trisha says this will not happen. Doc says there are 50:50 changes. She says she will speak to Pratik. Doc asks her to tell in 5 min.

She calls Pratik who is busy drinking with Neha. He says he does not want to pick call. Neha says it must be urgent. He says he does not care. Gaurav says even he was trying Pratik since a long time, but he did not pick call. Lavanya calls him, but he gets irked and says he does not want to talk to anybody. Neha asks him to relax and smirks. Lavanya says Amrita that she is Trisha’s mom and has right to take a decision. Nurse tells she does not have time as patient’s condition is deteriorating. Gaurav says she has to take a decision and he can just pray. Kabeer asks her to sign and she signs on consent form. Nurse informs operation will take 6-7 hours. Amrita prays god to save her Trisha.

Trisha’s surgery starts. Amrita sees temple in hospital and prays god that it is Trisha’s birthday today and she is praying for her life, she wanted Trisha back and when she got her, she is in critical condition. Kabeer apologizes her and says he promised her to get her daughter in a good condition but could not. She says he tried his best and if Trisha is having 50% chances of survival, it is because of you and says god gave my Trisha back and will not snatch her back, she will get back her Trisha. She requests him not to spare the culprit.

Lavanya gets Kushan’s call who asks how is Trisha. She says someone shot her. He is shocked to hear that. She says she will speak to him later. Meghan asks whom she is talking to. She says dad. She says even she wants to speak to him and asks why did not he come here. She says he is in important meeting and is following up regularly.

Once doc comes out of OT, Amrita asks how is Trisha. He says let us hope she is alright, we have to wait until she gains consciousness and it may take hours. Sonali gets irked that she has to wait for a long time now. Amrita asks everyone to go home. Lavanya agrees. Meghan says she will stay with Amrita. Kabeer says he will be here and will wait to take Trisha’s statement. Everyone leaves.

Neha gets Kushan’s SMS informing her about Trisha’s being found and in critical condition. She asks Pratik to go home. He says he does not want to go to a home where he cannot even trust his wife. She says she can understand how much difficult it is to tolerate Amrita, but she is worried about his reputation and media may report about their illegal relationship and his case may weaken. He agrees and leaves.

Lavanya comes home back. Kushan asks how is Trisha, if she gained consciousness. She says she may survive. He gets tensed and says if it happens, there is no option than killing her before she opens her mouth.

Precap: Amrita promotes about new time slot of 8:30 p.m. from Wed to Friday. She prays god to save her son. Lights switch off in Trisha’s room an Amrita runs out to call doctor. Someone enters Trisha’s room and shoots her.

Update Credit to: MA

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