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Watchman knocks door and tells his lady owner about a dead body. She is shocked to see Rajeev dead on a chair. Inspector checks premises and dead body in the morning and asks watchman where was he last night. Watchman says he was guarding house. Lady says they had gone to party last night and Rajeev is her husband Sidharth’s brother. Inspector asks where is her husband. She says he is sleeping and is not well. Inspector asks to bring her husband. She comes with husband and husband gets heart attack seeing his brother dead. Inspector rushes him to hospital. At hospital, doc says inspector that he brought Sidharth on time and he is saved. A lady comes and alleges Sidharth’s wife that Sidharth killed Rajeev. Inspector asks who is she. She says she is Sidharth’s live-in

girlfriend. Inspector gets a call from constable who informs that alcohol bottle has Sidharth’s fingerprints. He informs Sid’s wife that he has to arrest Sid in murder case.

VK with his usual jogergiri tortures his boss’s servant. Boss comes and informs him that he has to fight Sidharth’s case.

Court hearing starts. Public prosecutor argues that Sid killed his brother Rajveer as his fingerprints were found on the alcohol bottle. VK comes late and starts his jokergiri. Judge asks him to come to the point. VK throws tennis ball to public prosecutor (PP) and he holds it. VK says PP stole his ball. PP says how can he. VK says just like he did not steal it, Sid did not kill Rajeev and asks PP to give some solid evidence. PP calls Rajveer’s live-in girlfriend Roma in witness box who says Sid and Rajeev were fighting for property and Sid killed Rajveer, she starts crying. VK gives her kerchief and asks her where she was on murder night. She says she and Rajveer went to party where Sid was present with his wife and fought with Rajveer, Rajeev came home, and Sid must have killed her. PP calls Sid’s wife and asks her to tell what happened in party. She tells Rajveer fought with Sid during party, so they left it and on the way their car punctured, so they left it with driver and went home in taxi. Sid was very upset with Sid’s behavior and drank alcohol heavily. After drinks, they went to sleep, but in the morning she saw Rajveer’s dead body.

VK questions driver Hari and asks if he found Rajveer dead in garden. Hari says yes. VK asks what proof he has. PP says he will produce proof. Judge adjourns case till next hearing.

VK questions Sid in hospital who says he was inebriated, but did not kill Rajeev. VK says Sid he knows that and asks if he and Rajeev were fighting before marriage to Neha. He says yes and says Neha was his assistant and he fell in love with her and married, says they both love each other a lot.

Next court hearing starts. PP starts argument and tells VK alleged Hari in last hearing, he will prove Hari is innocent. He calls a puncture mechanic in witness box and questions him. Mechanic says Hari came at midnight and requested to repair his car’s puncture, so he went and repaired it. PP asks what time it was. Mechanic says around 4.30 a.m. PP says judge that murder happened around 2-4 a.m., so Hari cannot be present there. Judge asks if he has any questions. VK says no and says he has some proof which will prove that Rajeev’s murder was not made by Sid or Hari but a third person who wants to trap Sid. VK’s assistant brings car tyre. VK questions mechanic when there was spare tyre why did not he replace it. Mechanic says spare tyre was also punctured. VK says that proves someone is trying to trap Sid. He calls Bhatia who was present in party, who tells about Rajeev coming to party and fighting with Sid and Sid slapping Rajeev. Sid’s wife takes him from there. VK says Roma told lie that Sidharth started the fight, but according to Bhatia, Rajeev started fight first. PP gives Sidharth’s phone call and SMS details and shows that Sid had SMSed Rajveev if he has courage, he should come home and settle the issue. VK says if Sid had to kill Rajeev, he would have hired a professional, so to gather more evidence, he needs some time. Judge adjourns court for the day.

In coffee shop, VK’s boss asks why can’t he handle case alone without Trisha and assistant. VK starts jokergiri again. Boss says she got party’s CCTV footage. VK watches video and sees something weird.

VK’s boss questions questions party organizer about Neha and Sid and Roma. He says Roma is a graduate from some prestigious and joined Rajeev’s office and soon started live-in relationship with him. Boss thanks him, calls VK and informs something.

Next court hearing starts. VK calls Sid into witness box and starts jokergiri. Judge asks him to be specific. VK calls Roma into witness box and asks how much she loves Rajeev. She says a lot. He asks when she loves him so much why did she leave Rajeev alone to drive after inebriated. Roma says even she was inebriated, so she did not stop Rajeev. He asks how well she knows Neha. She says she just knows her as Sid’s wife. He calls Neha into witness box and asks till when she was present in party. She says all the while. VK shows CCTV footage to judge and says Neha was missing for 17 min. Neha says she went to washrom. VK says she went to parking lot and says he has CCTV footage of even parking lot. Neha and Roma get tensed. VK asks from when she knows Roma. She says just as Rajeev’s girlfriend. VK shows their pics together and says they both studied at same institute and tells how Trisha went to the institute and questioned principal about Roma and Neha. She asks him to give records of 7 years and photos. Principal says he will and asks her to make sure his institute’s name is not spoilt. She agrees. VK tells judge that from Sid’s phone, Neha SMSed Rajeev. PP interferes, VK says he will explain and shows that Neha uses 3 dots in her SMSes and sent message to Rajeev from Sid’s phone. VK asks to tell the rest of story now. Neha says she and Roma are from middle class family and got admission in prestigious institute, nobody used to befriend them as they were poor. She got job in Sid’s company and married him after trapping him in her love. She then called Roma and made her trap Rajeev. VK asks Roma why did they kill Rajeev. Roma says they wanted to enjoy Rajeev and Sid’s property themselves instead of begging from them. VK says they used to meet every month in a resort and asks them to speak out. Neha tells Roma knew Rajeev gets aggressive after drinking, so she provoked him against Rajeev to fight with Sid for property. He fights with Sid. After the party, she leaves with Rajeev and goes home. After Rajeev goes to washroom, Neha messages him as per plan and he goes to meet Sid. Neha gets Sid’s fingerprints on alcohol and kills Rajeev by hitting with it on his head and asked Roma to blame Sid for murdering Rajeev.

VK says because of Neha and Roma’s extra planning, they are caught and says Neha erased even her fingerprints from the spot and he got confused how can a family member’s fingerprints be erased. Judge pronounces Neha and Roma and guilty and Sid as innocent and closes cases.

Precap: A man fights with his wife. VK in court asks him to accept his crime to evade hanging.

Update Credit to: MA

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