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The episode starts with Prateek Amrita reaching police. Inspector identifies Prateek and asks why did he come here. He says he wants to file a complaint. Inspector takes his complaint which Prateek and Amitra describe. Inspector says Amitra not to worry as it not a joke that someone is playing with Prateek. Prateek asks inspector where is his senior. Inspector says his senior has gone to attend his relative’s marriage and will be coming soon and asks Prateek to describe how it happened.

Prateek says he went to his farm house with his family and close relatives. Amitra wishes him happy birthday and they both hug. Prateek further says his daughter made a small occasion very special and says she has a surpise for him. She shows the whole guests a digital album showing Prateek’s

pics from childhood to him becoming business tycoon, marrying Amrita and she being a lucky mascot for him. She then shows Prateek’s sis Lavanya and brother Gaurav’s pics, then younger daughter Sanya’s pic and finally her pics from childhood till now. Prateek says he should celebrate 2 birthdays, one when he born and other when he became father. Trisha says this is a small descrption of Prateek’s life. Prateek then cuts cakes and feeds it to his whole family, whole family enjoys cake happily. Trisha takes everyone’s pics. Amrita then says all teenagers including Amrita wanted to separate teenage party and went from there. Trisha’s cousin asks her about tonight’s party. She says it on, but she has to take permission. He asks her to take permission then.

Prateek says everyone of us were enjoyuing party when my friend and business associate Prem came. Prateek scolds Prem for coming late and takes him for drinks. They both start enjoying liquor. Amrita stops her, but Prem says let the birthday boy enjoy. Trisha greets Prem and then asks Prateek permission to let them go for a beach party as birthday gift. Prateek permits. Amitra asks her to come back by 1 a.m. Trisha says if she wants her to come so early, then it is best either not to go or never come back. Amitra says inspector she did not know Trisha’s words will come true. Inspector says not to take children’s words seriously, even he scolds his son when he misbehaves. Trisha apologizes Amitra and says she did not mean to hurt her. Prateek says she can come back by 2 a.m. Trish gets happy and gets ready for the party. Amrita stops her. Trisha asks her not to make her conscious. Amitra says dress is nice but short. Lavanya asks Amitra to relax and says she did not go in another dress and changed it later. Trisha says she will take papa’s decision and asks Prateek his opinion. Prateek says it is short, but she cannot go on a party wearing ghagra and says even Amrita wore similar kind of dress during their first date and trapped him. Amrita says she wore salwar kameez. Trisha says how boring. Prateek says he will drop Trisha and her friends to their party venue. Trisha hesitantly agrees.

Constables speak to each other and says these riches send their kids with short clothes and think nobody should look at them, Trisha must have taken drugs and have slept somewhere. Inspector asks Prateek to continue. Prateek says he dropped Trisha and other kids to the party venue. Trisha wishes him happy birthday again and says him goodbye. Prateek says if Amrita would have heard goodbye, she would have been angry. Trisha says she would have got angry if you had stopped me while going and gets into the party venue saying him see you later.

Trisha and her cousins/friends start enjoying the party. Cousin orders tequila. Trisha says she not of that age yet. Cousin jokes she must get milk to drink then. They all drink tequila and start dancing. Prateek says inspector that he got busy enjoying party of his birthday and success. Gauvrav shows a business magazine with Prateek’s pic in front page and says the credit also goes to Lavanya. Prateek thanks Lavanya. She says he deserves it. Kids on the other side start enjoying the party, dancing. Another cousin take Trisha’s pic and move out from there. Prateek and Prem on the other side start enjoying drinks. Lavanya and others leave. Amrita asks Prem to drop Prateek to his room after their drinks. Prateek says he himself will come. Prem tries to go when Prateek asks him why is he going so early. He says he is going to meet his girlfriend as he wqants to rock. Amrita cries and says her instinct was repeatedly telling her that something is wrong, but dunno why she did not stop kids. Prateek comes to his room and thanks Amrita for the party. Amrita asks him not to sleep as she wants to fight with him and asks why did he let Trisha go. He says Trisha is not a kid now. Amrita says it is a bad world and they have to be careful.

Amrita calls Trisha, but she is busy dancing. Amrita calls other kids, even they don’t pick her call. She gets annoyed, looks at the clock and it is 1:50 a.m. She tries to call kids again, but nobody picks her call. She calls driver and asks him to take the car out. Lavanya sees her going out and asks where is she going.. Amrita says kids have not yet ready and she is feeling something wrong. Lavanya says she will also accompany her and they both leave towards party venue.

