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Laut Aao Trisha 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha calls Pratik and asks where is he. He asks why she wants to know. She says she has proof to prove him innocent and asks him to meet him. He asks her to come to a shopping mall.

Kushan pulls Trisha back and says she cannot escape from him. He gets a call from Neha who tells task is completed and she found a way to trap Pratik. Kushan says it is fabulous, now Pratik will be in jail for his daughter’s kidnapping. She says it is his responsibility to inform police now. He says okay and cuts call. He then congratulates Trisha that her papa is going to be destroyed now.

Kabeer in his office thinks if he finds Pratik, Trisha will also be found. Officer comes and asks if he is still doubting Pratik. Kabeer scolds him and says she wants to check all the probabilities.

Officer tells him about Ansari that when he died his age was 70 and his mother’s age was 40. Kabeer says he wants to check if his thinking is right. Another officer informs him about Pratik coming to a shopping mall.

Amrita gets a call from Neha who asks her to come to now. Sonali hears her conversation and asks where is she going with Neha. Gaurav calls her just then and asks her to serve breakfast soon. She goes to serve him breakfast and asks how was his first day as CEO. He says it was very hectic, don’t know how Pratik used to handle it. Lavanya comes and says it was very bad and asks Gaurav how can he sign a business deal with Mehtas. He says he felt it profitable and signed. She says Sawika’s dont do business like this and says she does not know what Pratik saw in him. Sonali asks her to stop talking to a CEO like this. Lavanya gets irked and walks out.

Meghan and Bobby plan a date again for Vivan and says this time girl is very beautiful. He says he will take a risk for them and says let us go.

Kabeer says officers that Pratik Swaika’s arrest mission’s name will be Get Charlie and if plans fails Walk out. He explains plan to them and ask them not to make any mistake this time. He and his officer reach shopping mall and watch live CCTV footage. He says Amrita and Neha and informs his officers to be alert and spy on them now. Officers follow them. Amrita reaches food court and hopes Pratik is safe. Neha hopes police must arrest Pratik for sure. Abhay sees a man and informs Kabeer that Pratik is standing. Kabeer sees that man is not Pratik and stops Abhay from confronting that man and asks him to be alert. Pratik disguises as trolley delivery staff and enters disguised in beard.

Kushan brings Trisha back to his hideout and asks her not to try escaping again. Lavanya calls him, but he does not pick her call. Trisha asks why is he doing this. He says it is not her mistake, but her dad Pratik’s who always scolded him like a servant even though he married his sister and worked hard to bring his business up. Trisha sees him busy talking and steals his car keys.

Kabeer identifies Pratik and starts following him. Vivan, Bobby, and Meghan also reach shopping mall. Meghan sees Amrita there and shows her to Bobby and Meghan. Amrita hears her voice and hides. Vivan and Bobby say she must have seen someone else.

Kushan says he will show Pratik what he is today and thanks Trisha that because of her, his dream will be complete today and says she does not know what he will do with her now. She pokes car kesy in his chest. He then starts manhandling her and says he will teach her a lesson now and pushes her on bed.

Precap: Pratik asks Neha what proof she has and says he does not have time. Kabeer catches him.

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