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A director narrates story to producer. Producer likes it and says he has decided to produce it and asks who is hero. Director’s assistant says Abhimanyu. Producer likes it and asks who is heroine. Assistant says Shanaya. Producer says if Shanaya is heroine he will not invest money. Once director and assistant leaves, a lady comes and shoots him. He dies on the spot.

A film critic speaks to his friend over phone and says he will give 0 rating to the film. Same lady kills him also. Watchman sees the murder.

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Film shooting ensues and inspector comes and arrests actress Shanaya for murdering producer and film critic.

Lady officer questions her in lockup and she repeatedly tells that she did not kill anyone. Officer asks if she had a meeting appointment with both victim and had a tiff with him. Shanaya says she had, but did not kill them. Inspector says he believes her, but evidence is against her. She goes into flashback where she warns producer to give her payment, else she will drag him to court. He says he lost money because of her and will take her to court instead. She says he does not know whom he is messing with and leaves in her car. She then scolds critc on phone and warns that she will kill her. She tells inspector that she did not kill them and did not meet them at all. Officer asks how did her face came in CCTV footage. She says she does not know and wants lawyer. Officer says she will get it, but it is an open and shut case.

VK’s boss asks if he read news. He says he sees TV. She asks why. He says he cannot wipe hands with TV. Boss says he is disgusting. Shanaya’s manager comes and introduces himself. VK starts his jokergiri with manager. Manager gets irked, asks him to stop and says she is in jail. VK asks why. He says she is charged with producer and critic’s murder.

VK reaches cell and meets Shanaya. Shanaya pleads that she did not kill anyone. VK asks her to stand up and says she is 5.5 feet, but magazines give wrong figure. Manager asks to stop and says Shanaya had a meeting with them both, but could not, someone killed them disguised as Shanaya. VK says he will take her case. Shanaya says producer did not give her payment, but spoilt her name instead.

Court hearing starts. Defense lawyer calls parking lot attendant in witness box and asks if he saw Shanaya killing critic. Attendant says yes and says Shanaya was wearing goggles and veil and tells her car number. VK takes over and asks if he saw her shooting critic. He says yes. VK asks what was the distance and attendant says 17 feet. VK says his far sight is blur, goes at a distance, shows him fingers and asks howmnay fingers are there. Attendant does not. VK proves he has far sightedness. VK then questions defense lawyer and says Shanaya was in her friend’s house and he can call her friend. Defense says finger prints prove she was present at murder spot and asks where is the friend. VK says friend is out of town and he needs some time. Judge gives him time till next hearing.

After court hearing, VK asks manager who is that friend. Manager says superstar Aman Kumar and Shanaya is having affair with him, he may trap shanaya to save himself. VK says his heart is broken now.

Next court hearing starts and VK defends that someone has kept Shanaya’s finger printed glass at murder spot. He shows producer’s bar photo and says he did not find any finger prints over there and only on that glass. Defense calls another evidence Chaudhry in witness box. Judge adjourns court for the day.

Inspector takes chaudhry to his home and asks to show where he did camera. Chaudhry tries to take camera. A man switches off lights, hits Chaudry and tries to elope after taking camera. Inspector and constables catch him and are shocked he is a manager.

Manager is brought into witness box in next court hearing. Manager says Shanaya asked him to get CCTV footage and tells he went to meet her after court hearing and obeys her always. Shanaya gets irked, comes out of witness box and tries to hit manager. Defense says VK hired this manager to win case. VK requests judge to give him some time to question witness. Judge gives him time till next hearing.

After courting hearing, VK’s boss scolds him for taking weak case. VK reaches parking attendant’s house, gifts him binocular and says he can see it till 100 feet. Attendant does not budge. VK touches his feet and apologizes. Attendant asks what he wants to ask. VK asks if he forgot to tell anything in court. Attendant reminisces lady coming out of car and shooting critic. VK starts his jogergiri again. He gets a phone call. Attendant says he remembers madam’s phone ringing and it was a weird ring tone. VK thanks and touches his feet. Trisha talks with assistant that VK is very cute. They both laugh. Komal waiter comes and asks where is VK. Trisha and assitant start joking that VK has taken Shanaya’s case and is mad behind her, even Shanaya is reciprocating. Komal gets annoyed on VK. Trisha says VK asked who is Komal. Komal says when he does not have money, he roams around her.

Next court hearing starts. VK tells judge about phone call in his jokergiri style. Judge asks to come to the point. VK calls a lady in witness box and asks her to remove her veil and goggles. Lady removes it and they are shocked to see she is duplicate of Shanaya with a scar on her cheek. VK reminisces asking Trisha to find out numbers active around murder spot and he found it was duplicate’s number. Duplicate says she murdered producer and critic on manager’s insistence as he promised her that he will make her heroine. Manager comes in witness box and ays Shanaya promised to marry him, but after she got famous, she ignored him and started affair with another a married hero, so he thought of a plan to replace Shanaya with duplicate Reena and trap Shanaya in murder, Shanaya forced him to make mistake and is equally responsible. Judge pronounces Nadeem manager and Reena duplicate as guilty and sentences them and pronounces Shanaya innocent. Shanaya apologizes manager.

VK starts jokergiri after court hearing with his boss and servant. Boss says after court hearing, Shanaya has forgotten him. He shows their selfies to her and she runs behind to hit him.

A man strangulates his wife and kills her. VK defends his case and while questions says he is sure he murdered his wife.

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  1. Its turning like a boring courtroom serial

  2. Why do you persist on continuing with same name Laut aao trisha?
    Where is the link for gods sake? its illogical.

  3. waste even of thinking in mind abt dis show……….
    watching dis and reading w.u is not even needed……….
    show has lost its essence very long back and writers r now jus joining small small parts 2 frame a story……..

    its worster dan ssk …or any other bakswas sh

  4. waste even of thinking in mind abt dis show……….
    watching dis and reading w.u is not even needed……….
    show has lost its essence very long back and writers r now jus joining small small parts 2 frame a story……..

    its worster dan ssk …or any other bakswas show which tests d patience of viewrs

  5. Where are the swaikas and lavanya gone n wat about pratik n amrita’s murder case

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