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Constable finds Trisha’s torn dress between the bushes. Amrita starts crying uncontrollably seeing the dress and thinks Trisha is dead. Pratik says nothing like that must have happened. Kabeer asks her to calm down and says nothing of that sort might have happened. He asks constable to send the gown to forensic lab and asks Amrita to have faith on him. Pratik gets a call from his Prem who informs about Trisha’s missing news leaked in newspaper. He shouts at Kabeer for leaking the news. Kabeer says he himself told Mayor and other politicians and leaked the news. Pratik gets a call from unknown number and the person informs him that Trisha is with him, not to inform about it to anyone and to wait until his next call.

Bobby gets annoyed seeing Vivan using his earphone and

asks him to stop using his items. Vivan asks what problem he has. Bobby says he saw him with Trisha kissing and hugging her and he is the reason behind Trisha missing. Vivan gets tensed hearing that and asks if he told anyone about it. Bobby says no. They are shocked to Gaurav’s wife hearing their conversation.

Kabeer tells his junior that Pratik got a call from someone and his facial expression changed, he is hiding something from them. Junior says why will he hide things from us. Kabeer says richies like Pratik thinks they are oversmart and asks Junior to put Pratik’s phone surveillance. Junior says he has to take commissioner’s permission for that. He asks him to arrange for it, he will take permission.

Lavanya asks Bobby and Vivan what was happening between them. Bobby says it was their usual fight. She asks then why did he say Vivan is behind Trisha’s missing. Gaurav’s wife says Bobby is accusing you and what are you hiding. Lavanya’s husband asks him to tell what they both know as it is their sister’s life’s matter. Vivan shouts and says it is their usual fight and why are they dragging it unnecessarily. Gaurav tries to stop him, but he pushes him and goes saying to leave him alone. Trishali says not to provoke Vivan as he is also tensed with Trisha missing. Lavanya says he should learn to behave with elders.

Pratik and Amrita reach home. Lavanya says she will get something to drink for them. Amrita cries and says she just needs her daughter back.
Junior informs Kabeer says that many drunk and drive cases were registered that day and one car missing case was also registered. Kabeer asks him to find out the owner of that car.

Vivan calls drug peddler and busy drugs from him.

Forensic expert informs Kabeer that he did not find anything on Trisha’s dress and looks like she took without any force. Junior informs Kabeer that someone withdrew 70,000 rs from Trisha’s debit card from a highway petrol pump ATM.

Kabeer and his team reach the petrol pump and find the missing car nearby, they start searching a car. He questions pump manager who says he does not know anything. He then checks ladies toilet for clue and finds girl’s cut hair and hair spray. He asks junior to try and mach the hair strands with Trisha’s.

Commissioner informs Kabeer that he has to be careful as Pratik is a big name and he can sue us if he finds his phone is under surveillance. Kabeer says he heard Pratik speaking to a stranger. Commissioner hesitantly gives permission.

Junior shows ATM CCTV footage and he shows it to Amrita, Pratik and their family. Everyone watch a suspicious person withdrawing 70,000 rs and it is none other than Trisha. Amrita gets happy seeing Trisha and asks where is she. Kabeer asks Pratik why could not he identify his daughter and says he got this footage from highway ATM and she withdrew 70,000 rs from 3 different cards. He says with this there are 3 possibilities, one is Trisha herself left home. Pratik shouts and says trisha gets whatever she gets. Kabeer that is also a reason she may have gone. Amrita asks what if someone forced her to withdraw money. Kabeer says that is also another reason and third reason is someone must have kidnapped her. He asks Pratik to keep his cellphone with him and if Trisha is kidnapped, kidnapped will call him. He asks him to let him know about the source and information if he gets any and asks him to cooperate with him. Vivan hides and listens to their conversation.

Precap: Pratik gets a kidnapper’s call. Kabeer’s colleague informs him that kidnapper asked Pratik to 5 crores at his factory plant. Amrita informs Pratik that Trisha got a threatening call on her Ipad. Kabeer’s colleague informs he got an info about threatener.

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