Laut Aao Trisha 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha says Pratik that she is worried about him as Kabeer is behind him now. He says Kabeer cannot do anything to him. She congratulates him for making Gaurav CEO instead of Lavanya. He gets a call from Gaurav, says he has to leave right now and walks out. Neha thinks what happened to hims suddenly, where must he have gone.

Kushan taunts and congratulates her becoming new CEO of Swaika group. She says she rejected offer at end moment. He asks her to feel ashamed to tell such a big lie, says what will our children think if they will know about your drama. He says you lied that Pratik wanted you to be come CEO, but the truth is you asked Pratik to make you CEO. Meghan and Bobby come and listen to their conversation. Lavanya tries to explain, but Meghan asks her to stop her drama and

says Dad told us the truth, says we believed you with a great difficulty, but now we will not. Lavanya asks Bobby to believe. He asks her to stop lying again. Meghan says you told you are helping Pratik and Amrita, but you were helping yourself instead and says you are so selfish, I hate you. Kushan says some people don’t change at all.

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Amrita calls Pratik, but he does not pick her call. She gets a call from someone and gets socked. She thinks where is Pratik, he is neither in office nor picking her call, he is in big trouble.

Lavanya says Kushan that he is provoking her children against her and is punishing her for one mistake. Kushan says your one mistake ruined my life and asks her to imagine how he would have felt when he knew about her and Prem’s illegal affair and says cheating is in your blood and you cheated me and my children.

Neha gets someone’s call and says she does not know where is Pratik’s call and once she knows, she will inform him, says he will call her first and she is confident on herself, says she kept Trisha’s pics in Pratik’s locker and she did not get reward of that yet. She then removes blanket from her bed, sleeps on money and thinks Pratik is gone now.

Amrita rushes to Gaurav’s room and asks if he knows where Pratik is. He says he does not know and says he is safe wherever he is. She says Pratik got an arrest warrant and she don’t know how he is. Gaurav says he is safe. Amrita asks how can he be so confident. He says he informed Pratik after he got arrest warrant and does not know where is he is though. She asks why is he hiding. He says Pratik’s arrest will impact negatively on our company and Pratik does not want that. Sonali hears their whole conversation.

Lavanya thinks Kushan did wrong by provoking her children against her and she will not spare him.

Sonali asks Gaurav why did he help Pratik. He says bhai is innocent and why should not he help him. She asks if he forgot how much he troubled. He says bhai has changed, so he gave me CEO position instead of Lavanya. Sonali says he is so innocent that he is not seeing that Pratik made him temporary CEO and not permanent, says if Pratik is arrested, he would not have come back again and Gauvrav would have become permanent CEO, asks what will Vivan think seeing his foolishness. Vivan interferes and asks why is she brainwashing dad to go against his own brother.

Neha thinks where did Pratik go, if he is doubting her, may not. She gets a call from someone and says she does not know where Pratik is and is trying her level best and once she finds him, she will inform him.

Pratik changes his sim and thinks Kabeer must be tracking his sim, so he changed it. He tries to call from new number, but does not get network. He thinks who kept pics on his locker when only he knows the code.

Kidnapper comes, throws news papers on Trisha and leaves. Trisha is shocked to see news about Pratik being behind her kidnap and thinks her dad betrayed her.

Amrita calls her contact and asks him to find Pratik soon. Kabeer comes there and asks if she still believes Pratik as innocent and shows her Trisha’s kidnapped pic which he got from Pratik’s locker. Amrita says maybe the person who kept debit card in Pratik’s wallet must have done this. They start a heated argument and she asks him to prove Pratik guilty first.

Precap: Amrita says Lavanya, Kushan, Sonali and Gaurav that she knows they are angry on Pratik, but they have to tell in favor of Pratik in front of media. She says Neha that Pratik is innocent. Neha says whatever she tries, she cannot prove him innocent.

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