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Laut Aao Trisha 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita sees Neha at her house and asks why did she come here. Neha says it is Pratik’s house and she knows that she means to him well. Amrita slaps her. Neha says she wants to meet Pratik and has proof to prove him innocent. Amrita asks how can she believe her. Neha says Pratik doubts you for keeping credit card in his wallet and does not believe her, then how will she believe her. Amrita asks her to be in her limit. Neha brainwashes her by saying that she knows who has kept Trisha’s pics and pend drive in Pratik’s wallet and if she does not to tell where Pratik is, then she can’t help. Amrita asks her to wait.

Trisha thinks even after somuch tries, she could not get out from here. Goon gets her food and asks her to eat it.

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Neha thinks Amrita will not easily tell where Pratik is. She asks Amrita to at least call him and let her speak. Amrita calls him and says Neha wants to talk to you. Neha takes phone and asks him where he is. He says it is none of her business. She says she proof to prove him innocent and asks him to meet at least. He asks her to meet in a mall. Amrita says even she will go with her. Heha says yes and thinks it will be good for her.

Trisha gets depressed and cuts her wrist with broke vase piece. Amrita worriedly wakes up from sleeping sensing Trisha is in trouble. Goons hear Trisha’s voice and rush to check her. They see her cut wrist and unconscious and inform their boss.

Kabeer meets Varsha and says sorry for coming without taking appointment. She says it is okay as he is her friend and gives him sleeping tablets. He says he cannot sleep thinking he has not saved Trisha yet. She says he is trying his best. He says Trisha’s kidnap main accused his Pratik and how can a father kidnap his daughter. Varsha says from what he told about Pratik, he is a shrewd businessman and can go to any extent and suggests him to get out of this case and let another officer take over it.

Amrita gets a call from unknown person who asks why they are playing a drama about their daughter’s kidnap when her father himself has kidnapped her. Sanya comes running and says she does not want to go to school as everyone bully her that her papa is sent to jail. Amrita says Papa is very good. She says even then she will not go to school. Amrita says everything will be alright.

Goons bring doctor blindfolded and asks him to nurse Trisha and walk out. He applies bandage on her wrist. Head asks him not to remember anything and run from here. Doc runs. Another goon asks when is boss coming. He says soon he will. Boss comes with hooded cap over his head. Trisha gains consciousness and sits. Boss and his goons enter her room. Trisha pleads to forgive and leave her. They drag her from bungalow to a secluded fort. Boss drops her from cliff but then holds her hand back. Boss is none other than Kushan. Trisha pleads him to pull her back. He says she wanted to die, so he will push her now. She pleads but he drops her.

Precap: Kushan/Kidnapper says Trisha that her life iwth in his hand and not to act oversmart. Neha calls him and asks where is he, says task completed.

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