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Next case starts. A man kills his daughter by mistake. Court hearing starts and judge pronounces man guilty and gives him death sentence. Man pleads that he did not kill his daughter.

After court heart, VK meets inspector Gatotkach and calls him bheem putra. Inspector says it is waste explaining him and asks why is he interested in someone else’s case. VK asks him to details. Inspector says man killed his 20-year-old daughter and it is a clear open and shut case. VK says new entry has come into case and he is handling it.

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Suhana calls VK, but he does not pick it. She asks charlie to book her and VK’s

bangalore tickets for 1 week. Trisha says VK cannot go to Bangalore. Suhana asks why. Charlie says he has taken Raman’s case. Suhana says it is her firm and she will decide which case he has to fight and asks to inform him that he will go to Bangalore tomorrow. Trisha calls him and informs what Suhana said. VK does not agree and cuts call. Trisha informs Suhana what he told. Suhana gets irked.

VK meets Raman and asks him to tell his story in detail. Raman tells him about a loafer who uses girls and secludes them, he was eyeing on his daughter also. He says after his wife left when his daughter was 3 years old, he took care of her and wanted to protect her from loafer Prakash, but she did not listen. He was inebriated and was stumbling. He goes into flashback where he reaches home inebriated and sees his daughter and loafer prakash together and gets angry. Daughter says she called Prakash. Raman takes knife and while tryingto hit loafer prakash, he slips and kills his daughter by mistake.

Court hearing starts. Public prosector asks VK why did he reopened this case. VK starts his jokegiri and tells a story. PP gets irked. VK says he wanted to reopen case and evaluate it. PP says Raman killed his daughter. VK says Raman was inebriated and when he slipped he hit Shreya’s shoulder and her wound was superficial, but according to post mortem, Shreya was stabbed in abdomen many times and knife hit bones. PP says Raman is strong. VK says then Raman will slap him that he will feel pain for 17 days. PP says he cannot as he is a boxer and Raman is very weak. VK says he wants to prove same and says murderer is left handed and Raman is right handed. PP says why not from left hand. VK asks him to sign from left hand. He does. VK shows his handwriting and says it is difficult to use left hand perfectly. PP asks who killed Shreya then. VK says he needs some time to investigate case. Judge adjourns case till next hearing.

VK at a coffee bar sees Shreya’s murdered pic and Raman’s. Payal comes and asks if he needs something else. He asks to bring tea, lassi. He angrily walks out saying it is coffee bar. Trisha comes and says Suhana is very irked as he did not accept her case. He says he needs her help and asks him to find out more details about Shreya as murderer was left handed and hated Shreya so much that he stabbed her many times. Trisha says yes a father cannot kill his daughter so ruthlessly. VK says Trisha needs makeover and takes her from there while Payal stills shouts to clear the bill.

Trisha reaches Raman’s chawl in a changed gharelu girl avatar. Neighbours see her and think who has come. A bearded man looks at her carefully. Broker takes Trisha to Raman’s chawl. Trisha looks around the place and gets in while neighbours and bearded man look at her angrily. Lady asks who is she. She says her name is Rohini Deshpande and came from Pune. Neighbour asks about her parents. She says they died in accident. Neighbor feels pity for her and says they are like family for her. Trisha says in world both good and bad people live and she has to find out who killed Shreya. She sees bearded man Raghu and gets afraid. Trisha thinks something is wrong with Raghu.

VK meets Shreya’s friend who tells Prakash is a loafer and Shreya’s dad is very good and he did not even touch her till date. He asks if some other guy is also involved with Shreya. Friend says Shreya spoke to her in the morning before murder and was very afraid.

At night, in Raman’s chawl, trisha walks searches evidence. She finds a bubble gum evidence. A man enters and Trisha sees his boots. It is Raghu who thinks some thief has come and asks who is she and why did she come here. Trisha says she is a lawyer’s assistant and is fighting Raman’s case as they feel Raman did not kill Shreya. Raghu says even he feels so and says he loved Shreya since childhood, but before he could express, Prakash came in her life. He requests her to save Raman and punish real murderer. He asks her to search what she wants and he will guard outside. She thanks her and continues searching.

Court hearing starts. VK calls Prakash into witness box and asks if he loves Shreya or was just using her. He says he wanted to enjoy her and since she did not let her enjoy before marriage, he married her in temple. He did not kill her though. VK asks why did he go to Shreya’s house then. He says he did not want their marriage pics out and since Raman came there, he left without taking pics and later came to know that Shreya is murdered. VK says if he is lying, he will be punished. Assistant gives some evidence to VK. VK says judge that Prakash did not kill Shreya. Judge asks what happened now. VK says murderer is found and he is among one of evidences. He says Raman’s neighbour Subhash is murderer and calls him in witness box.

Subhash says he did not kill Shreya and VK is trapping him. VK says his illness secret will be out and says he found a button in murder spot. Subhash accepts that he killed Shreya and goes into flashback where he eve teases Shreyaand follows her often. Shreya gets disgusted and slaps him. Later, he sees Shreya crying and asking him to stop Raman as he will kill Prakash. He says nothing will happen. Raman comes back and scolds her for being worried for Prakash. He slips and stabs Shreya in shoulder and falls unconscious. Subhash then comes and stabs her in abdomen repeatedly till she dies. Judges prounces Suhash as guilty and adjourns case. Raman thanks VK for proving him innocent and getting real murderer punished.

Precap: A man shoots and kills his arrogant wife. During court hearing, he tells that his wife made his life hell, so he killed him.

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