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His daughter Vidhi got missing, he searched her everywhere, but did not find her, so he informed police. VK asks as a writer, he must be using pen, then why did he carry gun there. Virat asks why does he need gun. VK says he has licensed gun. He says it is his father’s gun and transferred to him after his death. VK says it is a classic rare gun, asks where is the gun. Virat says he writes script with pen and not gun. VK says gun is missing. Virat says he does not know about it and asks if he should file a complaint. VK says police is already searching it. He gives gun pics to judge. He then asks Virat why he and his wife fought often when they had a love marriage. He says after marriage, love vanishes, but he loved his wife a lot. VK asks then why they fought. He says she

was short tempered. PP interferes that women fight for even lipstick selection, etc. Judge asks VK to marry to experience all this. VK says he is trying. He then continues questioning Virat who says Juhi used to love Rohit and they fought last for the same reason. VK requests judge to grant some time to investigate. Judge permits.

Charlie questions Rohit who informs he loved Juhi since college days, but she loved Virat and married him, so he went to US. When he came back and called Juhi, Virat did not like it and fought with her often.

Court hearing starts. VK says Virat used to doubt Juhi unncessarily. Virat says she used to doubt instead. VK asks he alleged she had an affair and used to doubt her, but today saying she doubted him, if he scripts TV serials. Virat says she doubted him and thought he has an affair with many girls. VK says judge that Virat had affair with 4 women. Virat says he is alleging him wrong and asks what evidence he has. VK shows photographs of Virat with girls. Virat agrees that he had affairs, but he did not kill his wife. VK says virat is characterless and used to doubt his wife when he himself had affair, so he killed his wife from his gun. PP says that does not prove Virat is a murderer with just a motive. Judge asks VK to give proof and adjourns court for the day.

In coffee break, VK discusses his plan with charlie, trisha and suhana and asks charlie/trisha to get evidence from resort.

Suhana meets Vidhi and tries to give her choc, but she does not accept. Suhana says she is sorry to hear about her mom’s dead and says her papa loves her a lot. Vidhi walks out. Suhana thinks what she must have seen.

VK goes to Virat’s cell and asks him to tell what happened. He goes into flashback where he fight with Juhi for speaking with Rohit. He then goes to bar and when he comes back, he sees Juhi murdered. VK checks hotel’s CCTV footage. Charlie says we have seen this footage many times and there is nothing unusual. Suhana comes and says Virat kept his gun back before leaving for resort. She asks why is virat not accepting his crime. VK asks what if he has not murdered and asks Charlie to check footage again and tell if he sees anything unusual. VK says without murder weapon, they cannot get to any conclusion. VK gets Juhi’s dad’s phone.

Virat cries in his cell. Constable informs that Vidhi wants to meet him. Vidhi tells VK that he killed mamma after coming back hiding his face with muffler and shot Juhi many times and says he is very bad and hope god does not give a papa like him to anyone before running from there. VK asks what he wants to say now. Virat says he killed his wife.

Trisha meets inspector and says VK found Virat’s gun and got forensic report. Inspector says he is sure finger prints are of Virat. He checks room and is shocked.

Court hearing starts and VK says judge that Virat did not kill Juhi. Judge asks who is real murderer then. Rohit comes into witness box handcuffed. Rohit’s defense lawyer follows him and says VK is alleging rohit unnecessarily. VK says found a pistol with which juhi was murdered and says Rohit’s finger prints were found on gun and Juhi’s body. He shows judge CCTV footage where Rohnit is stealing gun and rohit was wearing same bracelet which he is wearing now. He says he was present even in resort, he came from delhi, murdered and went back to delhi, gives his travel report. Rohit says he loved Juhi madly, but she rejected him and marry Virat. He got jealous of Virat and when he forced Juhi to come with him, she slapped him, so he thought to killing juhi. He went to bar, exchange his jacket with Virat’s jacket and muffler, came to Juhi’s room and murdered her. He misplaces gun by mistake, goes back and exchanges jacket. Judge pronounces Virat as innocent and rohit as guilty. After court hearing, Vidhi hugs Virat. VK thinks he lost case for the first time and does not know what to tell Suhana.

Precap: Film star murders his girlfriend. VK takes up his case.

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