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Laut Aao Trisha 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya starts following Kushan in a car. Kushan gets a call and picks it. His goon says he went to market and saw police searching him with his photo. Kushan asks him to go underground for some time. Goon asks what about that girl. He says leave keys in the usual place, girl will stay for 1 more day max.

Kabeer informs Amrita that Pratik’s bail is accepted and his department has decided not to challenge it as he thinks Pratik is innocent and says sorry. Amrita thanks him.

Trisha writes a diary that on party’s night, Kushan messaged him that Pratik and Neha are still seeing each other and they are in parking lot now. She checks parking lot and is shocked to see Pratik and Neha together. She calls Kushan and tells he was right. Kushan says he heard Pratik speaking

to Prem that he will get Neha tomorrow morning and will divorce Amrita. He says he has an idea to stop it for some time. She asks what idea. He says she has to keep away from home for some days to divert Pratik’s attention. She says Amrita will get tensed, so it is a bad idea. He says if she has to see her mother happily forever, she should hide for some days. She agrees. She then writes that Kushan lied to her and said because of her plan, Pratik and Amrita are coming closer now and Pratik is not meeting Neha. She after some days says him that she wants to go back home. He says once she goes back, Pratik will go back to Neha. She found out something is wrong when Kushan did not allow her to attend Sanya’s birthday. She insists to go home when he slaps her. She asks how dare he is to slap her. He apologizes her and says he cannot take her now and needs some time to sort this out. She asks why is he doing this, but he leaves without telling anything. She writes she once tried to escape, but Kushan caught him again and did not tell why he is doing this.

Amrita sees Sanya reading story and asks if she is missing her school. She says yes. Amrita says she will get her to a new school where nobody knows them. Sanya asks if she will also come with her. Amrita says she will come after some days and thinks she has to stay away from her as she does not Sanya get into bad situation.

Trisha writes how Kushan showed his true colour and locked her up. She hears car sound and hides her diary. Kushan comes, picks keys and opens room door. He asks why is she getting afraid when he will not kill her, he got a treat for her. She asks what will he do to her and thinks if he will kill her. He says he is not a killer, he had to kill Prem as he came to know about your hideout, now he will also to a place where she will die each and every day, flesh market/prostitution, he will sell her tomorrow. She pleads him not to sell her and kill her instead. He says he has decided and party will pick her tomorrow. He comes out of bungalow, hides keys again in lampshade and gets into his car.

Amrita comes to Pratik’s hospital room, sees him getting ready and says she will help him. He says he does not need his help and asks her to acting like an ideal wife. Neha comes there and starts her drama of concern for him. Amrita silently watches their intimacy. Neha takes packet and file from Amrita and leaves with Pratik.

Officer informs Kabeer about Ansari’s another property which is in his step mother’s name and says there is an activity going on there. Pratik says let us go and check.

Kushan gets a call from his client who asks him to get the girl today itself. He says ok and leaves back towards Trisha’s hideout. Pratik and his officers also reach the place. Lavanya tries to call Kushan, but he does not pick her call. Kushan gets tensed seeing Kabeer and his team outside bungalow.

Percap: Kabeer promotes new time slot of 8:30 p.m. from 26th November. Lavanya sees Kushan with gun and tries to stop him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What the hell!!!! Kushan u too have a daughter remember that

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  2. omg. this series is getting worse. plz dnt do that to trisha. let her b fry.

  3. hw much eva v write/keep posting abt our views creative team has no effect on them…socialy boycott has 2 hapn wid all the serials vch shw crap like dis…yhm,ssk,ja,dabh,qh,kb, etccccc….
    when their trp’s fall then dey gona knw d value of the viewers..

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