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A new case starts. Nurse injects a patient and leaves hearing about emergency in another room. Patient chokes and dies. Another nurse sees him choking and rushes to inform Dr. Rita. Dr. Rita checks patient and finds him dead. Senior doc also checks him and finds him dead. He asks how did it happen. Nurse says Dr. Rita gave her injection and after she injected it, patient died. They search injection and does not find it. Nurse says doc must have hide it as she had gone out to bring machines. Senior doc says it is a murder and they have to call police.

Court hearing starts. Defense lawyer says judge it is an open and shut case and should not delay in judgement. VK’s boss waits for her and asks assistant about him. Assistant says he may not come as she did not like his

jalebis, Trisha went thrice to call him, but he said Laut jao trisha. Boss says if he does not come, she will fire him.

Defense lawyer starts questioning Dr. Rita and says Rita killed patient in revenge as her husband was working in patient’s hospital and he had sacked him. Judge asks VK’s boss if her lawyer will come or she will fight. VK comes just then. Defense lawyer asks why is he having a constipated look. He asks if she likes jalebi. Dense asks what kind of question it is. He says it is a simple question. She says she likes it. Judge asks VK stop his sweet shop and proceed. VK questions Rita same question and then says he wants to question nurse Bindu. Bindu comes in confession box. He asks if she checked bathroom. She says no. He says maybe murderer was hidden in bathroom and when she went out, he changed injection with poison and hid back in bathroom. He then starts his jokergiri again. Judge adjourns case for the day.

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Trisha and assistant comes to hospital and tries to enter a room in which patient died. Nurse stops them and asks why are they roaming in restricted area. Assistant keeps nurse busy with his witty talks while Trisha gets into room and comes out with a lace. She gives it to VK. VK starts his jokergiri again with his boss.

Next court hearing starts. VK questions senior doc and asks what is the procedure to get medicines. He tells they have a runner who gets medicines from pharmacy and he will not know which nurse requested which medicine. VK asks what he was doing when he murder happened. He says patient’s daughter came to meet him and after seeing her off when he came back found patient dead. VK asks defense to proceed. Defense asks what kind of poison it was. He says it is a chemical with which patient’s blood pressure lowers, he chokes and dies and only doc whose knows patient’s case history knows this. He says Rita was the doc.

VK calls patient’s daughter in witness box and asks who killed her papa. She says Rita. She further says she and her papa had a tiff and she stays in a hostel. He asks why. She says he wanted her to become doc, but she became nurse. Yesterday night, she got a call from chachu/uncle/senior doc who informed about papa’s illness and asked to meet him. She went to meet him, he apologized her and told he has transferred all property in her name. He asks senior doc to go out as he wants to talk to her. VK asks as a pharmacist she must know which medicine becomes position if mixed with another one. Defense lawyer interrupts, but judge overrules. VK questions if she informed anyeone about property transfer. She says chachu/senior doc. He asks if anyone was around when she told it. She says no. Judge adjourns hearing for the day.

At night, VK’s jokergiri starts at her boss’s office cum house.

VK starts polishing boots outs court and polishes even judge. Next court hearing starts. VK enters with boot polish box and starts questioning patient’s lawyer who informs that patient wanted to transfer his property her daughter from his adopted son, but before he could sign on will, he died. VK questions adopted son Dr. Sahil. Sahil denies know about the will change and says he does not care about it. VK asks if he likes boot polishing. Judge asks to stop wasting time. VK asks Sahil when did he meet patient last. He says a night before his death. VK then calls Bindu who informs about Sahil and patient’s fight. He calls Sahil back and asks to give his shoes. He says ICU cannot be entered with shoes and he found Sahil’s shoes outside room, asks Sahi why did he leave shoes out. Sahil says they are not his shoes. VK calls shoe venor who informs that Sahil bought shoes from his shop and was wearing only socks when he came to his shop. VK starts questioning Sahil if he likes jalebi. Judge says if he asks about jalebis again, he will consider it as contempt of court. Sahil next informs his next meeting with patient and informs he does not need his property. Patient asks him to transfer his property to his daughter. Sahil agrees and goes to washroom. He comes out washroom, sees patient dead, finds poisonous injection, gets nervous and runs from there in wheelchair on his socks. He says if he had gone back to get his shoes, they would have suspected him. He says he did not kill his uncle. Judge adjourns case till lunch break.

During lunch break, VK and her boss discuss the possibilities who killed patient and says he knows the killer. She asks who is it. He asks her to tell she loves jalebis. She says never. He says then he will not and walks out.

In next court hearing, VK questions patient’s daughter who tells she was with patient for 10 min and after that she met chaachu/senior doc. He asks if her chachu’s shoe laces were cut. She says no. He thanks her and says she solved the case.

VK questions senior doc why his left shoes lace is small and gives broken lace. Senior doc asks what does he mean. VK asks him to accept that he killed his brother. Doc asks what does he mean. VK asks if he likes jalebi. Judge asks VK to come to the point. VK calls Dr. Sahil, shows his call details and asks why was he speaking to Sahil for 1 hour everyday around patient’s murder. Sahil says senior doc wanted him to kill patient and says he used to blackmail as he killed politician daughter due to medical negligence, when he knew patient transferred property in his daughter’s name, he wanted to kill patient out of jealousy.

VK calls senior doc and describes how he must have killed patient by mixing poison in injection. When he met patient’s daughter, she did not see his lace broken. Judge asks police to arrest senior doc on his brother’s murder and pronounces Dr. Rita innocent.

After court hearing, VK starts joking again with his boss about jalebis. She gets irked and walks out.

Precap: A man confesses murdering his wife. VK defends him and says he did not kill his wife.

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  1. how does d title match wid current story line????????/
    i wonder dat is there any creature in d world watchng dis shit even now???
    people r nt ready even 2 read d w.u..
    pity to dis shw dat its stil draging wid dirty story line

  2. Please change the name to Trisha ki Safar when it starts from monday to friday.
    Do not mislead audience with same title Laut aao Trisha. Neither Amrita nor Pratik
    will be waiting for her to come back or may be kabir can make a come back to see

  3. Ye track khaa se khaa chala gya……really dislike thissssss

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