Laut Aao Trisha 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode kicks off with a girl screaming and a hooded man comes and points gun on her.. it turns out to be a movie which kushaan was watching.. lavanya comes home and has a headache.. kushaan questions her on why she went to office then when she tells that she isnt working on a 9-5 basis that she can let go of it.. its family business which she also needs to handle.. they have a small little sarcastic tiff on their respective status..

maid opens the door and informs lavanya and kushaan that ACP kabir has come.. they head down where lavanya questions Kabir on how he’s here right now..

prateek and prem are loading money into bag when amy calls to inform they reached home and if they got any clues regarding trisha?? prateek tells her that he will bring trisha soon and says that he’s

out for some work and will be late.. amy cuts the call..prateek gets off from the car to leave to the factory and the officer following him informs this to kabir..

lavanya, kushaan, meghan n bobby with kabir and team.. kabir asks them 17.42.35 this IP address belongs to which computer and checks a computer in front of him and finds that the address belongs to that.. he tells about the email belonging to that address shocking them.. bobby, meghan, kushaan and lavanya all say that they have their respective laptops which they use..

lavanya asks if he thinks they would have sent when maid comes in with juice.. kabir asks her if she’s got a faceword account?? she says no and leaves.. kabir says in that case only you 4 are left.. he asks who uses the PC and bobby says that sometimes his friends, or meghan’s friends use it..kabir asks them to think and tell but when he doesnt get any reply, his officers take the PC when bobby exclaims that he needs it for his project work.. kabir asks him about his laptop and he tells that it needs to be de fragmented so he needs to work on PC only.. kabir tells that he is taking the PC with him now as trisha is more important that project.. he leaves while bobby seems visibly tensed..

gaurav is pacing in balcony when sonali comes in frustrated seeing the comments on social sites about trisha missing.. gaurav asks her not to read such things and irritate him.. he leaves inside and she follows him trying to cheer up his mood saying that she will keep a special prayer in her circle for trisha, and also states that this will turn out to be a new experience for her gaurav questions her on what she’s saying and she consolingly hugs him asking to be positive when a voice lets out that he’s jealous.. it turns out to be nikhil who is sonali’s college friend.. he openly flirts with her which gaurav isnt comfy with..

bobby and vivan get into argument again as bobby thinks vivan sent the mail as he was using his pc a week back but vivan blames bobby saying he’s jealous of them both.. bobby raises his hand but stops.. nikhil asks gaurav to show some happiness for his return when gaurav questions his motive to return and asks him not to talk about past and disrupt his picture perfect family..nikhil agrees but it doesnt seem like..

lavanya is getting ready and asks kushaan how can he suspect his kids? she asks him when is he at home to know all this but he replies out that she also needs to be at home to know about him.. lavanya asks him not to start all over again and says that its no point arguing with him.. kushaan asks her where she is off to now when she tells about having a meeting.. he asks at this time when she asks him not to teach her about business and leaves..

kabir n abhay waiting for prateek to come.. abhay asks why they didnt arrest lavanya and question her when kabir tells that apart from her there are 3 others also who live in that house.. quite possible that its one amongst the three or may be someone outside..abhay asks who and kabir making a stern face exclaims that its him.. the way he’s wanting to arrest lavanya makes him to be under the suspicion..abhay gets worried and asks if he’s joking only na.. they spot prateek and start following him..

amy is worried thinking about trisha when sonali comes and comforts her saying trisha will be found soon and that she plans to keep a prayer meet.. amy asks how can she relax and says that sometimes she feels its a bad dream which will wash out once she wakes.. she feels that she might just get a call from trisha when her phone rings and its lavanya.. she tells amy that she wants to clear a matter and that the email sent to trisha’s ipad was her her house but they arent involved.. amy cuts the call.. lavanya calls someone else asking if she can meet?? she heads to meet the person and is asking to have patience while she looks around to see if anyone is seeing them.. lavanya comes by the pool side while someone is swimming.. it turns out to be prem..

Prateek reaches the place and he bangs onto a stone making his torch fall.. it lights to someone and he assumes it to be trisha..
amy tells prateek that she doesnt believe anyone, neither him nor his lavanya di..
meghan accept to lavanya that she was the one who messaged trisha on faceword shocking her..

Update Credit to: Preetz

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