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VK packs his bags with funky clothes for Goa vacation. Assistant asks what if some new job comes. He says he has switched off his mobile. A man named Samrat enters office just then and asks for VK’s boss. Boss comes and identifies him as her college friend. VK silently leaves. Samrat says his wife is murdered and blamed is on him. Boss says VK will fight his case but is on vacation now. He asks if he is on vacation, then how will he fight his case. She says he will and will come to his home to take case details. She calls travel agent and asks to cancel VK’s ticket. VK comes back and asks why is his ticket cancelled. Boss says he has more important work than vacationing in Goa. He says he will go to Goa at any cost. She says if he accepts the case, she will sponsor his vacation for

1 week in a 5 star hotel. He asks really. She says her friend is a very nice man and cannot murder anybody. He says he has to investigate.

Court hearing starts. Public prosecutor (PP) starts questioning Samrat and alleges him that he is very cruel. He calls Samrat’s friend into witness box who tells Samrat used to fight and beat his wife Swati daily. PP then calls inspector and asks whose finger prints he found on knife used to murder Swati. Inspector says Samrat. PP continues his allegations. Judge asks VK to start his defense. VK jokes on PP that he speaks like a loud speaker. VK says Samrat has agreed that he has killed his wife. Samrat says when he has not killed his wife. VK asks him to agree, else PP will force him to accept it. Samrat says he is ready to get hanged than accept the crime. Judge asks PP to stop forcing judgement and let him decide it. PP apologizes him. Judge adjourns court for 3 days.

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VK asks assistant Charlie what he has to do. He says he knows, phone details, background check, interviews. VK says correct and asks his boss Suhana to stop staring at him.

VK and Suhana reach Samrat’s business partner Mehul’s office and ask give him some details about Samrat. Mehul says he and Samrat are close friends first and then business partners later. She asks about Swati. He says he knew Swati since many years and she was very nice, Samrat and she had differences, but he does not think Samrat can kill her. Suhana asks for which issue they used to fight. He says they used to fight everyday and the reason is Samrita’s assistant Stella. She insists to meet Stella. He sends her in. Stella says whatever people say, the truth is she and Samrat don’t have any illegal affair. Suhana says there is no smoke without fire. Stella says she is working with Samrat since 2 years and they became friend and used to share their personal problems, but people’s allegations are baseless. Suhana asks where was she when Swati’s murder happened. She says she had gone to a movie with her friends and she can give her friends’ addresses.

Charlie questions Samrat’s apartment building watchman who informs that a masked man had come before murder and police took CCTV footage, he is sure masked man is Samrat. He refers samrat as detective and says he used to peep into people’s houses from terrace.

Next court hearing starts. VK starts his jokergiri and starts joking with PP. PP angrily says he will kill him. Judge says he is threatening VK in court and should apologize him. PP apologizes him and says Samrat in a fit of rage killed his wife and forgot to remove finger prints from knife. VK shows CCTV footage to judge and says when killer has taken every minute details, why will he leave finger prints. Judge asks PP to stop baseless allegations without any evidence. PP apologizes. Judge adjourns court for 3 days.

VK prepares food at Suhana’s house. She asks why is he preparing food at her house. He says maid is on leave, so he is preparing food for her. He then asks if she and Samrat had affair in college. She asks how dare he is to doubt her. He asks then why did she take lost case. She shouts at him. He asks her to call Samrat and says he has solved Samrat’s case and tried to imagine how Samrat and his wife would have fought in kitchen and Samrat would have gone to terrace unable to bear his wife’s shouting. She asks if she was shouting. He says she has not become wife yet and asks again to call Samrat.

Next court hearing starts. PP calls Stella in witness box and asks if she was the reason for Samrat and Swati’s fight. She says yes. He asks if they really had an affair and used to message a lot. Samrat says it is lie. PP gives Samrat’s phone records to judge and says young people usually chat when they have affair. Judge asks VK to defend. VK shows binocular and says Samrat used to peep into people’s apartment via binocular. Judge asks how can he say that. VK calls Samrat’s neighbour and asks if he had a fight with his wife and son. He asks how does he know. VK says Samrat told it as he watched their fight. He asks PP where is he. PP says in court. VK says he is both here and in Goa. PP asks if he has gone mad. VK asks then how can Samrat be at terrace and in his apartment same time. He asks judge to give him some more time to investigate case. Judge adjourns court. VK asks Samrat to tell truth if he really has affair with Stella. He says no.

Charlie gets Stella’s mobile and laptop records to Suhana. He says Stella used to shop more than her salary is and has record of some Sheetal Malhotra’s Bali air ticket. She is shocked to see this and asks him to inform VK.

Next court hearing starts. VK gives judge Sheetal malhotra’s air ticket to Bali. He calls Mehul in witness box and asks if he knows Sheetal. Mehul says no. VK says Swati is Sheetal and tells she was planning to go out of India and took his help to buy ticket. Mehul says that does not prove he killed Swati. VK says he has many evidence and tells how he succeeded in creating doubt in Swati’s mind regarding Samrat and Stella’s affair. She is shocked to hear that and plans to flee to Bali and allege Samrat in her murder. He asks how will she do that. She says she will try to switch off her building CCTV cameras, then she will fight with Samrat and force him to go to terrace, then she will get Samrat arrest in her murder case. He then reminisces Swati fighting with Samrat and forcing him to walk out of house. She then smears her blood on knife. VK asks Mehul why did he kill Swati. Mehul says he was fed up of partnership and wanted Samrat to be out of it by trapping him in Swati’s murder in real, so he killed her. He further reminisces how he murdered Swati. VK says judge that Swati’s doubt ruined her and her house. Judge pronounces Samrat as innocent and Mehul as guilty and closes case.

Precap: Next case starts, A man murders another man in car. PP shoots at VK during court hearing.

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