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Laut Aao Trisha 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A dacoit gang loots bank on gun point. Watchman comes and points gun at one of dacoit. Another dacoit shoots his partner instead of watchman and flees.

Court hearing starts. Defense lawyer calls Harun dogra, old 80s dacoit, in witness box and tells how he used to rob banks and had gone to jail. He robbed bank again and got caught in CCTV camera. Press call him as Langda gang as their leader limps, Harun dogra also limps and is the gang leader. He laughs at VK for taking the case. VK acts as sleeping and says he jokes in such a way that anybody will sleep. Defense continues that Harun Dogra robbed 10 banks and on 11th time, he killed one of his partner and caught by the mob. He requests judge to sentence him with rigorous imprisonment. VK starts his turn and jokes that defense

himself is declaring Harun as culprit. He says he is killing himself and says he is dead now. Judge asks what is he doing. VK says Langda gang keeps fake guns and Harun cannot kill his partner, so he should not be punished for murder and should be punished for bank robbery. Harun says he did not kill anyone or robbed bank. VK asks him to accept his misake. Defense says he will show some evidence which will prove that Harun is a culprit. He shows a pic and asks if he identifies him. Harun says he is his friend Balli. Defense says he robbed 10 banks with Balli and on 11th time, he killed Balli. Harun says again he did not. Defense show his pic and Harun says it is him. Judge says he will repeat same and asks him to try something new.

VK asks Harun where does he stay. He tells his address and tells that he does not have any job after coming out of jail and he gets money from his friend. VK asks who friend. Harun says Balli and he found him in jail. VK asks what does he do. Harun says he is car mechanic. VK asks what kind of friendship they have. Harun says he used to give money to spend. VK asks if he saved Balli in jail or he gave his kidney. Harun says nothing. Defense says Balli used to help him robbery. Judge asks defense not to intervene. VK asks some time to investigate the case. Judge gives him some time till next hearing.

Trisha and assistant search Harun’s house and discuss that bank robber cannot stay in this small dilapadated house. Assistant says in CCTV footage and news papers, Harron’s pics were there. Trisha gets Harun’s twin brother’s pics and gives it to VK.

Next court hearing starts. VK calls psychiatrist in witness box and says he is not feeling hungry. Dense asks him to stop his jokery. VK says he is coming to the point and asks doc about Harun. Doc says Harun is mentally disturbed patient. VK’s assistant calls him and tells he is following a man. Man realizes assistant following him and confronts him. He is Harun’s twin.

VK at night starts his jokergiri on phone and talks to someone. His boss takes phone from him and scolds him. She asks him to stop eating him food and interfering her privacy. Their fight continues.

Next court hearing starts. Defense requests judge to convict Harun and not believe his drama. VK says he found a real culprit and he is ready to come to court. A man limping with mask comes into witness box. He removes his mask and everyone are shocked to see Harun’s twin/duplicate. VK says they both are culprits and should be convicted. Judge asks who is he. Duplicate removes his beard and says he is Mayur Bhalla, Harun’s twin and goes into flashback where someone adopots him. He says he did not see his brother till now and he found him now. Judge asks if Harun killed and robbed. VK says no and just like we got confused seeing Mayur, people thought Harun was murderer. Defense calls manager in witness box who tells he went bathroom and saw Balli and Harun talking about robbery and walking out with guns. He says he caught him red-handed and handed him over to police. VK requests judge to give him some time to investigate the case. Defense asks him not to, but judge gives VK time and says he has only 1 hearing left.

VK is in coffee shop. Waiter naina speaks to him, but he is busy seeing father making his children wear mask.

Next court hearing starts. Defense requests judge to give judgement. VK comes disgusied in beard and cap. Judge asks if he is Harun and mayur’s twin brother. VK takes out beard and says he is VK. Judge asks him not to joke in court and be specific. He says he wants to question Harun. He asks Harun what was he doing in bank. Harun says Balli had called him to give money. VK asks why was he giving him money. Harun says he was his friend. VK says he was giving him money so that he inebriates continiously and he robs banks in his name. He says there is some other person behind him. Defense says VK is telling another baseless story. Juge asks him to come to the point. VK asks Harun where did Balli call him. He says bathroom. VK says to prove his point, he wants to call manager Vartak. Vartak comes in court and says he was afraid and hid in bathroom. VK says he is the main planner of this robberies and murder. Vartak say she is not. VK asks where was he during all these robberies. Vartak says at office. VK says he had applied leave during all these robberies. Vartak it is conincidence. VK asks why did he apply for Belgium citizenship. He says he is fed up here. VK asks if he knows Balli. He says no. VK says he gets his car repaired at Balli’s garage and knows him well. He tells Balli was in jail before and even Vartak was in same cell for drunken driving. Vartak agrees. VK asks him to tell the rest of story.

Vartak says he met Ball in jail and soon they became friends. he used to handle security of all his bank branches. Balli told he does not like car stealing and wants something big, he spoke about Harun once, so he got an idea of stealing disguised as Harun. After robberies, Balli wanted biger share, so he thought of kiling him and shifting to Belgium. He goes into flashback where with the help of Balli, he wears Harun’s dress and robs bank and then kills Balli and convicting Harun in Balli’s murder. VK tells judge that Vatak robbed bank and even trapped Balli in murder and robbery. Judge apologizes Harun Dogra and orders police to arrest Vartak in robbery and murder case.

Precap: An inebriated man fights with his friend and his friend slaps him.

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