Laut Aao Trisha 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

During interrogation, Kabir asks Prateek about Trisha. Prateek replies that he loves Trisha & tells Kabir that Trisha could’ve mentioned him during her phone calls to Amrita. He also clarifies that he could’ve sent her out of country if he was the kidnapper. He requests him to find Trisha. Amrita is waiting outside. When Kabir comes out of the room, she confronts him & asks why Prateek is being targeted. Kabir refuses to give any reasons & tells her that he’ll do whatever it takes to bring back Trisha. Amrita is upset that her friend (Kabir) didn’t trust her.
Prateek is emotionally & physically worn out & his health deteriorates. They take him to the hospital. Amrita warns Kabir that if anything happens to her husband, she won’t forgive

him.Gaurav, Sonali, Kushan & lavanya come to visit him as well. The doctor tells them that he’s still critical & has a irregular heartbeat.

Dr Varsha calls Kabir & he tells her about Prateek.
At the secluded house, Trisha writes how she came to know of prateek’s affair. And then she met with Kushaan & told him everything. He decided to use her to target Prateek & encouraged her not to tell Amrita about this. He told Trisha to warn Neha but that didn’t end their affair.

At the hospital, Sonali tells Gaurav that karma is getting to Prateek & that’s why he’s suffering. Lavanya tells him to go & attend an important meeting as his presence won’t help Prateek’s health. Amrita tells him to leave as well. She also tells lavanya, Kushan & Sonali to go home. They leave.

Dr. Varsha meets with Kabir at the hospital. He says that he could be wrong about Prateek & he may not be culprit like he first thought. Varsha says that he just wants to believe that as Amrita is stressed with all this & he can’t see her like this.

Amrita recalls the time she’s spent with Prateek. She wishes for him to recover soon.

Precap: Trisha asks Kushan on what Prateek did to him that has changed his attitude towards him. Kushan replies that he’s been treated like a puppet for years by Prateek.
At the hospital, Amrita asks Prateek (who’s unconscious) if he too thinks she’s trying to take away his happiness.
Kushan tells Neha on the phone that she’ll be paid for her work. Lavanya overhears him & watches him leave.

Update Credit to: Jhanavi

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