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Laut Aao Trisha 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik calls Amrita and asks her to believe that he did not harm his daughter. She says she knows he cannot think of that. He says she did good by getting a press conference and says he has to find out who kept Trisha’s kidnapped pics in his locker. She says she has spoken to their lawyer who will get his bail.

Varsha asks Kabeer if he is thinking about Amrita’s press conference. He says Amrita is unable to distinguish between right and wrong and is blindfolded in husband’s love. Varsha asks if he knows well only Amrita or other women also. He says he is a policeman and guesses everyone well. Abhay and officers enter his cabin and see Varsha there. They say they will come later. He says he does not have time for civilians. Varsha walks out asking him to have

tablet on time and take care of himself. Officer informs that his informer is unable to trace Pratik yet. He gets angry on him and asks if he joined his time just to try. Pratik’s lawyer comes to get info and Kabeer asks him to take it from officer.

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Goon informs his boss that Trisha cut cable wire. He asks him to keep an close watch on Trisha now. Trisha cries thinking that her plan failed.

Amita reaches police station and sees him busy with his officer planning about arresting Pratik. She calls Pratik and informs him that Kabeer knows about his location now and he has to leave from there. She then says Kabeer that she wants to talk to him. He says he is busy now. She stops him and asks why did he tell about Pratik and Neha to media. He says why will he and what motto will he have, his work is just to trace back Trisha. He walks out while she still tries to stop him. Varsha comes back and sees Amrita there. She says he must have gone regarding Trisha’s case and thinks only about it. Amrita says he is going in a wrong direction. Varsha says he always goes in a right direction. Amrita says she does not know Kabeer like she knows her husband Pratik. Varsha says she is thinking as a wife and trying to safeguard her husband and wishes good luck.

Kabeer reaches Pratik’s hideout place and finds him missing. Officer asks how did Pratik know about it. He reminisces talking to Amrita about it and says Amrita informed Pratik.

Sonali performs aarti on Gaurav. He asks from when she started pooja. She says she saw it in films where wife performs aarti before husband leaves for a good work. He sees lamp off and tells her about it. Amrita hears him and says shraddha is important and prays for his new work. Vivan congratulates Gaurav for his CEO position, says he is a good father and for him only that matters. Gaurav thanks him for making his special day more special and leaves. Amrita asks maid to prepare chinese for Sanya. Sonali asks her to prepare Italian for Vivan.

Lavanya sees Kushan on phone and thinks something is going in his life and she needs to know about it. She sees him keeping his phone and going to bathroom and checks his mobile. Kushan comes back and catches her checking his mobile, says he cannot believe she has started spying on him. She says when he is hiding things, curiosity is increasing. He says know she knows how it feels when your partner hides something from you. Lavanya asks what is happening. He says she did not want anyone to interfere in his life, the she cannot question him. She thinks she has to find out.

Kabeer asks Amrita why did she do this. She asks what did she do. He says she informed Pratik about my raid and asked him to elope. She asks what proof he has. He says if he had proof, he would have brought it and asks he wants to know from his friend why is she helping a kidnapper, says helping a kidnapper is also a sin and she is wrong this time. Amrita says she did not do anything wrong and says Pratik is innocent and soon he will realize that he is wrong instead. Kabeer walks out. She thanks god that Kabeer did not arrest Pratik.

Meghan and Bobby take Vivan to a park. He asks why did they bring him here. Meghan says they have a surprise for him. Bobby says a blind date is very interesting. Vivan says it is also very shocking. Meghan’s friend comes there. Bobby sees she is very ugly fat girl and asks why did she bring such an ugly girl here. Girl says she came for a blind date and asks where she has to go. Vivan realizes their intentions. Girl asks whom she has to go on a date with and who is Vivan. Vivan shows Bobby and says he is Vivan, he then walks with Meghan leaving Bobby with ugly girl.

Amrita sees Neha at her house and asks what is she doing here. Neha says it is Pratik’s house and she knows what relationship she has with him. Amrita slaps her, drags her out and asks how dare she came her. Neha says she has proof that Pratik is innocent. Amrita asks her to give it to him. She says she cannot give it and says Pratik came to me himself and she can imagine what importance she has in Pratik’s life. Amrita shouts. Neha says she wants to prove Pratik innocent. Amrita thinks if she can believe her or not.

Precap: Kidnapper takes Trisha to a fort and pushes her down.

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  1. Pratik THE pratt- he thinks he is intelligent and here he is being fooled by a gold digger – they do say men’s brains are in the trousers LOL!!!!! Neha is so annoying and the faces she makes my god is that acting?. glad she got a slap from Amrita. Trisha’s acting is so wooden and poor, Amrita the do gooder, shown as typical Bharti nari so very annoying that is why men walk all over these women. poor Kabir always misses his chance in finding Trisha.

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