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Amrita sadly asks Pratik who hates us so much that he wants Trisha to be out of our lives, what have we done to anyone. Pratik in the morning reads news about Trisha missing. He gets a call from the kidnapper who asks him to get ready to pay for his daughter’s release. Pratik says he will give howmuch ever he needs, but he has to speak to her first. Kidnapper says she will let him speak in the night and asks him to bring 5 crores in his closed factory plant, else he will kill his daughter.

Junior informs Kabeer that cut hairs are of Trisha. Another junior informs about kidnapper demanding 5 crores from Pratik and asking him to bring it to his closed factory plant.

Amrita checks Trisha’s Ipad and reads a treatening message to kill her on it. She informs it to Pratik

and asks if she is alright, she starts crying vigorously while Pratik tries to console her and asks her to go home and he will meet her in the evening. She asks how can he go when their daugther is missing. He says he has important work and has to go.

Kabeer listens to Pratik and kidnapper’s call. Junior says it is a known voice. Another officer says call is done from internet. Kabeer asks to find out the IP address. He checks factory’s blue print and says kidnapper is some business rival or someone known as he called Pratik at factory’s washroom area which does not have CCTV coverage. He says it measns Pratik’s life is at risk.

Bobby reminisces Vivan kissing Trisha and gets annoyed. He turns back and sees Kabeer standing there who asks him to tell what he wants to tell to find out Trisha. Amrita shows Ipad to Kabeer and asks if Trisha will be safe. Kabeer says he can hope that nothing has happened to Trisha and he will not let her happen anything. Amrita says he is very strange. Kabeer says if she wants to make a documentary on him, he will come clean shaved and says it is waste getting to know each other.

Lavanya says there is no point staying at resort. Her husband says as if Trisha is waiting at home and we should go and meet her. Gaurav’s wife asks them to stop fighting and says we should go home now.

While traveling in a car home, Amrita reads news headline that Trisha is missing, drugs or boyfriend?????? She reaches home and imagines Trisha coming from the stairs and falling down. She goes to lift her up, but it is just her imagination.

Kushan sees her going to office and asks why is she going at this time. She says Pratik has gone to office and she has to go and help him. He asks family needs her most now than office. She asks him to stay as he does not have any important work. He says he had an important lecture, but postponed it. She says students can wait, but not business. She says their kids are grown up and govt has given them voting rights, so he should relax.

Lavanya reaches office and asks Gaurav about Pratik. He says he is at his cabin alone. He goes in and tries to console Pratik. Pratik shouts at him and asks him to go. Prem comes there, Gaurav asks him not to meet Pratik as he is tensed. Pratik asks Prem to come in. Gaurav gets embarrassed and leaves from there. Lavanya sees him coming out sadly while Prem is in the cabin. Pratik asks Prem to arrange 5 crores at any cost by evening and not to inform Lavanya. He agrees and goes.

Amrita asks Vivan, Bobby, and Meghan to tell them if Trisha had a tiff with someone in college or anything like that. Nobody opens their mouth even after her requests. Meghan says she does not know and Trisha has no major hangups with anyone. Amrita says someone is there who hates Trisha.

Lavanya asks Pratik to tell what is he hiding. He says nothing like that. Lavanya says even she is worried about Trisha and to speak up. Prem calls Pratik informing he got a money and to come down. He goes out while Lavanya feels annoyed.

Officer informs Kabeer that threatening message was from Lavanya’s IP address.

Precap: Kabeer informs Lavanya that someone sent a threatening message from her house computer to Trisha. Bobby alleges Vivan that he used his computer and sent threatening message.

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