Laut Aao Trisha 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Laut Aao Trisha 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir watches Amrita waiting for Prateek to regain consciousness at the hospital. Amrita notices Kabir as well but they don’t speak to each other.
At the Swaika mansion, Gaurav is preparing to go for a business-dinner which Lavanya instructed him to attend. He hopes the business deal would be finalized. Sonali is mad at him & says that he can’t let Lavanya dictate business matters to him like that. She also calls him a “bewakoof” & says that marrying him was a huge mistake as he can’t even handle the CEO position independently. Gaurav replies that it’s his own way of handling business & he can’t be aggressive like Prateek & Lavnya. Vivaan overhears Sonali’s harsh words for his father & comes over & tells Sonali

to stop. Sonali clarifies that he loves Gaurav a lot & she just wanted to instill some confidence in him so that he proves himself as a good CEO. Vivaan apologizes to her for misunderstanding her & leaves. Even Gaurav thanks her after she says that she’s the only one in the entire household, who’s genuinely concerned for him. She grins cunningly, thinking of how good she is at convincing Gaurav & Vivaan.
It’s midnight, and Kushan realizes it is Trisha’s birthday today. He decides to go to a bakery to get a cake for her. Lavanya taunts him again, about him hiding things from her, & tries to stop him but he strictly tells her to back off & leaves.
At the hospital, Amrita hopes & prays Prateek would regain consciousness on Trisha’s birthday.
Vivaan is still disturbed with Sonali’s argument with Gaurav. He tries to control his urge to take drugs & calls Meghan. She identifies with him & makes him understand how elders in their family often behave immaturely. Vivaan finds some relief with her talks & decides not to indulge in drugs to cope with all this.
At the secluded house, Kushan brings a cake for Trisha. She’s extremely scared of him (since she had stabbed him last time). Kushan cuts the cake himself & shoves a piece in her mouth. Trisha asks why he’s transformed & what did Prateek do to him. Kushan replies that Prateek always dominated him & also questioned his manhood when Lavanya was with Prem. He also tells Trisha that it’s all due to the bad blood that runs in the Swaika family as Prateek & Lavanya are cheaters and Gaurav is simply a ‘namarrd’. He admits that Amrita is the only good person in their family but says that since she too is associated with Prateek, so she too will have to pay a price for it. He wishes Trisha a “Happy Birthday” once again & leaves.
At the Grewal house, Meghan rushes into Lavanya’s room & confronts her for taunting Gaurav & bossing him around. She tells Lavanya to stop stooping low as she’s targeting Gaurav just because she wasn’t made the CEO. Lavanya tells her to stop overreacting & says that she taunted Gaurav to make him understand how business is done.
In the morning, Neha shows up at the hospital. The doctor declares that Prateek’s condition has stabilized & he’s out of danger. Amrita rushes in but Neha is stopped at the door as she’s not a family member.
Prateek is sleeping inside. Amrita comes to see him & asks why he’s misunderstanding her & accusing her for not caring about his happiness. She thinks about how things are spinning out of control in her life with Prateek’s ill- health & Saniya’s refusal to go to school.
Back at the Grewal house, Kushan speaks to Neha on the phone & informs her that she’ll receive the rest of her money. Neha asks why he hates Prateek so much. Kushan replies that he was waiting for an opportunity to get back at Prateek for what he’s done & then realized how he can make him suffer by targeting Trisha. Kushan asks Neha to meet him in an hour. Lavanya overhears this last part of the conversation & decides to follow him. She is shocked to see him meeting with Neha. She decides to catch them red-handed & walks towards Kushan’s car. But then she stops midway as she watches Kushan hand over a bag (containing money) to Neha. This further confuses Lavanya & she notices them shaking hands. She wonders what dirty tricks Kushan is playing this time around.

Precap: Kushan visits the secluded house (where Trisha is kept) but watches Kabir & his team standing at the door & preparing to raid the site. He grows nervous thinking how he’d be caught too if Kabir finds Trisha inside. Meanwhile, Trisha is happy to see that she’s being rescued.

Update Credit to: JAHHNAVI

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