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Inspector Kabeer shows a cell phone and asks if it is Trisha’s. Amrita identifies it and asks where did he find it. He says he found it around the beach. Gaurav asks if he found anything else. He says no and says hope he does not have to give a bad news to them. He asks cell back from Amrita and says he has to send it to forensic lab to get clues from it. Prateek gets a call informing him that press is waiting outisde is resort. He scolds Kabeer for leaking the news. Kabeer says he himself informed Mayor, politicians, etc, about Trisha missing and blaming it on police. He handles media and sends them out.

Kabeer asks Prateek’s family not to speak to media. He says he wants to speak to Bobby and Vivan alone. Lavanya says she spoke to them and there is no need to ask them.

Kabeer asks junior to hand over the phone and everything to Lavanya who should investigate the case herself, else to let him handle the case freely. He questions Vivan and Bobby if they both share love, hate, etc., and asks if they saw anything which he needs to know. Bobby reminisces Trisha and her boyfriend liplocking and gets tensed. Kabeer says his face is revealing that his memory is getting back. Bobby says he saw Trisha last time on dance floor. Kabeer says he has to understand the situation that his sister is missing. He angrily says cousin, not sister. Kabeer says his clue will help find Trisha and asks why was he fighting with his cousin Bobby. Vivan says it is personal and asks if he they are done and can leave. Kabeer says logically it is only done when Trisha is found.

Lavanya gets annoyed by Kabeer investigating family children. Maid brings Sanya and says she is crying. Sanya asks Lavanya if Trisha is missing. Lavanya says no. She asks if she can speak to Trisha. Lavanya says her phone is out of signal and she can speak later. Prateek comes and asks if they saw Amrita. Maid says she went out some time back.

Kabeer calls his junior and asks if he found something from Trisha’s phone or bag. Junior says he has informed network company to get Trisha’s last call data. Kabeer asks him to get the data to him directly without tampering it. He then imagines Trisha keeping her phone on beach and then going into beach or some boys misbehaving with her.

He sees Amrita on the spot and asks what is she doing here at this time. She says she is searching her daughter, it is almost 24 hours and there is no news about it, he cannot expect her to stay at home and wait for her return. He says it is not her resort’s lawn. She asks if he got any news or clue and requests him to find her soon and cries. Kabeer says he does not have information till now, but by tomorow he may get and asks her to come with him now. He drops her to the resort, wishes her good night and asks her to get some sleep. She says how can she sleep when her daughter is missing. He says he knows at this time, one thinks of reversing the time, but that is not possible. She requests him again to find Trisha and gets into the resort.

Prateek is tensed about Amrita going out of resort without informing him. He sees her coming in and asks where had he gone. She says she went to the spot from where Trisha got missing. Prateek says Trisha is fine. She asks if she is fine, where is she then, did she call and starts crying vigorously. Lavanya says no one is denying that we are in big trouble, but we have to be courageous and stop spreading the news, else we and especially Trisha will be in trouble.

Kabeer calls his junior and asks him to come with the whole team in the morning.

Bobby gets into Vivan’s room and starts searching something while Vivan is asleep. He takes his cell phone and checking data. Vivan gets up and asks what is he doing. Bobby says he was finding clues as he knows he knows how Trisha is missing. Lavanya comes and sees them fighting and asks them go and sleep.

Kabeer starts search operation with his whole team in and around the beach. Prateek and Amrita come there and Prateek asks Kabeer if he found something. Kabeer says no and says he is trying his best. A constable brings Trsiha’s dress and shows it to Kabeer. Amrita identifies it.

Precap: Prateek gets a call from someone that Trisha is with him. Bobby says Vivan that he saw him kissing Trisha. Kabeer asks his junior to put Prateek’s phone on surveillance. Forensic expert says someone forcefully removed Trsiha’s clothes from her body. Junior says someone withdrew 70,000 rs from Trisha’s debit card.

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