Laut Aao Trisha 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya sees Kushan on phone and asks whom he was talking to. He asks it is none of her business. She says she asked simple question and needs simple answer as she also answer all his questions. He says she is right, even she answered but all lies, he will not question her again now. She asks him not to change the topic and says he is behaving weirdly and is on phone 24 hours and even takes it to bathroom. He says she is very smart to repeat his words. She says she is just asking what is happening with him these days as she can smell something fishy. He says she has lost the right to question him and now he is not bound to reply her.

Amrita asks her lawyer if he is sure he will get Pratik’s bail by Monday. He says he has taken orders to get case related documents from police

and asks her to try and get positive media coverage to her family and Pratik. She says she will arrange it and thanks him. He walks out. Sonali hears their conversation and thinks even after all the drama, Amrita is struggling hard to save her husband.

Goon asks another goon to switch on TV. Another goon says he is trying from a long time but is unable to switch it on. Goon says he wants to watch India match today and asks another goon to get a TV repairer. He goes to get one. Trisha sees this and smiles thinking he plan is working well, they will have to get an electrician to repair this TV and whoever comes will have to enter this room and she will take help from him to elope from here.

Meghan sadly sits on sofa. Vivan comes and holds her eyes from behind. She identifies him. He sees her crying and asks what happened. She says her mamma always tries to ruin their happiness and why don’t they understand our pain. He says he is also going through same pain and has started to understand his dad. Bobby comes and says now we all 3 are together and everything will be fine with time. Meghan jokes that when Vivan cries, he reminds her of gorilla. He says she looks like lizard and they both start fighting happily. Bobby tries to stop their fight and says they both are telling right. They both then start fighting with him and then they all smile and reminisce about their childhood and Trisha and then get sad.

Sonali calls Gaurav, Sonali, Lavanya and Gaurav and says she knows they are angry on Pratik, but she wants them to support Pratik in front of media. Lavanya says Pratik is highly unpredictable. Amrita says he is not a bad father and she is sure that he is innocent and needs his family’s help. Lavanya says of course and says he is in a bad phase that he is alleged for his own daughter’s kidnap and had to leave CEO position and give it to Gaurav. Gaurav says we should help bhai. Kushan says even he will. Lavanya asks what if media cross questions them. Amrita says we have to prove that Pratik is innocent. Secretary informs that media has come. Lavanya asks everybody to leave while she comes in some time. She calls her reporter friend and tells about her plan.

Meghan says Bobby that Vivan is not happy and has not come out of his guilt. Bobby says he has left drugs but still boozes. Meghan says we have to distract his attention and make him happy. Bobby says he cannot resist super hot girl but he is not dating anyone. Meghan says we will make him date.

TV repairer checks TV and follows cable to Trisha’s room. Goon asks where is he going. Repairer says he wants to check cable. Trisha sees he is not among them and she can take his help. Goon says he will get key and call him. Trisha starts coughing to get repairer’s attention. Goon starts coughing to get his attention out and sends him out. Goon then asks his men to shut trisha’s mouth and replace her in another room. They drag Trisha out. Cable guy’s phone rings which he has left there and goons see him coming back. They drag Trisha out hurriedly from there while she still resists and gets her into another room. Cable guy checks wire and says someone has cut it. Goon gets irked and walks out to punish Trisha.

Amrita and family start media conference and Amrita says Pratik is innocent and cannot be his own daughter’s kidnapper and she knows he is in pain even after being innocent. Pratik watches it on TV and realizes Amrita’s value. Amrita says whole family is with me and Pratik now. Gaurav says Swaika family is closely knit and thanks media for coming.

Amrita gets Pratik’s call who thanks her for clearing his name in media. she asks where is he. He says he cannot tell and says he believes her though.

Amrita sees news about Pratik missing and police preparing strong case against him and alleging that Trisha knew about his affair with Neha, so he kidnapped Trisha. Amrita thinks Kabeer did not do right by alleging Pratik.

Precap: Trisha thinks her mom should realize that her kidnapper is her dear one. Amrita thinks Pratik is a good father.

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