Lavanya and Amrita get annoyed that kids are not picking their calls. They reach the party venue and sees their nephew Vivan speaking to his friends. Friends leave seeing them. Lavanya angry Vivan drunk and puffing cigarette. Vivan goes in to bring other cousins. Amrita and Lavanya get in with him. Lavanya sees his son also drinking and puffing and gets angry on him, asks him to search other kids. Everybody are found except Trisha. They asks other party members about Trisha, but they say no. Lavanya scolds all the kids for being so carleless. Kids badmouth about Trisha that she is arrogant, etc. Amirta asks Lavanya to leave with kids while she wqaits for Trisha. Lavanya agrees and moves. Amrita calls Prateek and informa about Trisha missing. Prateek reaches party venue and gets angry on manager. Manager asks him to calm down and tell his issue. Prateek shows Trisha’s pic and says she is missing. Manager says 200 girls and boys came here and they cannot spy on them, says once she is found, he will inform him. Prateek threathens to shutdown the club and manager getting jobless unless he finds Trisha, asks him to check CCTV footage. Amrita starts crying while Prateek tries to console her. Amrita asks inspector to find her daughter soon. Inspector assures her he will take action. Prateek shouts at him and asks to start his investigation right now. Inspector says he will and asks Amrita to give Trisha’s cell number. She says Trisha’s phone switched off. Inspector assures to find Trisha and asks Trisha’s spelling. Prateek spells it.

Lavanya informs her husband Kushaan about Trisha missing. He asks her to relax and says even they had done the same in their younger days. She says Trisha is a responsible kid. He says he knows how kids are as his students are of Trisha’s age. Lavanya says what if she is really missing. Gavrav’s wife asks him to relax and says Trisha will be found soon. Constables search beach where party was held. Though the found is lying on the sand, they don’t recognize it due to darkness.

Prateek and Amrita sadly remember Trisha’s talk the previous night. Lavanya asks bobby they should be ashamed that their sis is missing. He says she should be ashamed and says she is cousin, not sis. Gaurav’s wife asks kids if Trisha has boyfriend. Gaurav says she is a kid. she says Trisha is 18 and she had 2 breakups at 18. Kids laugh hearing that.

Milkman brings milk to another inspector’s flat and rings door bell. Neighbour says door wont be opened until he goes. Once milkman goes, inspector opens the door and picks milk. He gets a call from his junior who informs about Trisha missing and commissioner wants to find her. They both meet and start traveling in a jeep. Junior asks if he thinking about the case. He says he is thinking something else and asks if the adverstisement of buy 1 get 1 shirt is right. Junior does not reply anything. He then asks to find the girl’s cell phone’s last active location was beach of somewhere else. He then meets Prateek’s family and asks Prateek if he called his home and found out if Trisha come there. Prateek says he called his home, his friends, etc. Inspector says not bad and then says tea is not bad. Prateek asks him to stop enjoying tea and start searching Trisha. Inspector says it is just 8 hours and he shook the whole police force and says Trisha must the in her friend’s house and will come back and say April fool papa. Junior says it is July. HE says she may tell simple fool papa and says let the case get strong, then he will be back. Amrita asks him if he is married and has kids. He says no. Amrita says then he will not understand what parents feel when the kid does not return after 9 hours and says Trisha will not think of troubling her parents, it is first time Trisha is missing. Inspector says he is going to party venue to investigate and leaves from there. Junior says someone must have kidnapped for money. They both see Vivan fighting with Bobby and asking if he knew Trisha was there. They leave from there once they see inspector and junior. Inspector asks who are they. Junior says they are Trisha’s cousins. He says case is taking a new twist.

Prateek calls Prem and informs him about Trisha missing. He asks him to ask his political to pressurize police to find Trisha says. Prem says he will start right now.

Amrita starts searching something. Lavanya asks what is she searching. She is searching, note, phone number, etc in a diary. She asys if she check at college. She says she already spoke. Lavanya asks if she checked skating class. Her daughter says will she run away to skating class at 3 a.m. midnight. Lavanya asks her to aplogize Amrita. She apologizes and leaves from there while Amrita weeps her remembers her happy times with Trisha. Trisha informs her about her boyfriend. Trisha gets angry hearing that. Trisha says she wants to elope with him. Trisha is shocked to hear that. Sanya suggets Trisha to elope in car instead of running. Prateek comes and asks her to take his credit cards. She says she was just joking. Amrita asks Prateek if Trisha has a boyfriend with whom she eloped or she is playing some game to frighten us, she is get scary ideas in her mind. Prateek says nothing will happen.

Inspector and junior reach party venue. Junior asks not to clean the venue and asks manager if this kind of incident happened anytime. He says no. Inspector Kabeer gets mayor’s call who asks him to search Trisha soon. Kabeer says he will try his best. Kabeer then starts searching the venue and sees con**m on floor, says if it was kid’s party or making kids party. Constable informs that he found a cell phone on beach. Amrita, Gaurav and Prateek reach beach. Kabeer shows a phone and asks Amrita if is Trisha’s phone and identifies it.

Precap: Kabeer asks Vivan and Bobby he wants to know if it was love and hate story. Constable finds Trisha’s dress behind bush.

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